NY Terror Bombing Shifts Election Focus

The terror bomb set off in New York City, and two bombs detonated in New Jersey, add a significant new dimension to the debate over who will be the next president of the United States. Look at this from the New York Post about the Saturday night blast in New York City:

A 28-year-old man is being sought in connection with the bomb blast that injured 29 people in (the city) on Saturday night, officials said. Ahmad Khan Rahami’s name emerged as the investigation into the bomb explosions in New York and New Jersey have led authorities to signs that a terror cell might be located in the two states, a law enforcement source told The Post. The alarming possibility emerged as the FBI launched a raid in Elizabeth, New Jersey, early Monday – hours after authorities discovered five suspicious devices, one of which blew up, near a train station, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, Gov. Andrew Cuomo now believes there may be a “foreign connection” with the explosion Saturday night in (the city). “I suspect there may be a foreign connection,” Cuomo told CBS News. “That’s what we are hearing today, as the investigation goes on.”

… Meanwhile, the FBI agents arrested five men of Muslim descent who may be connected to the (New York) blast after stopping their car in Brooklyn, a source said.

OK, folks, enough is enough. We know that this was a terrorist bombing. We have a suspect with an Arabic name. And we know that left-wing Democrats like Barack Obama and Andrew Cuomo will do everything in their power to make us look the other way. Leftists around the globe are denying that terrorism is in any way tied to Muslims.

These attacks – and there may be more – give fresh urgency to Donald Trump in the first presidential debate next Monday night on Long Island, a short drive from New York City. Because Trump will state once again that Americans are not safe under Obama and Hillary Clinton, that these repeated terror attacks from Fort Hood to Boston to San Bernardino to Orlando to New York are coming repeatedly under Obama and will continue under Hillary Clinton. After 9/11 there were zero attacks within the US for more than 7 years under president George W. Bush.

Trump will state in the debate unequivocally that “I will keep you safe” and a nervous America will give him more and more credence on an issue that was fading somewhat into the background.

Democrats look horribly weak on the issue of terrorism both here and abroad. Under Clinton/Obama, the nations of Iraq, Syria and Libya have been partially or fully taken over by radical Muslims. Egypt was too, but the military reversed it. Under Obama the United States just keeps getting hit while all of the Democrats in unison cover their eyes as if to wonder who could possibly be meaning us harm.

We know the story. And Donald Trump does too. And the first thing we need to to do is to admit that these attacks are not coming from Tea Partiers or Michigan militia members who, by the way, live in Michigan.

It is important to remember the pattern. After the Boston Marathon bombing, for instance, the immediate media speculation was that the bomb may have been the work of white, anti-tax conservatives since it happened on the tax deadline day of April 15 of 2013.

But no, it was two Muslim brothers one of whom had even been interviewed by FBI for terror connections and casually released under Obama’s Soft on Terrorism regime.
Donald Trump will end this regime.

Now via the Clinton Foundation, Hillary and Bill Clinton have been taking tens of millions of dollars from radical Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Clintons will therefore never utter the words “radical Islam” because it would interfere with their cash flow. This is one reason that the payoffs are being made.

Last Spring the city of London, England foolishly elected a Muslim mayor. This mayor came to the US recently to campaign for Hillary Clinton. This mayor is on a crusade in his home city to ban the use of the words “radical Islam”. This speaks volumes about why we should feel frightened under any Democrat leader, particularly Hillary Clinton.
When Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton take the debate stage next Monday evening, September 26, watch for two things:

First, watch Hillary’s physical condition. After her 9/11 collapse she has appeared in public and looked pale and weary. She walked very slowly off the stage at one rally and looked listless in an interview afterward. This is not what we need in the White House in an era when terrorism is rearing its ugly head over and over. We need a hands-on president who is ready to take the middle-of-the-night call.

Second, watch for Donald Trump to aggressively question Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state, and on terrorism in the US. This will be a major point of attack for Trump and will resonate strongly with Americans who today are much more frightened about terrorism than they were just a few days ago.

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