Why Trump is Winning

First, here is a quick word about the recent commuter train crash in New Jersey. Liberals are exploiting the wreck to declare once again that a very expensive computerized train control system called PTC, mandated by big-government safety fanatics, would have prevented the accident. Yet PTC is in no way guaranteed to work. It has never been tested on a large scale.

Meanwhile the liberals who control the public commuter transit agency never bothered to install it. So why not? It is their leftist cronies who are demanding it. Now here is today’s main commentary:

Why Trump is Winning

Hillary Clinton recently shrieked, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead” of Donald Trump?

This question, friends, speaks volumes about who liberals are.

The presidential race today is all over the place with many polls showing the race tied or with Trump winning. Even the election guru Nate Silver, who is adored by liberals, recently put the likelihood of a Trump victory at 55% when it was Hillary by 92% just 7 weeks before.

This 147 point shift alone shows how clueless these pollsters are this year, when nothing from past elections seems to be applying since Trump is unlike any presidential candidate ever before.

The Clinton campaign now is even trying to figure out how to win the White House without Ohio’s crucial electoral votes since polls now show Trump winning Ohio. For decades the media/political mantra has been that “you can’t win the White House without Ohio”.

This is all very shocking to Clinton and her campaign. They expected to skate to the White House, including Ohio easily. And now they are wondering what has happened. So let’s look at the media narrative going into this election in mid-July before the political conventions. It said that:

*Hillary should be the first woman president and that Americans wanted this badly.
*Trump was an amateur and a fool with no campaign strategy or organization.
*Americans would never accept an agenda other than Obama’s and Hillary’s.
*Trump could not possibly win and would “implode” over his controversial comments.
*The media would keep Hillary afloat even if something dire happened, like her 9/11 seizure.
*Democrats are the favored party in America today.
*Republicans can no longer put together the electoral votes to win the presidency. And on and on.

But now Trump is leading in many polls, including Ohio, which was not even on the radar screen 3 months ago. And this reality must be terrifying to Democrats since Ohio probably reflects what is going on in many other crucial states.

And thus if you wonder “Why is Hillary not 50 points ahead?” you have an idea. In addition you know that no viable candidate would be so gauche and clueless to ask such a question in public in the first place.

Just as bad, Hillary walked away on two occasions recently when asked by reporters about her falling poll numbers. She did not stand firm and say what candidates are supposed to say in such circumstance which is, “Polls are polls. They fluctuate all the time. I will win in November.”

In walking away she was projecting fear and uncertainty. This is bad for a candidate. It is like a person showing fear when confronted by a rabid dog.

Trump, on the other hand, has always projected confidence. This is what attracts voters to him. When he says the wrong thing, he never apologizes. He just moves on. Yet the media have intimidated Republicans for decades to feel defeated and afraid when the media jump on them. But not Trump.

This is why Trump is doing so well. Coupled to the abysmal trust level that Americans have in the media and the picture becomes clear.

Another huge factor is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Together they could win 5 million to 10 million votes or even more, and most of their votes are expected to come from Hillary’s column.

Nobody predicted that Trump would be leading Hillary at this point. Nobody except Donald Trump, Anne Coulter… and Nikitas3.com who predicted last February that Trump would win the White House, and still does.

Even Nate Silver said in Summer 2015 that Trump had only a 5% chance of even winning the Republican nomination. So Trump is confounding every electoral myth and expert this year. Nate Silver has been totally embarassed by this election.

Who could forget the huge media uproar over Trump’s comments about the Muslim couple, both American citizens, who had lost their son in the US military in Iraq. Trump was not deferential to the couple, and the media hammered him and most Americans said, “It’s over for Trump.” That is when Silver was predicting Hillary by 92%. Yet six short weeks later Trump was surging into the lead all over the nation, including 55% by Silver.

The reason that Hillary is not 50 points ahead is because she does not understand America. She is a political elitist who thinks only in terms of herself and her public image, and not in terms of what is happening out in the nation at large. She only believes what her handlers and her media cronies in New York, Washington and Los Angeles tell her.

She does not know what is happening among suburban, small-town and rural white voters, both men and women, in Pennsylvania and Ohio. And Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, Virginia, Minnesota and other states. Yet these are the people who will decide the election.

She does not understand that tens of millions of Americans are not only fed up but fearful about what Obama has done and want change, and that Trump represents change.

One of the reasons that Hillary is not 50 points ahead is because white men, including working-class white men, have turned on her in huge numbers. While the media have been telling us for decades that the “gender gap” refers to women who detest Republicans they never tell us about the other half of the equation – how many men, and particularly white men, today detest Democrats and their policies. Throw in working-class white men (and their wives) this cycle, who usually vote Democrat, and you explain why Trump is winning Ohio.

Overall Donald Trump is being fueled by the swing of Independent voters to Trump. The media narrative over the last 10 years has been that these voters are irrevocably trending Democrat. But now that dynamic appears to be shifting. Trump is also doing much better among hispanics and blacks than Romney or McCain did. He also is attracting many disaffected Democrats. 20,000 Democrats in Massachusetts switched their party registration to Republican to vote for Trump in the primaries alone.

Vote by vote, Trump is surging. This is why Hillary is not 50 points ahead. And somebody should tell her to read this column so that she understands why she is losing. That way she can prepare her election night concession speech a few weeks ahead.

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