‘Climate’ Alarmists Dejected as Hurricane Threat Fizzles

“This storm will kill you,” governor Rick Scott of Florida warned about Hurricane Matthew on Thursday, October 6 as it approached his state. Yet the worst news to come out of the storm by Friday morning was a headline in the Miami Herald that said Hurricane Matthew leaves 86,000 without power in South Florida.

So there is a big difference between hundreds of thousands of homes flattened and thousands killed versus 86,000 without power. Here are panicked predictions from CNN.com about the hurricane on Thursday as it approached Florida:

The National Weather Service is not mincing words about powerful Hurricane Matthew. The agency’s Melbourne, Florida, office warned Thursday night that homes and buildings in central Florida “may be uninhabitable for weeks or months.” …”Extremely dangerous, life-threatening weather conditions are forecast in the next 12 to 24 hours,” the weather service warned. Forecasters predict storm surge is some areas could be as high as 11 feet and as many as 15 inches of rain could fall. The effects of the storm will be unlike any hurricane in decades, the weather service said.

Roughly 26 million people live in areas that are under a hurricane or tropical storm warning or tropical storm watch, and the hurricane will likely cause billions of dollars in damage, Hennen said. The National Weather Service warned that some places could be uninhabitable for “weeks or months.” … (Governor) Scott told those on the state’s Atlantic coast that the question is not whether they will lose power, but for how long. … A direct hit by Matthew, he said, could lead to “massive destruction” on a level unseen since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

OK, enough is enough. This stuff was everywhere. And it did not pan out. So what is going on here?

It is part of the 46-year fanaticism of the “green” movement since the first ‘earth day’ in 1970. These environmentalists peddle fear and panic every day of the week and have been doing so since the start. Hurricanes now are not even called natural occurrences; they are said to be a direct result of “climate change”. But here is the Miami Herald reporting on Friday morning:

7:30 a.m.: Friday at dawn found few Matthew effects. Sand bags by store doors remained dry. The normal man made lights preceded the sun. Cars rolled briskly up and down Alton Road past the usual open establishments.

…Other than more leaves and branches in the streets and no cafe tables on the sidewalks, little appeared different in South Beach from any morning earlier this week.

And remember that any damage that does occur – and there will be some damage – will be the total of all of the hurricane damage of the last 11 years in Florida. This is great news for the people of Florida compared to what Al Gore warned them about.

Gore declared in 2006 that “global warming” (now called “climate change” for convenience) was going to lead to killer hurricanes every single year. Except that Hurricane Matthew is the first hurricane to hit Florida since 2005.

So the “greens” had to make up for all of those non-hurricane years with the most intensive hysteria imaginable about Matthew. This sent the rich liberals scurrying to mail their extra checks to the Sierra Club, like trained dogs. Indeed it was all about the money. It always is.

Rest assured that we all are going to remember this Hurricane Matthew debacle for many years to come. This was truly a whopper and it shows what happens to people who traffic in serial deception and lies, i.e., those who live by deception die by deception.

Friends, this is the hyper-frenzy that nourishes the environmentalists on every single issue. They tell us that we are choking on a natural compound in the atmosphere called carbon dioxide. They tell us that the world is running out of oil precisely as more and more oil is discovered. And on and on. It never stops.

At the same time the liberal media and the government are echoing every alarmist proposition from the “greens”. This is frightening because liberty can only co-exist with truth and honesty. In short environmentalism today equates with despotism and for good reason. Because every “solution” to so-called “climate change” is more government power. Very convenient.

Yet this is why fewer and fewer people any longer believe this ‘climate’ nonsense since the “greens” apparently have never read the story about the boy who cried wolf. This Hurricane Matthew farce only adds to public skepticism.

These hypocritical “green” spokesmen don’t help much either like the Hollywood fraudster Leonardo di Caprio who flies around on his private jet guzzling huge amounts of fuel while lecturing the rest of us about using a half-gallon of gasoline to drive 6 miles to work and back every day.

This Hurricane Matthew frenzy was all coordinated by the “greens” and the National Weather Service and the media, which really are all one big happy family. It was eager, gleeful speculation with the “greens” praying for massive destruction that they then could exploit to promote their alarmist causes since the Golden Rule of the socialist left is to “never let a crisis go to waste”.

This is done for one simple reason: This is their paycheck. ‘Climate change’ is not about the environment; it is a money-making crusade. It is no more than a Hollywood movie that means tens of billions of dollars every year in paychecks for people who promote it and predict it and report on it and squawk about it, like the “green” groups whose contributions certainly spike during every ginned-up ‘climate’ event.

So if these “greens” cannot even tell us if a hurricane is going to make landfall in the next 12 hours then how can they tell us what the global temperature is going to be in 100 years as they purport to do?

Obviously they cannot, and we conservatives have been warning about these fakers for many, many years.

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