Will ‘October Surprise’ Turn Election Upside Down?

First, here is some news about the refugee-friendly leader of Germany Angela Merkel who has flooded her country (population 80 million) with 1 million Muslims over the last year. This is the mathematical equivalent of the United States taking in 4 million Muslim refugees in one year. This is from Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper/website:

Angela Merkel on Monday signalled for the first time that she was prepared to change her controversial refugee policy in the wake of heavy losses to the resurgent far-Right in regional elections. “If I knew what change in refugee policy the people in Germany want, I would be prepared to consider it,” Mrs Merkel said. “If I could, I would go back in time to be better prepared for the refugee crisis in 2015, for which we were rather unprepared.” Mrs Merkel was speaking at a specially arranged press conference to address her Christian Democrat (CDU) party’s disastrous performance in Berlin state elections at the weekend.

Oh, sure… now that she and her party are losing political power, and will lose even more in the next year or two, she wants to change course. That is because all that matters to left-wingers is political power. And we should be happy that Merkel and her dreadful Democrat-like party are losing it. Now here is today’s editorial:

Every presidential election year we wait for a possible “October Surprise”, an event that occurs within a few weeks of the November election that can have a big impact on the race. Usually they don’t amount to much.

Who could forget the “surprise” in 2000 four days before the election when a Democrat operative in Maine turned up a drunk driving conviction for candidate George W. Bush from 1976.

It was not a major “surprise” but the media made it out to be like a secret murder conviction that had been exposed. Bush went on to win a close election and it is unknown if the drunk driving story harmed him.

Watch for this type of story to possibly come out about Trump, something relatively innocuous that the media will blow totally out of proportion since the media are so desperate to stop Trump.

How about October 26, 1972 when secretary of state Henry Kissinger announced about negotiations with North Vietnam over the Vietnam War that “We believe that peace is at hand. What remains to be done can be settled in one more negotiating session with the North Vietnamese negotiators, lasting, I would think, no more than three or four days.”

But nothing came of it, while incumbent president Richard Nixon went on to win a 49-state landslide that had nothing to do with Kissinger’s statement. Nixon simply walloped his ultra-liberal Democrat opponent US senator George McGovern of South Dakota.

In October 1964 a close aide to Democrat president Lyndon Johnson was arrested in Washington, DC for having sex with another man. There were some concerns that the arrest would hurt Johnson, but he went on to win a landslide victory against Republican Barry Goldwater that was not going to be undone by any “surprise”.

In Autumn 1980 Republican challenger Ronald Reagan was surging against incumbent Democrat president Jimmy Carter. The “surprise” did not actually happen, but the Reagan camp feared that Carter would announce a resolution to the Iran hostage crisis which had dragged on for almost a year. But it never happened and Reagan went on to trounce Carter.

Who could forget the ‘September Surprise’ of 2008 with the economic collapse that pretty much guaranteed that Republican John McCain would not succeed Republican president George W. Bush. This came on top of McCain’s already dreadful performance as a candidiate.

In 1992 Reagan-era defense secretary Caspar Weinberger was indicted a few days before the presidential election for allegedly having lied to prosecutors in the so-called Iran-Contra investigation. The indictment was thrown out one month after the election. The president at the time, Republican George HW Bush, lost the election but that loss was not influenced by the action against Weinberger.

Then there was the natural “surprise” of October 2012 when Superstorm Sandy ravaged New Jersey and New York City on October 28, just days before the presidential election. Obama’s stature rose as he appeared “presidential” and “concerned” about the destruction. This put a halt to an insurgent challenger Republican Mitt Romney who had been rising in the polls.

And now we wonder: What will turn up in 2016? Some deep dark secret about Donald Trump?

It is not likely but still possible. It seems that any dirt on Trump already would have turned up. Trump’s life has been pretty much out in the open for decades but, hey, you never know. These Democrats spend their lives on stuff like this.

If something big drops on Hillary it could undermine her, but then again, every bomb possible has already dropped on her and she still is standing since her media cronies cover for her every minute of every day. But she has been falling significantly in the polls, and so the bombs have been having a definite effect.

If Hillary has another health episode, it could very well be the “surprise” that finally puts her away. After all she appeared listless at a recent press briefing and will not be campaigning until the debates next Monday, a sign that she is withering and needs rest. She was seen on September 19 needing to be helped up the stairs at a rally. Nikitas3.com conjectures that the October Surprise will likely be:

*Hillary’s health, like passing out at one of the debates or taking a “bathroom break”;
*a revelation as promised by Julian Assange of Wikileaks who said that he has more damaging information about Clinton from stolen emails;
*a major terror attack on US soil that puts Obama and Hillary in a bad light and makes Donald Trump appear strong and commanding. The recent New York attack is adding fuel to this issue;
*Obama could manufacture a positive “surprise” by announcing something using the government (that he wants everyone to have free college, etc.)

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