Green Movement is Home to Political Extremists

Here is a Golden Rule that you can rely on:

The “green” movement today has millions of militant and extremist adherents including many from the old communist party, but with a new color.

It used to be red. Now it is green. Many of today’s so-called ‘environmentalists’ are political radicals who hide behind love of nature as a way to control and undermine the American economy through total government control and obstruction/destruction of the capitalist private sector, i.e., communism.

Their direct approach through the communist party failed, as communism has failed worldwide, and has been discredited, so they are piggybacking on a movement that has more currency with the American people – the ‘green’ movement.

Perhaps you remember Van Jones, the White House ‘environmental czar’ under Obama who had to leave his post after he was found to once have been a member of a communist organization. And he was just one of millions of extremists who today use environmentalism as a means of implementing a hard-left, anti-American, anti-capitalist agenda. It is no wonder that the ‘green’ movement has its home in our left-wing universities.

Oh, sure, the ‘greens’ hug trees and claim to defend endangered species. But the enviro movement has been heavily infiltrated by radicals who are exploiting it, and exploiting millions of people that communists call “useful idiots” like gullible old ladies and college kids who go door-to-door telling us that we need to have clean water. Except that we already have clean water.

Then you have these radical urban leftist billionaires who give huge amounts of money to the Sierra Club and then say they want to protect the wilderness when they have no connection to the wilderness and never go there. In fact they intentionally live in cities because that’s where the money is that they love, and the easy lives.

Ironically we conservatives should pray that ‘green’ candidates thrive because they siphon votes away from Democrats. In the 2016 presidential election Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein could siphon away millions of votes from Hillary Clinton. Good.

Look at what Stein said when she ran for governor of Massachusetts: “We need real public servants who listen to the people — not to the corporate lobbyists that funnel campaign checks into the big war chests. That’s what brought me to the Green Party, the only national party that is not bought and paid for by corporate money.”

This is typical socialist boilerplate, which avoids the other side of the story, which is that the Green Party takes Big Labor Union money and Big Hollywood money and Big Corporate money on the left side like Google and many other left-wing corporations now run by Democrat CEOs, particularly in computers and the media.

The “greens” take tons of money from mega-billionaires on the far left like Mark Zuckerberg and the demonic George Soros. And they take mountains of cash from millions of other wealthy and upper-middle class Americans. AP reported about Stein’s gubernatorial run:

Stein acknowledges that her candidacy is a super long shot. Still, she notes that a growing number of people are expressing frustration with the two major political parties and she cites the Occupy Wall Street movement as an example of that.

So there you go. Occupy Wall Street represents the “greens” well. Remember the extremist, lawbreaking ‘occupiers’? They were disgusting radicals who showed utter contempt for the law and for the common good.

In just a short period of existence they completely collapsed in chaos and violence by camping out on public property, using the streets as bathrooms, setting businesses on fire, assaulting the police, assaulting, each other, etc.

And yet this Green Party candidate Stein is praising them. Unbelievable. I’ll take ExxonMobil any day over the militant goons of Occupy Wall Street. ExxonMobil will sell me perfectly good gasoline every time I fill up my tank. Occupy Wall Street will break my windshield.

The major institutions that support the Green Party produce the same types of negative results. America’s labor unions have destroyed tens of millions of jobs for decades in a nationwide cesspool of corruption and violence. Hollywood is full of vile people spreading the most debased and violent culture. Soros has accumulated his $20 billion fortune in the most underhanded form of international currency speculation, harming tens of millions of people in the process. Now look at what AP said about Jill Stein:

She is highlighting what she describes as a Green New Deal as the main focus of her platform. She calls it an emergency program designed to create 25 million jobs and jump-start a green economy for the 21st century to help address climate change and make wars-for-oil obsolete.

Oh, boy, here it comes, a ‘Green New Deal’, i.e., more government spending that will produce nothing, i.e., socialism/communism. Whatever happened to the $800 billion that Obama spent on the 2009 “stimulus”? And the $10 trillion that Obama has added to the national debt since he took office?

And the billions lost by Solyndra and other solar projects that can never even get beyond the planning stage without giant taxpayer subsidies? And the propping up of inefficient windmills and solar panels with tens of billions of taxpayer dollars every year now?

All that money represents what socialism/communism are really focused on: They are not about “peace” and “equality” or a clean environment; that is just the façade that they put up. Communism really is focused on a small group of people at the political apex stealing the nation’s wealth that they themselves are not capable of creating on their own. That is why the leaders and government elites under socialism/communism live like kings while the broad masses of “the people” suffer with starvation, malnutrition, long lines and material deprivation of every type.

For instance we all suffer as our electricity bills skyrocket under “green” policies while the “greens” themselves get richer and richer, all on government subsidies. On the other hand our gasoline and natural gas prices have sunk to historic lows under “fracking” and other free-market practices that socialism and environmentalism malign.

And thus the ‘green’ elites live high and their cronies have great jobs, like ‘green’ college professors and activists and consultants and media shills and solar panel salesmen and installers, while producing almost nothing for the rest of us.

In fact ‘green’ obstruction is killing economic growth all over the country and making millions poor, like blocking logging, mining, ranching, quarrying and oil drilling, and shutting down productive power plants. Meanwhile those who deny the existence of “climate change” even can lose their jobs. This is how the communist party works – followers are rewarded and opponents are punished.

Patrick Moore founded the environmental group Greenpeace. He finally quit his own organization because the people who had infiltrated it and taken it over were radicals. This is classic socialism. It is like the entire Democrat party itself which today is an extremist party that imprints extremism on everything it touches. (Moore today supports nuclear power as does James Lovelock, the Briton who is called the ‘father’ of the modern environmental movement.)

There are precious few Democrats from city council to US senator to president who do not today hold militant views. This applies to the enviro movement which today offers no compromise. They all adamantly oppose oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power.

Meanwhile the rest of us are simply expected to support solar panels and ethanol and windmills as part of the ‘all of the above’ solution for energy. This is how socialists/communists always operate. They oppose any alternative approaches but then they want all of us to support their ideas, bit by bit. It is a one-way street.

On the other hand opposes all ‘green’ energy as grossly inefficient and wasteful. Here’s proof: Next time you go to Europe, take a sailing ship. It will take you a month to get there and it will prove that there is indeed power in the wind, but that it is a negligible amount of power for our modern standard of living. And that every dollar invested in windmills is therefore wasted.

‘Green’ energy in fact is not adding to our energy supply but is reducing it by drawing capital away from efficient sources like nuclear power.

These ecologists cannot stop lying, like good communists never stop lying. Because they are getting rich telling lies. Every day, environmentalists lie.

They told us for years that the world is running out of oil, yet our global oil supplies are bigger than ever. They said that the earth was burning up in ‘global warming’ until that was debunked by cold weather and record low temperatures all over the globe. So they have conveniently altered the name of their crisis to “climate change” so that they can blame anything – hurricanes, droughts, hot weather, tornados, cold weather, snow, rain, etc. – on “climate change”.

Al Gore warned in 2007 that sea levels were going to rise 17 feet and swallow entire cities. There are maps all over the internet with fabricated images of cities underwater, allegedly to warn us about what is coming. But we do not see rising sea levels anywhere. Nothing.

If sea levels indeed were rising there would certainly be photographs all over the internet comparing historical pictures of sea levels, like New York Harbor or some famous beach, to actual levels today, thus proving this alleged increase. But there are no photo comparisons. Because the sea levels have not risen.

Lie, lie, lie – that is what the ‘greens’ do. There are millions of such stories. There is a famous story about a couple in Dimock, Pennsylvania who repeatedly showed a clear glass jar full of dirty water to audiences all over, claiming that it was their own well water that had been polluted from nearby “fracking” wells for natural gas.

But state and federal tests showed that their well water was not contaminated, that the dirty water was faked. Exposed, the liars slipped out of town. This is all chronicled in Phelim McAleer’s film called Frack Nation. These are classic communist tactics that have been employed for decades in the ‘green’ movement – lie, lie, lie, deceive, deceive, deceive. And when the deceivers are exposed they disappear, hide or simply tell another big lie on another subject.

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