Lunatics Want Safe Places for Heroin, Claim Trees Like Humans

Crazy people are getting worse and worse every day, and having more and more influence while being treated in the left-wing media like they are perfectly normal. Yet they are regressing away from the enlightenment and rationality that have been building for thousands of years.

And these kooks are overwhelmingly on the Democrat left. The internet is allowing these people to spread their destructive ideas, and the media echo them. How about this from the Seattle Times (

A task force is recommending the creation of sites in (the Seattle area) to provide medical supervision for people using illegal drugs like heroin, which would be the first in the U.S. The task force formed to help fight a heroin epidemic in the Seattle area has recommended the opening of public, supervised sites where addicts can use heroin.

OK, so if you have a heroin epidemic then you should first cut off the supply of heroin. This will help to end the epidemic naturally by making heroin more scarce and expensive. If you can’t find it or buy it, you can’t use it, right?

Right. But this would require first and foremost that the Mexican border be sealed since a great deal of heroin is coming in that way. But liberals want open borders and so we get a heroin epidemic, along with an epidemic of violence from illegal aliens.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said he would support the supervised heroin injection sites if it can be done “in a way that reduces the negative impacts” on neighborhoods.

This is typical wild-eyed socialism. No, mayor, you can reduce the negative impact not by aiding and abetting heroin use but by stamping it out. And the first thing you do is seal the Mexican border. Then second you act like heroin is a bad thing instead of something that can be tolerated at “safe” sites. Said

The recommendations released Thursday call for a pilot program to establish two “community health-engagement locations” in targeted areas where users can inject heroin under medical supervision as an alternative to public restrooms, alleys and homeless encampments like (a known site in Seattle called) The Jungle. …Funding for the recommendations hasn’t been secured.

So in our nation with critical health-care needs all over the country these socialists want to divert health professionals and money to supervise heroin addicts. And the funding will be flush. It will come from Americans and residents of Washington state who go to work every day and pay their taxes and don’t use dangerous drugs.

Friends, this is part of a culture in which heroin addiction, alcoholism and other terrible behaviors are called “diseases”. But they are not disease at all. They are “weaknesses” and should be treated as such.

Once you call them “diseases” then the “sick” person is exonerated and is required to bear no responsibility for their behavior. This is a fundamental trait of socialism where nobody bears any personal responsibility for their behavior, like blacks who blame every problem on white people rather than looking at themselves. reports:

The potential locations for the sites are also expected to be debated as county and city officials struggle to develop strategies for managing the homeless encampments where use of heroin and other drugs is commonplace.

Yes, and the expanding homeless camps are a direct result of Obama economic policies. This president is disgraceful. It is no surprise that poverty and heroin addiction are flourishing under his presidency. We conservatives warned that all of this would happen with Obama.

By accommodating drug addicts we are simply going to get more and more drug addiction because addicts will see good results from their bad behavior. This is part of the run-up to heroin legalization, which is the ultimate goal of the left.

These drug addicts should all be arrested and sent to work camps where they can make furniture or grow vegetables until they get sober. No more coddling, which has been the modus operandi of liberals for decades now.

Right now these heroin addicts are playing us all for suckers. The media tell us how horrible it is for them to kick their addiction. This is a farce. Their addiction is horrible for the rest of us. We should force them to kick it. Too bad if they don’t like it.

Meanwhile here are excerpts on another subject entirely from an article by a German screwball named Peter Wohlleben from the Daily Mail newspaper in Britain, on

There’s increasing evidence to show that trees are able to communicate with each other. More than that, trees can learn. If that’s true — and my experience as a forester convinces me it is — then they must be able to store and transmit information. And scientists are beginning to ask: is it possible that trees possess intelligence, and memories, and emotions? So, to cut to the quick, do trees have brains?

This is wacky environmentalism run amok. And this stuff flourishes because our hard-won prosperity has given these morons endless leisure time to dream up this nonsense. And don’t think that this is just one guy. This way of thinking is common. Wohlleben writes:

It sounds incredible, but when you discover how trees talk to each other, feel pain, nurture each other, even care for their close relatives and organise themselves into communities, it’s hard to be skeptical. There’s increasing evidence to show that trees are able to communicate with each other.

Wow. No kidding. Do they have cell phones? Or just computers and e-mail? The goofball continues:

I didn’t always feel this way. In fact, when I began as a civil servant with the German forestry commission in the 1980s, I knew next to nothing about the hidden life of trees. … About 20 years ago, while organising survival training and log cabin breaks for tourists, I began to rediscover the love of nature I’d had as a six-year-old.

So there you go… ‘love of nature’. And these nature lovers are not just eccentric bird watchers like they were 100 years ago. Most of them today have severe mental illness in that that they are in a total panic about ‘global warming’, rising sea levels and the end of the world, all of which are not happening. Writes Wohlleben:

During a heavy storm, a mature deciduous tree can ‘drink’ a couple of hundred gallons of water, which is funnelled to its roots. This water is stored in the surrounding soil, to help the tree through future dry spells. Trees think ahead.

Yes, like what are they going to have for dinner tonight. And no tuna casserole!

One more kook story: The New York Times reported recently on a couple that offered its son girls’ clothes to wear growing up, and he often wore them. Then when the kid was going to start his first day of school the parents asked him if he wanted to wear girls’ clothes, or boys’. He chose girls’ clothing and is now on his way to changing his sex.

This is how these insane left-wing parents are allowing and even pushing their children into destructive sex-changing. These parents obviously never should have offered him girls’ clothes in the first place, but this is how the lunatic left operates these day, i.e., the child knows more than we do, which is true with lefties.

Then they say that it was the child’s choice to change his/her sex, which it never was. The parents allowed and drove the decision from early on.

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