Welcome to the new Nikitas3.com…

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Nikitas3.com – politics, culture and art from the ‘right’ side of the issues. And thanks to all you positive commenters although I no longer am going to accept comments.

So click on one of the Recent Posts to the right, or go up to Current Events to find hundreds of commentaries, always full of conservative thinking. There are now more than 1,500 editorials listed.

But my editorials never really go out of date. You’ll always find something good to ponder in every column on every subject from politics to economics to culture to energy to US foreign policy. Many editorials are not tied to a specific event but have general information about a subject from a conservative point of view.

The Arts section has essays on various subjects outside politics, including art reviews.

Regarding this site, it is a simple WordPress site available for free on the internet, although you need someone knowledgeable to set it up for you.

Regarding submissions, I am not accepting anything at this time. Perhaps in the future I will.