Hillary Exposed on Open Borders/ Do Trump Crowds = ‘Hidden Vote’?

Donald Trump has come under fire for comments that he made about women, but Hillary Clinton is in much deeper trouble than Trump is.

Hillary has been exposed for having told an audience in 2013 that “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders…”

OK, so here is how Trump should deal with any criticism he gets over his comments about women:

“I apologize for the comments I made. They were insensitive and crude.”
“I think that it is extremely disturbing that the same media and candidate and Democrats who have covered for Bill Clinton’s physical abuse of women for 50 years now are impugning me over some words that I uttered.”
“Hillary Clinton wants open borders. I think that that is an issue that is a thousand times more significant than any comments that I made about women.”

Now here is today’s main commentary:

There has been much discussion about the huge crowds that Donald Trump is attracting to his rallies.

One theory states that the crowds are indicative of a coming Trump win, that they represent the “enthusiasm” that it takes to win and that they represent millions of ‘hidden voters’ who do not normally turn out in large numbers for a presidential election.

The other theory says that the crowds are ‘anecdotal’ evidence of Trump support, and that they do not represent anything that is statistically significant.

Nikitas3.com believes that the crowds are significant first and foremost because those dismissing the crowds are Clinton operatives and their media cronies. And that this is happening because Clinton and her handlers have good reason to dismiss the crowds – because they know that the crowds are significant.

That is why the media will never report on or show the size of Trump rallies. If those Trump rallies were Hillary rallies these media skunks would be all over the news every day shouting “Look at the wild enthusiasm for Hillary!”

If I were working for Hillary and my candidate were drawing tiny crowds and my opponent was filling arenas with up to 10,000 cheering supporters I would be very much concerned. It is only common sense.

You can rest assured that the Trump crowds have the Hillary camp deeply concerned. Just put yourself in the Hillary camp and you get the message.

Second, it is important to remember that Hillary has not been campaigning hardly at all. Her health is bad and she needs to rest. Even worse, she cannot afford to collapse at a public event. That would finish her campaign and Nikitas3.com believes that her handlers have made the decision that not campaigning is less harmful to her election prospects than having a health crisis in public. So they are not risking her in public appearances.

If you don’t believe that she is in bad health then you are not paying attention. Nikitas3.com has seen two separate videos on the internet recently of medical gurneys being rolled up to the area where Hillary was preparing for rallies. There is definitely something wrong with her.

If Donald Trump were running this type of “stealth” campaign and seeking to cover up his bad health the media would have run him out of the race long ago. They would have found out everything they needed to know to expose him.

Now we have to wonder: We have one candidate campaigning vigorously to huge crowds and another hardly campaigning at all. The polls are very close with some showing Trump ahead.

So which would you rather have in such a close race – a candidate campaigning before wildly enthusiastic crowds or one not campaigning at all?

Any rational person would take the former.

So what do the Trump crowds really mean?

Nikitas3.com believes that they are a sign of a coming Trump win. Just think – there have been news reports recently that the Clinton campaign is writing off the crucial electoral state of Ohio. This is a major bombshell that the media are seeking to ignore or minimize.

And if Clinton is writing off Ohio her campaign must be gravely concerned about many other states. Why?

Because of the Trump crowds, that’s why. Remember that the crowds are indicative of a candidate with great enthusiasm behind him. That certainly means that there is enthusiasm well beyond his rallies and all over the US – anyone can understand this. And these rallies have been going on since the primaries, not just now at the 11th hour.

Importantly, his crowds are mostly white. And their size and enthusiasm shows that a large and important demographic – white men and their wives – are backing Trump enthusiastically. Many white men and their wives are independent voters who used to vote Democrat. And so the Trump crowds should be of great concern to the Clinton camp.

Political observers are also noting a seismic shift among working-class white men to Trump after voting Democrats for decades. This is a huge blow to Clinton’s campaign. This has been a key demographic for Democrats for many decades.

Those of us who do not want Hillary Clinton to be elected president are constantly worried about “our” candidate Donald Trump. But if you put yourself in the Clinton camp you can see how much more worried they should be, particularly with the recent release of her comments supporting open borders, which is going to have a significant impact on the campaign.

Nikitas3.com believes that Trump is going to win this election. There are many factors going his way, and many factors working against Clinton. Even vice president Joe Biden recently told a crowd in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, “I know some of you, and some of the people you are trying to convince are not crazy about Hillary.’

This type of talk is very damaging to Clinton because it is true and is being uttered by a Democrat stalwart. And this comes on the heels of Bill Clinton’s statement that Obamacare is a “crazy system”.

Wow. And we are supposed to be worried that Trump’s wild crowds are not what they appear to be?

No, friends, it is the Clinton camp that should be deeply worried, especially with the open-borders comment.

And by the way, why is Biden even campaigning in Pennsylvania? We are told that Hillary has Pennsylvania locked up.

No she does not. And all of this is casting a long shadow on the Clinton campaign that the media will never admit exists.

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