Presidential Campaign Intensifies with Charges Flying Everywhere

On Thursday morning October 13 the Rasmussen poll, the most accurate poll of the last decade, reported that Donald Trump had a 2-point lead over Hillary Clinton. This poll came in just six days after the “locker room” tape was supposed to sink Trump.

The reason that Trump bounced back so strongly was his fantastic debate performance against Hillary two days after the release of the “locker room” tape.

Now there are new sexual allegations against Trump. They should be dismissed since they come from an unreliable source (the New York Times); they are old allegations that have never come up before and so are suspicious that they are coming up at this critical time; while the same New York Times has ignored infinitely more serious charges against the Clintons for decades from rape to serial sexual abuse of women to double dealing in the Clinton Foundation to Benghazi to Hillary’s world-class failure as secretary of state. And on and on. The list is a mile long.

Then who could forget the same type of accusations made in 2011 against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain by a female named Sharon Bialek who just happened to have lived in the same apartment building as top Obama aide David Axelrod.

Trump is resonating since he is unabashedly declaring that, if elected president, that he will prosecute Hillary Clinton over the e-mail scandal. This is having great force in the public sphere. In fact Hillary operatives were found in leaked e-mails hoping that the whole e-mail scandal itself would blow over when it first appeared. Because they knew that it was serious. And it is.

Regarding the debates and the upcoming third debate on October 19, has always been confident of Trump as a debater. I have said repeatedly that Trump would dominate Hillary in the debates but only if he restrained himself. Here is what I wrote before the first debate:

Trump must not do anything to give the media ammunition to use against him since they are looking for any reason to attack. He should appear confident and positive, not angry or confrontational.

Unfortunately Trump became confrontational and was perceived badly for that reason. And while he won the debate on substance, he lost on style.

I felt confident that Trump would dominate in the second debate because he had learned his lesson from the first one, and had seen how well Mike Pence did in his debate by being calm. And I now project that Trump will be on his stride in the third faceoff, and going for Hillary’s jugular again. believes that the third debate will be a “barn burner” that will shift the election more toward Trump.

For several years now has been arguing that Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate whose only reason for running is that she would be The First Woman President. And if she were running against a lame Republican like Jeb Bush she could be winning easily. She just never expected Trump.

Bush showed how weak he was in 2015 when asked about Hillary Clinton as an opponent. Bush answered that she would be a “formidable” candidate. Yet any Politics 101 manual says in the very first sentence of the first chapter: ‘Never praise your opponent.’ Bush should have said, “I will trounce her.” Instead he signaled weakness.

Yet when asked to say something nice about their opponent in the second debate Trump was magnanimous and said something nice about Hillary, which actually redounded to his benefit. He seemed very human, and not vindictive and angry.

Hillary, of course, following the Politics 101 manual even when asked to say something nice, praised not Trump but his children. Very tricky. Typical Democrat.

And so the campaign slogs on. There now are emails being leaked that show how weak a candidate Hillary herself is, how the media have it totally in bag for Hillary and that that is the only way that she is still in the race, and that there often is direct collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign.

There is one amazing internet video showing how MSNBC host Chris Hayes was fed the questions, via email, that he should ask Hillary in an interview.

It gets worse. The entire script – both the questions that Hayes should ask and the answers that Hillary should give – was written out by a Hillary staffer in the e-mail. It was like a Hollywood script! And Hillary got away with reading the script, word for word, because the interview was done over the telephone.

No surprise there, friends. Yet Trump is constantly maligned when he speaks extemporaneously for an hour to adoring crowds.

No wonder Hillary has generated no excitement. There is nothing to her. She is a plastic candidate and everyone knows it. That is why, even with 150% media support, she is now behind Trump in some polls when she expected to be 30 points ahead. And don’t forget that most polls are “media polls” designed to make Hillary look good. They should be ignored.

Now we find out through the Wikileaks e-mail hack that the Clinton campaign traded anti-Sanders, anti-latino and anti-Catholic barbs in their email exchanges. This is very damaging to Hillary’s campaign. This is the type of stuff that will chip away voters from Clinton and can easily mean the difference between victory and defeat in a close race. Major Catholic leaders are making a big deal out of this, which will harm Hillary on election day among a significant voting bloc.

Meanwhile another issue has come up – a bi-racial kid named Danney Williams from Arkansas who says that Bill Clinton is his father. Bill Clinton is alleged to have had sex with Danney’s black prostitute mother repeatedly back in the 1980s, leading to the birth of Danney, who resembles Bill Clinton.

The leftist media are ignoring this story, yet knowing about Bill Clinton the story sounds plausible. Remember that anything is possible with the Clintons. They are always surrounded by a cloud of suspicion, and for good reason.

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