Trump is Re-making Republicanism, Conservatism

Word recently leaked out that former president George HW Bush, a Republican who was in the White House for one term from 1989 to 1993, is going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Another story said that Barbara Bush, the 35-year-old daughter of Republican George W. Bush (US president from 2001 to 2009) also is going to vote for Clinton. And that former 2016 Republican primary candidate Jeb Bush simply is not going to vote rather than vote for Trump.

And so you wonder: Is this all actually true? And if so then what does it mean?

But that is not hard to figure out. If Donald Trump is elected president it is going to be a huge repudiation of the Republican Establishment – including the Bush family – which has opposed him from the start and which has thrown away three US presidential elections (1996, 2008 and 2012) with weak Establishment candidates.

A Trump victory will be a reminder of the trouncing that 16 good Republican candidates suffered in the primaries at the hands of Trump, and that Jeb Bush especially suffered at the hands of Trump, which the Bush family took personally and hard. Who could forget “boring” Jeb Bush asking a tiny audience to “please clap” after he spoke. What a sad sight. It was total humiliation, which the Bushes are not used to. Jeb is now pouting.

Young Barbara Bush also was seen recently at a celebrity-filled, left-wing bash. She apparently does not want to be seen as the daughter of a dowdy Republican president.

She is now sucking up to the celebrities like a lot of people do, particularly when they are younger and are starstruck by this shallow culture. She is surely saying, “I am not a Republican like my parents” and the liberals will exploit her as a recruiting tool and another example of children who do not even like their own Republican parents (just like the 1960s).

The national media narrative going into 2016 was that the race was going to be Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton. No ifs, ands or buts. Now if Trump wins the White House it will mark the beginning of a new era in American politics with a president who seems to be independent of any established political definitions. He does not fit into the Republican Establishment mold or the conservative mold either.

Yet Trump still is basically a Republican/conservative. He wants Reagan-type tax cuts; he wants to revitalize the private-sector economy and create millions more jobs; he wants to rebuild the US military; he is proud to be an American; he wants to seal the Mexican border; he wants to crack down on terrorism and crime; he says that he will appoint conservative judges; and he opposes the Washington bureaucracy which he sees as grossly inefficient government at its worst.

In short he wants to change the way things are working under RepubliCrat rule in Washington, which is vastly more Democrat than Republican. He stands for everyday Americans who are fed up with creeping socialism in America and with the Republicans who have allowed it to happen. And he stands more forcefully for American revitalization and exceptionalism than any other candidate.

He also speaks to the “forgotten man”, the white male who has felt alienated from politics for many years and sees American popular culture marginalizing his hard work and his accomplishments that built Western civilization.

Trump’s rise is reminiscent of the British vote to leave the European Union in order to re-establish Britan as a separate nation with an individual identity, not as a cog in a global, multicultural machine like Obama wants for the US.

This movement against the globalist status quo is no quirk. It appears to be growing in strength around the world. Leftists/globalists are being voted out all over the world. The notoriously liberal Brazilian mega-city of Sao Paulo just elected a Trump-like mayor over a far-left-wing challenger.

If Trump wins the US presidency the anti-globalist movement will go into overdrive. Trump will immediately become a world figure far beyond what any American president has been before. Because the current movement against globalism, international socialism and open borders is picking up steam and Trump will be perfectly positioned to take it to new heights. He will appeal to like-minded people all over the world, and particularly in Europe where anti-refugee fever is exploding and contempt for the nitpicking European Union bureaucracy has come to a boil.

If elected Donald Trump will also become a whole new type of leader for the Republican party in the US. A Trump presidency would take the GOP in a new direction, encouraging more non-traditional candidates like Trump himself and discouraging rote party loyalists. Many of these loyalists are simply Democrats with a Republican label, like US senator Lindsey Graham and like the Bush family is in many ways.

Fortunately for Trump many skeptical Republicans and conservatives now are falling into line behind him, as predicted that they would.

President Donald Trump would immediately dim the authority of the Bush family as leaders of the Republican party, and the Bush family does not like this one bit particularly as George W. Bush has been seeking desperately to build a legacy after the terrible outcome of the Iraq war.

And let’s face it – Trump lives in a totally different world than most Republicans do, in his own skyscraper in New York City. Most Republicans are either conservatives in rural areas or small towns, or moderates in the small towns and the suburbs and in the political classes in Washington, DC and in state and local governments all over the US.

Some are wealthy “country club Republicans” in the business class who live in the suburbs and are basically Democrats except on fiscal issues. They don’t care about conservative issues like religious liberty, abortion, the Constitution, gun rights, American exceptionalism, etc. They care about dollars and cents. Period.

To boot most Republicans are deathly afraid of the leftist media but Trump is not since he lives in New York City and he has had a long history of involvement with liberal New Yorkers, and has himself been part of the media in his TV show The Apprentice. He knows how to handle the media.

Even Trump’s daugher Ivanka is a registered Democrat who is a good friend of Chelsea Clinton. This is because Ivanka is a female in a strongly feminist city who was in with the “cool” New York celebrity/ media/ feminist crowd long before her father entered the presidential race.

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