Will Trump Save the GOP? Will the Clintons Sink the Democrats?

The presidential election is in rapid flux. It appears that Donald Trump may be on his way to a significant victory, while a Clinton loss may end up dragging down the whole Democrat party with a self-destructing Hillary candidacy.

Wow. Kaboom. How did this happen? It was supposed to be the other way around.

Indeed Hillary’s 9/11 health collapse has turned the race on its head. And by the way Trump is vigorous and healthy. This is going to play very well as election day approaches, in contrast to a hobbled Hillary.

Second Trump was gaining on Hillary even before her health emergency. This is because many conservatives and Republicans are fatigued with boring Republicans who lose elections. Independent voters and even some Democrats are also fatigued with boring Republicans and with sclerotic Democrats, with the failed policies of Obama, and worst of all with Bill and Hillary Clinton, the two most overexposed people in American history since Frank Sinatra.

Republicans now appear to be surging in every way from Trump to the US Senate races to voter registration to overall “voter enthusiasm” which virtually always leads to victory.

And don’t forget that polls are almost always skewed toward the Democrats. So you can take most polls and add 5 to 15 points for Trump to see reality.

Indeed Trump is the “surprise” candidate. He is like the exciting new singer who comes out with a great new album as the tired old crooner, under a mountain of makeup and special effects, issues another boring production. And we all know that history is built on inspiring new people coming along and stealing the spotlight from the old timers.

Trump came out of nowhere. He has generated excitement. He has celebrity appeal. He is brash and refuses to speak in politically-correct tones. His rise coincides with an anti-globalist sentiment everywhere. He has concrete plans to reverse the “wrong path” that 70% of Americans think that the nation is on. Americans are sensing excitement. They know that Hillary represents four more years of Obama. They want something new

Hillary, on the other hand, is boring and technocratic. She is frail and cannot even get through one rally without coughing. She is not uplifting. She is old news. Americans just don’t like her. She lies serially, and obfuscates. She was a terrible secretary of state. She wants the same old Obama policies. Many leftists detest her. She is not even popular with blacks. Worst of all she is part of Bill and Hillary, two people who wore out their welcome 10 years ago.

Hillary could very well quit the race with another major health emergency, but short of a public seizure or death, she will stay in the race. Why?

First and foremost because she is running as a “strong woman” and as The First Woman President, and she can never let herself seem weak, as she did on 9/11. This weakness alone contravenes the feminist narrative that a woman can do anything that a man can do. Don’t discount the power of this mentality among the feminists to keep Hillary propped up.

Interestingly, one news source reported that Chelsea Clinton said that she had never seen her mother as tired as she seemed after her 9/11 collapse. Yet that 9/11 episode came after Clinton had been off the campaign trail for weeks? Why was she so tired?

You figure that one out… Donald Trump had been campaigning non-stop for weeks and he did not collapse. So this shows that the feminists are wrong.

Second Bill Clinton recently revealed the disturbing truth about Hillary’s health. Talking about her collapsing on 9/11 he said:

“… it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors. Because frequently — well not frequently, rarely — but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.”

Note the word “frequently” which he then tried to cover up and which CBS edited out of some of its reports.

This is extremely damaging, but classic Clinton. The truth always comes out in one way or another about these people. The only question is: Will it take hold?

This comment should be very disturbing to Americans. This comment is going to resonate until election day. Does she pass out frequently? Because there are already enough questions about her health. This just adds more fuel to the fire.

Third, it comes out of a sense of entitlement. The Clintons feel that they are owed the presidency since they have been at the center of the Democrat party for decades.

Fourth, the Clintons are absolutely power-mad and they hate Obama for taking the presidency away from Hillary in 2008.

If Hillary loses the election – which seems more and more likely with each passing day – the Clintons will be seen as having allowed their ambition to drag down the whole Democrat party. And only Hillary can decide to withdraw from the race over her health. She cannot be forced out.

Trump is the exact opposite. He has been an active participant in Republican party politics for about one year. He has never held office. He is vigorous and healthy. He is not afraid to tell it like it is. Trump now has “momentum”. He is on a roll and there is nothing that can be done about it.

Trump has refined his candidacy. He has calmed down. He is not making controversial statements. He is surging in the polls. He is making great speeches to packed rallies and offering concrete proposals to turn the nation around precisely as Hillary’s health crisis has sent her into a tailspin.

Trump is wisely being cautious about Hillary’s health. He is not making it a huge issue because as the old saying goes, “When your political opponent is shooting himself or herself in the foot, just stay out of the way and let it happen.”

What a difference a few weeks make. In early August Trump was embroiled in the controversy with the Muslim couple who had lost their son in the US military. And the media said that it was all over for Trump.

Nikitas3.com said no such thing since we all know that “a week is a lifetime in politics”, as the old adage goes. And lo and behold six weeks after the Muslim controversy Trump seems to be rising every day. Most of the new polls have not come out since Hillary’s collapse. When they do they are going to be devastating for Hillary. Some of them already are.

In fact one political commentator recently admitted that “Hillary is the only Democrat who can beat Trump.” This is fascinating since Trump was called a total joke just a few months ago who could be beaten by any Democrat.

This is all happening at the worst time possible for Hillary. November 8 is election day and that is all that matters. She cannot add more time to the election. If the trend continues toward Trump at this critical time there is not a thing that the Democrats can do about it.

Trump is the new Ronald Reagan. You have to remember that the Republican Establishment hated Reagan just like many of them despise Trump. Yet Reagan was one of the most successful US presidents ever.

To boot, a big Trump win can bring along hundreds or even more Republican candidates from the US Senate down to US congressman down to state representative and town councilor. The big Republican win in the 2010 mid-term election brought along more than 1,000 conservative/GOP candidates nationwide.

Will Donald Trump save the Republican party with a win on election day?

Nikitas3.com predicts that he will. And if Trump wins he will become the new leader of the Republican party. This will be a repudiation of the tired, old Republican Establishment like Jeb Bush. There will be no place in Trump’s party for Bush or John McCain or Mitt Romney and all the rest of that tired bunch of losers. Because they lose. And nobody likes a loser.

Today’s Democrat party is really very weak outside of Obama. In contrast Republicans today:

*control the US Senate 54 to 45 (with 1 independent);
*control the US House of Representatives in historic numbers with a 60-seat majority 247 to 187 (one vacancy right now). GOP majority rule is expected to last for many years, perhaps decades;
*hold 31 out of 50 governorships including most of the prosperous and growing US states; and
*have majority control of 67 out of 98 state legislative bodies.
*If Trump wins the presidency he also will be in the position to appoint up to five Supreme Court Justices over 8 years. Potential and likely Court retirees include Thomas, Kennedy, Ginsburg and Breyer. The seat also must be filled that was held by conservative Antonin Scalia who died suddenly in February.

In short if Trump wins the Democrats will be out of power in momentous terms. A Trump victory also will be a huge repudiation to globalist socialism, and world government. This is even a better outcome for the world’s people.

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