Trump Accuser Debunked/ Warned about Media Skunks

The wild accusations against Donald Trump are the latest media assault that will fail. The media skunks who create this stuff simply don’t remember that every single attack on Trump has not stuck, and that Trump comes out stronger after every one. They just keep trying.

Consider the new accusation from the female who claimed that Trump groped her on an airplane in 1979:

*Do you think that a guy with a growing real estate empire like Donald Trump would risk it all groping a woman like that? Would he risk doing it in a small place like an airliner where anybody nearby could see it and hear any protestations from the alleged victim?
*The woman said that Trump raised the armrest between their seats and groped her. Yet armrests cannot be raised in first class. That is what makes it first class. Your seat is your seat.
*The female said that the alleged assault went on for 15 minutes. Who can believe that this happened on an airliner without being noticed?
*Why hasn’t this female spoken up before?
*Do you really think that a young, rich, handsome guy like Trump, who had women throwing themselves at him, would grope a stranger on an airplane, an act that could easily lead to sexual assault charges and jail?
*The accuser reported that Trump was “like an octopus, hands everywhere.” Yet those exact same words have appeared on two occasions, once about a sexual assault case in the 1960s that was in the news in 2014; and also in a pop-culture song by the Velvet Underground rock group.
*Isn’t it interesting that this stuff is coming out at precisely the same time as the Wikileaks info, which is very damaging to Hillary?

We all remember the recent story about Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, who claimed that Trump had called her “Miss Piggy” because she had gained too much weight. This was supposed to be The Story that Ends the Trump Campaign in showing Trump’s sexist attitude toward women. Yet Machado disappeared quickly when her sordid past was exposed.

Chalk up another win for Trump… And these new allegations come right before the third presidential debate, when Trump will have a national audience to expose Hillary. And when these fake Trump accusers are exposed it will lead to Trump winning the election. He will get a huge backlash vote of sympathy.

*Meanwhile the same media who want us to prosecute and convict Donald Trump in two days over the alleged airline incident have spent 25 years covering for Bill Clinton’s abuse of women.
*And of course who could forget Sharon Bialek, the floozy from Chicago who charged Republican primary candidate Herman Cain in 2011 of sexually assaulting her. Turns out that Bialek lived in the same apartment building as top Obama aide David Axelrod. Hmmmm…

Now here is today’s main editorial, which was first published on in November 2015

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