Media Sugar-Coat Weak September Job Numbers

The economy added only 156,000 jobs in September, but that did not stop the liberal media from trying to sugar-coat the numbers in order to prop up Obama. Look at these excerpts from left-wing, with a comment about each: reports: Employers continued to add to payrolls in September as record openings drew more Americans into the workforce and most found jobs, indicating the U.S. labor market is settling into a pace that will support the economy. comment: Look at all of the positive buzzwords and phrases in just one sentence to cover up for the weak jobs number – ‘continued to add to payrolls’ and ‘record openings’ and ‘most found jobs’ and ‘settling into a pace that will support the economy’. reports: While the September figure was weaker than the 172,000 median forecast of economists, payrolls included the biggest drop in government employment in a year. The jobless rate rose to 5 percent as the labor participation rate ticked up to a six-month high. comment: The unemployment rate is not 5%. It is 12% to 25% depending on how you measure it. It is only listed at 5% because record numbers of people are not even looking for jobs any longer. reports: “Job gains are slowing down a bit but it’s not such a concern,” Scott Brown, St. Petersburg, Florida-based chief economist for Raymond James Financial Inc., said before the report. “What matters is that the job market is getting tighter. The fundamentals look strong for consumer spending.” comment: And still just 156,000 jobs were created and most of them were lesser-quality jobs, like retail jobs driven by consumer spending.

Bloomberg injects this sentence to make Hillary Clinton look good: Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has nodded to Americans’ worries about declines at factories while defending President Barack Obama’s record in helping the economy heal after the worst downturn since the Great Depression. comment: And the poorest economic recovery since then too. reports: September payrolls have tended to disappoint when the initial data are released, based on data since the last recession ended. comment: This is another media-generated excuse for the bad numbers. reports: The unemployment rate, which is derived from a separate Labor Department survey of households, rose as employment increased by 354,000. The jobless rate was projected to hold at 4.9 percent, according to the survey median, close to the lowest since 2007. comment: Again, this is nonsense. The unemployment rate is really 12% to 25%. reports: The participation rate, which shows the share of working-age people in the labor force, increased to 62.9 percent, from 62.8 percent. It has been hovering close to the lowest level in more than three decades. comment: Gee, how did that negative fact get into this report? reports: Private employment, which excludes government agencies, rose by 167,000 after a 144,000 increase the prior month. Government payrolls fell by 11,000 due to a slump in education jobs at the local level that may reflect difficulties adjusting for the start of the school year. comment: Sure, blame it on the school kids. Anything to deflect from Obama. reports: Payrolls at factories fell by 13,000, after a 16,000 drop in the previous month… comment: This is the most devastating news in the report, but it is passed over like it is just another statistic. Manufacturing jobs have been falling for decades. This is why we are getting poorer and poorer. reports: Retailers increased payrolls by 22,000. Employment in leisure and hospitality rose 15,000, the smallest in four months. comment: And these are lesser-quality jobs. Everyone knows it. reports: Wages showed less of a pickup than projected, as a sustained acceleration has been elusive in the current expansion that began in mid-2009. comment: Yessir, seven-and-a-half years later and the economy is still hobbling. Thanks, Obama. reports: Americans who are working part-time though would rather have a full-time position, or the measure known as part-time for economic reasons, fell by 159,000 to 5.89 million. comment: They are working part-time because of the horrible policies of Obama.

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