Wow – Mike Pence Emerges into the Spotlight

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence decided not to run for president in 2016, and millions of people today must be wondering why.

We conservatives have long known about Pence, that he is a good guy, thoughtful, well-spoken and decent, a former US congressman and recently retired as Indiana governor. Now the world knows about him.

Perhaps his good traits are what kept him from seeking the presidency. After all, he just seems too nice to get into the Republican primary snakepit.

After Tuesday evening’s vice presidential debate, however, Pence has clearly become a breakout figure. On the other hand Democrat Tim Kaine has become a world-class political goat.

It is said that vice presidential debates don’t matter, and generally they have little impact on the race. But they do have their moments, like Al Gore’s annoying attitude in 2000 and Joe Biden’s aggressive demeanor in 2012.

But we had known Gore and Biden before then. We did not know Kaine. And now we do. And most Americans must now dislike Kaine. He came off as angry, nasty, belligerent and rude. He is reported to have interrupted Pence a whopping 72 times during the debate. It was awful.

On the other hand Mike Pence came off as a gentleman. He even took Kaine’s stream of invective, accusations and insults with disbelieving shakes of the head, not any type of vituperative reaction.

In short, Mike Pence came off as more presidential than Donald Trump did in his first debate appearance with Hillary Clinton. Because Pence acted responsibly. Here are the exact words that wrote recommending to Trump for his first debate:

Trump must not do anything to give the media ammunition to use against him since they are looking for any reason to attack. He should appear confident and positive, not angry or confrontational.

Trump did not do this and suffered accordingly. The media now are circulating a rumor – certainly a media fabrication – that Trump is angry that Pence outshone Trump’s first debate performance. This is intended to make the Pence debate victory look like a loss for Trump. As usual.

So millions of Americans today are wondering – where has Mike Pence been for the last 5 years? Why don’t we know more about him?

The answer is that Mike Pence is a classic conservative. He does not make a big show of himself. He does not shout. He does good things and lets his record speak for him. He does not gloat. He is confident that he is doing good work.

This all came through in the vice presidential debate. Under relentless and rude attacks from Kaine, Pence was a gentleman who seemed unshakeable. And it is that type of subtle confidence and calm that voters are attracted to.

Would Pence have survived Donald Trump in the primaries, and won the nomination if he had run?

It is hard to say. Since Pence is a quiet man, he probably would have faded away quietly. But Pence is only 57 years old and so he is a potential future president of the United States. Rest assured that Pence’s political stock soared on Tuesday.

The old saying goes that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. And this debate was most Americans’ first impression of both Pence and Kaine.

Kaine came off like a spoiled brat and a bully, while Pence came across as a gentleman and a leader. Don’t think that this will not stick with millions of Americans, and particularly Republicans, who saw a primary full of squabbling politicians.

Of course we could expect good behavior from Pence. He is a Midwestern conservative. People out there are often called bland. But who cares. They are really good people, they work hard, they get things done, and today this may be just what we need in our leaders.

Pence supports the conservative agenda without apology. He is pro-economic-growth, he supports right-to-work (anti-union) laws, he is opposed to abortion and makes no bones about it, he favors educational choice for parents, and is a patriotic American. And on and on.

So what is Pence’s future? It is this:

*If Donald Trump is elected Pence will very likely be made into an activist vice president. He may very well be asked to head up a commission to meet with public officials nationwide to discuss ways for them to adopt the kinds of ideas that Pence did to keep the Indiana economy vibrant when many other states were floundering. This will give Pence the leg up to run for president whenever Trump is done.

*If Trump loses, believes that Pence will be the leading choice for the Republican presidential nomination in 2020.

It is striking that a single 90-minute appearance in a national debate can lead to a whole new world of possibilities for someone like Mike Pence. It is true that most vice presidential debates don’t mean much. But this one may have reverberations far beyond what we normally expect.

Now here is another editorial on another subject entirely:

Another Big Oil Discovery in Alaska reported recently:

Oil and gas exploration firm Caelus has found a massive amount of oil waiting to be drilled up in northern Alaska. In a press release Tuesday, the company announced its discovery could yield between 6 billion and 10 billion barrels of light oil — which is recovered from the ground more easily than other types of oil. As perspective, about 79 million barrels of crude oil are produced in the world each day, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Caelus estimates it will be able to recover about 30% to 40% of that oil — making the discovery one of the largest ever in Alaska.

“It has the size and scale to play a meaningful role in sustaining the Alaskan oil business over the next three or four decades,” Caelus CEO Jim Musselman said in a statement. He added that Caelus was drawn to Alaska by tax credits the state offers to companies that search for oil.

Dubbed the Smith Bay development, Caelus estimates the field could potentially provide 200,000 barrels of oil per day. The discovery comes less than a month after Apache laid claim to a multi-billion oil discovery in Texas.

OK, and what have the environmentalists been telling us for decades now?

They have been saying that the world is running out oil. Yet that is patently false. There are huge reserves of oil all around the world, and we are hardly even looking any more. Known/estimated reserves today are 12 TRILLION to 16 TRILLION barrels, and you can rest assured that the world has hundreds of times that amount as oil exploration and extraction becomes more refined and efficient.

To boot, the new Alaska discovery may be even bigger than they think. The Prudhoe bay field in Alaska was at first estimated in the 1960s to be 1 billion barrels. It has now pumped 18 billion. So there you go.

Conclusion: The world probably has virtually unlimited amounts of oil and natural gas. We have just begun to find it.

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