Christianity Matters More than Ever

The Pew Research Center has issued a study about religion in the US showing that Americans are falling away from our Christian churches. And rational thinkers know that his decline is the direct cause of most of our social woes and that only a return to God can right our nation.

This falloff in Christian piety has been going on for the last century and it does not necessarily comport to a proportionate decline in a “belief in God”, so to speak. Many people who do not attend church believe that there is a God, or they are “spiritual”.

But this is far different from attending a Christian church weekly, as does, or understanding the deeper meaning of God through Jesus Christ. Or understanding the story of the Bible and knowing the martyrs for the faith, or grasping what it all means.

Or knowing that only God is perfection, and why we should envision God and strive for His perfection. Because otherwise you end up looking for perfection in your fellow man and that never works since man is at best flawed and at worst evil.

This decline in church attendance accelerated sharply in the 1960s when communist-driven left-wing media, university and entertainment factions started to promote aggressive anti-Christianity and urged young people into “fun” behaviors like drugs, sex, atheistic rock music, extremist rebeliousness, sloth, filth, narcissism and other destructive manners.

These behaviors have done enormous damage to our culture, precisely as intended by the communists. Today we have tens of millions of Americans who have been ruined by anti-Christianity. I personally am acquainted with, or have been acquainted with many of them.

And this damage is not just a direct effect of drugs. Other anti-Christian outcomes include divorce, mental disorders, confusion, depression, anger, cynicism, arrogance, loneliness and greed and are a result of a floundering culture that is anchored in a fork-tongued media and also in rampant materialism and a frivolous and trivial entertainment culture.

In point of fact Christianity is the only reason that we are all here today. Over the last 2,000 years it is Christianity that has given Western society meaning and order. It has celebrated morality, honesty, help for the poor, life, marriage, birth, family and even death in a dignified and orderly manner. No other institution has done this. This is why even many non-believers go to churches to marry, baptize their children and to finally celebrate a life in death, with a Christian preacher, pastor or priest presiding.

Christianity has been the binding agent of Western civilization since the beginning of the Middle Ages when Roman emperor Constantine legitimized the faith in 313 AD. Gerald Simons wrote in 1968 in Barbarian Europe:

“The foundations of medieval civilization were laid by a unique political revolution… The new (formative) entity was Christendom, a mystical commonwealth that united all believers across the shifting boundaries of barbarian kingdoms. …No other agency in the West, during or long after the (Roman) empire’s collapse, could have filled the political vacuum left by weak Roman emperors and unequipped Germanic kings. Moved to serve the general welfare by an unshakeable conviction of its own mission to all mankind, the Church took the lead in the West… The Church provided and worked to instill social ideals and moral values… These and other achievements proved so decisive that it is almost impossible to imagine what course Western history might have taken if the Church had fallen along with the Roman empire.”

Indeed Christianity was the single moral, political and social force that organized and unified Europe in the Middle Ages. This became the basis for our Western civilization.

The Middle Ages, from roughly 300 AD to 1300 AD, was the period that laid the foundation for modern Europe. It started after the fall of Rome in social disorganization, a scattered rural peasantry, widespread poverty, subsistence living, ignorance, lawlessness, short lifespans, paganism, mysticism, and repeated outsider attacks by God-less barbarians like Huns, Goths, Norse and other evil invaders.

Christianity rescued Europe from this darkness. Christianity not only assimilated and organized the European people in the Middle Ages and united a continent but it converted the barbarians and made them good in some very dark centuries.

Then again Christianity brought its own light. Because Christianity is about the individual human spirit which needs to be uplifted over time, person by person, thought by thought. Eternal salvation in the kingdom of God is just the end point of an incomparable journey that starts with a walk through church doors.

Christian monasteries not only were centers for copying and illustrating historical manuscripts, and religious manuscripts too, but they also were places where Christian art and music were refined over many centuries.

Later on America was founded by pious Christian refugees on Christian principles. In short none of us would be here today without Christianity and thus if you wonder “Why should I go to church?” you have the answer: It is not about us today. It is about the future.

Consider the role that thousands of Christian monasteries large and small played in rural, unincorporated Europe throughout the Middle Ages. We typically think of monasteries as isolated and prayerful places full of monks making wine and bread and seeking an exalted state for themselves. But they also were garrisons of worldly activity that were absolutely essential to Western social and economic progress.

Monasteries served not only as Christian bastions but as centers of education and de facto government. Monasteries of the Middle Ages sometimes had libraries of rare books and were the basis for modern universities like Oxford and Cambridge. More than 125 Jesuit colleges alone were established across Europe. Thousands of monks and other Christian figures became scholars, some widely known and historic like The Venerable Bede (8th century) and Thomas Acquinas (13th century). This debunks the myth that Christianity is “anti-intellectual”.

Monasteries also acted as financial centers and banks, and as manufacturing and trading centers; as courts, hospitals, orphanages and shelters for the poor; and as inns and conference centers. Fees were rarely if ever charged for their services and hospitality.

Christian monasteries were laboratories for innovative technologies in agriculture, nutrition, medicine, mechanics, water systems, animal husbandry and even metallurgy that all served the common good. Monks, bishops and abbots acted as local political administrators, as police forces and judges, and also as road and bridge builders.

It was those devout monastic souls, separated from the temptations of the world and devoted to the perfection of God, who had the discipline, patience and faith to lay the foundation for a better life on a world of violence, subsistence and poverty.

In its short history Christian America has led the world, acting as a beacon of hope for billions of people all around the globe both as a moral guide, an economic inspiration and haven, and as a military liberator. Our Constitutional freedom itself emerged from our Christian founding. George Washington famously said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable.”

So which other religion produced Europe and America, and liberty and art and philosophy and the technologies that have freed man from the bondage of hard labor?
Answer: None.

Then along came the Christian-hating 1950s and the 1960s with the beatniks and the ‘hippies’. One of the leftist tricks of the 1960s was to try to make us think that we could be “spiritual” in any way. And so if a ‘hippie’ took LSD or played a flute or sat in the forest and marveled at the trees it was called “spiritual”. This was another of the major communist frauds, to confuse the people about the very definitions of their lives.

The ‘hippie’ culture of the 1960s then offered myriad alternatives to our historic Christian faith like transcendental meditation (a rote process based on Indian mysticism); Buddhism (promoted by the Beatles and by various Hollywood stars); New Age shams like crystals, fortune telling and numerology; psychology, psychiatry and “therapy”; and the most fanatical and false religion of all which is environmentalism or the worship of nature under which animals, trees, rocks, etc. are elevated to human status.

Now here is one interesting excerpt from the Pew study:

About half of current religious “nones” who were raised in a religion (49%) indicate that a lack of belief led them to move away from religion. This includes many respondents who mention “science” as the reason they do not believe in religious teachings, including one who said “I’m a scientist now, and I don’t believe in miracles.”

Yet many of these same so-called “scientists” today advocate the biggest mystical swindle of all – so-called ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ or ‘rising sea levels’. These are unproven theories but are presented as fact. They are easily refuted by a preponderance of evidence. These ‘scientists’ are extremists who have converted to the most false “religion” of all which is environmentalism which has nature as its god and “global warming” playing the role of evil and sin.

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