Traditional Democrat Election Playbook is not Working

Hillary Clinton recently wondered aloud in a shrill tirade why she is not 50 points ahead of Donald Trump. This was a shocking outburst for a presidential candidate. It shows how utterly out of touch this woman is, like a queen or a dictator.

The answer to her question is simple: Donald Trump is a totally new kind of candidate. Trump has a vision for the country and actually wants to be president and implement his vision. He is giving voice to issues that Americans want addressed, and now. He strongly opposes what Clinton stands for which is socialism, globalism and government corruption and control of the people.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton’s campaign is a disaster and she does not even seem to understand it. This is stunning. She expected to waltz into the White House on her celebrity persona but instead her campaign is stumbling from one crisis to the next. She is old and sick. She goes from sounding ill to sounding shrill. And then she wonders why Trump is winning. Amazing.

Democrats expected their standard old playbook to work for Hillary. But it is not working because Trump is not their usual punching-bag Republican. Normally Democrats have a lame old opponent like Bob Dole or John McCain or Mitt Romney who don’t even put up a fight.

Hillary Clinton’s failure as secretary of state is now being ignored since we must have our First Woman President and that is all that matters to the media and Democrats. Yet now that she has practically disappeared from the campaign trail at the height of the crucial campaign season, she doesn’t understand what harm this could be doing. Amazing again.

The usually well-oiled Democrat political machine now has sand in the gears. Hillary has pitifully small crowds at her few rallies. The Mainstream Media coverup for Hillary is being superseded by the internet. Hillary keeps falling down, figuratively and literally. She presents no real agenda except to attack Trump and with promises to somehow create jobs. Her aging husband does not have anywhere near the star power that he used to have. Many younger people do not even know who the Clintons are.

On the other hand Trump has panache and is now doing what Democrats usually do – he has a strikingly disciplined campaign and is getting a serious and well-honed message out to enthusiastic rallies just as election season is peaking. So is vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, who is a great guy, by the way.

Trump is “going over the heads of the media” which is precisely what Ronald Reagan did to win two presidential elections by landslides.

Hillary’s campaign is in total chaos. Worse we can never know what is going on behind the scenes but we can safely assume that Hillary is sick, perhaps very sick, and that there is sheer panic as her poll numbers sink daily. And for good reason. Americans want to see their presidential candidate, not have her hidden away.

To boot, her campaign is being managed by clueless feminists who thought they knew everything, but who really have no idea what they are doing and no experience in such an undertaking, particularly with their bizarre candidate.

Meanwhile the experienced male operatives in the Democrat party who are veterans of many campaigns cannot intervene for fear of the feminist rage that they will encounter.

Democrats also did not expect current events to shape the race. Yet you can rest assured that millions of nervous Americans are going to look at the black riots in North Carolina and buy guns and vote for the candidate who wants to “make America safe again”, i.e., Donald Trump.

(The black victim of the police shooting in North Carolina had a long criminal history. This is the same story in most of these encounters.)

It gets worse. The tired old Democrat playbook said that more and more states are “swing states” or are solidly Democrat, that Republicans can no longer win the White House. But Trump is turning this narrative on its head as has repeatedly predicted that he would.

Growing joblessness and poverty are leading Americans to see the failure of Obama and his Democrat policies. Repeated terror attacks are instilling fear. Disrespect for the National Anthem is enraging tens of millions of people.

In Michigan citizens are angry over the resettlement of refugees being forced on the state by Obama. Hillary does not understand this because she would do the same. This could lead Michigan to vote for Trump and to give him the state’s electoral votes. Michigan has not supported a Republican presidential nominee since 1988.

But things are changing there too. In 2010 and again in 2014 Michigan elected and re-elected a tough-guy Republican governor named Rick Snyder. He is doing a great job at revitalizing a state that was going down the drain. So voters in Michigan are seeing first-hand the difference between whose policies work and whose do not. This very well could transfer to Trump. Michigan already has been moving toward Trump in the last few weeks.

Losing Michigan would be a fatal blow to Hillary Clinton and would comport with growing evidence that “swing states” are trending strongly to Trump. If a once reliably Democrat state like Michigan does too, it will be curtains for Clinton.

This all would demonstrate that independent voters are trending to Trump, which is the Democrats’ worst nightmare. And this trend very well could transfer to US Senate races, US House races and others down to city council.

In crucial “swing states” like Pennsylvania and Ohio working class voters who normally vote Democrat are openly revolting against government red tape and obstructionist “green” laws that are destroying their livelihoods in mining, logging, quarrying, natural gas production, oil drilling and manufacturing. They are showing more and more support for Trump. This is sending shockwaves through the Democrat party.

This also runs parallel to trends in Asia, South America and Europe away from the globalist and socialist point of view of the Democrat party, and most recently manifested in the Brexit vote.

Young white voters traditionally support Democrats in disproportionately large numbers, but many millions of them are very worried about the future under Obama. They have built up huge student loan debt and seen declines in their opportunities and living standards. Many may stay home on election day, vote third-party, or even support Trump. There is much more support for Trump among young whites than the media will ever let on. Ditto hispanics and Asians.

It gets worse. As part of their old playbook Democrats have been taking black voters for granted for decades, but Trump is reaching out to blacks like no Republican has done in modern history. And blacks are listening. Trump is talking about creating jobs and opportunity and issuing paychecks, not welfare checks. He explained to a dismayed black audience in Detroit that Bill Clinton had suggested that refugees, and not blacks, be given the job of rebuilding the city.

Trump is asking blacks to look at their decayed communities and to ask themselves what the Democrats have done for them in 50 years of rule. No Republican has ever asked this before; they have been too cowardly. And while Trump will not get a majority of black votes, he does not need it. He can flip crucial “swing states” into his column if he can peel off 3 or 5 or 10 or 15 percentage points more of black votes.

Trump also is actively promoting school choice which is popular among blacks who are fed up with horrible public schools. This issue alone will garner him hundreds of thousands of black votes, maybe millions.

At the same time Hillary Clinton supports the corrupt public school bureaucracy. She is not proving popular among blacks, particularly young blacks. Many do not even know who she really is or who Bill Clinton is.

Obama now is going to campaign actively for Hillary among blacks in order to try to avoid starting his post presidential life with a legacy-crushing defeat for his carefully chosen successor.

In short the old Democrat strategy has gone out the window. If Trump keeps up the momentum that he now has going then he will be the next president of the United States, and the Democrat election playbook will finally end up where it belongs – in the trash.

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