Could Sanders Flip Election?/ Conservatives Help Hillary

Did you know that the small and very liberal state of Vermont could give its three electoral votes to US senator Bernie Sanders, who is from Vermont?

Sanders is very popular in Vermont and Vermonters may write in his name on the ballot on November 8 instead of voting for Trump, Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or any other minor candidate who appears on the ballot. Vermonters are allowed to write in Sanders under state law.

If Vermont ends up writing in Sanders for more votes than either Clinton or Trump – and it could easily happen – then Vermont’s three electoral votes would go to Sanders. And that could make a difference to Clinton in a close presidential race since she normally would be expected to take Vermont easily.

Even more interesting, if neither Trump nor Clinton gets to 270 electoral votes because Sanders took 3 votes, the US House of Representatives in Washington would pick the new president. And since the House is strongly Republican it would choose Trump. So those three Vermont electoral votes could count in another way, by denying Clinton or Trump 270.

Consider a third scenario: In the 2014 gubernatorial election Vermonters cast 185,000 total votes.

So imagine that same number for the presidential election this year. Then imagine that Trump gets 75,000 votes. Then imagine that Sanders gets 40,000 write-in votes, Gary Johnson gets 7,000, Jill Stein gets 3,000 and Hillary gets the rest, or 61,000. That would mean that Trump wins Vermont and gets three Vermont electoral votes.
What a shock that would be…

Now here is today’s main commentary:

Which ‘Conservatives’ are Helping Hillary? has become increasingly puzzled and concerned about the course of this election. I believe that Trump is going to win. I believe that there is a secret or “hidden” vote out there that is going to elect Donald Trump president.

There recently were reported to be 27,000 people at one Trump rally. That is a huge crowd. The leftist media absolutely refuse to report on Trump’s crowds because it represents a big and frightening trend against the political establishment.

And I don’t care about polls saying that Hillary winning. Many polls are wrong, often spectacularly. And polls in the US are usually biased toward Democrats.

This “hidden” vote or “surprise” vote has been manifested on many different occasions in the past few years:

*In the election of conservative Republican governors in relatively liberal states like Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Maryland and Wisconsin.
*In the recent election of a Trump-like mayor in the left-wing city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
*In the falling fortunes of socialist/globalist political figures in places like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, the Philippines and Germany.
*In the surprise Brexit vote, which was not expected or predicted by pollsters.
*In a surging movement within Europe against the globalist European Union and against open borders.

So don’t be surprised if Trump wins. It would be part of a national and international trend. Even Vermont almost elected a Republican governor in 2014.

Conservatives are always called in to clean up the mess created by liberals. For instance tough-guy Republican Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York City in 1993 after Democrats decided that they no longer could govern the city. Giuliani even is called the mayor who “saved” New York. He simply instituted conservative principles and they worked, as they always do.

Now I come to the issue of certain so-called “conservatives” across the US. Many of them opposed Trump in the primaries and I can understand that. Fine. We all have our differences. But these “conservatives” had better get on board for the general election because otherwise Hillary Clinton could win and she is going to seek to wipe out conservatism, which Obama has been working on for eight years.

Let’s face it – many of these same anti-Trump conservatives contributed significantly to the election of Obama in both 2008 and 2012 by refusing to support the Republican nominees McCain and Romney for being too liberal., on the other hand, is a pragmatic conservative. I vote conservative in the primaries but then support the Republican in the general election. Because even a moderate or bad Republican is better than any Democrat any day.

I used to write a column on the conservative website They eventually barred me from the site for treating Mitt Romney like a viable candidate because RedState detested Romney. Yet Romney would have been an infinitely better president than Obama, both for the country and for the conservative cause.

Now the so-called conservatives are speaking out again. opposes Trump. National Review Online opposes Trump. Glenn Beck too along with the fake “redneck” Michael Berry, the radio host from Houston. Berry has a slick façade, that he’s just one of the good ol’ boys. He is not. He is a lawyer and another liberal fronting as a conservative. And now that crunch time is here he is de facto supporting Hillary Clinton by opposing Trump vocally.

I even have a grievance with Sean Hannity. While Hannity is a good conservative I have become concerned about what he is saying.

As the election approaches he seems insistently noncommittal by saying “I just don’t know who is going to win” or wonders “can Trump pull it out”, etc.

But if Hannity truly did not want Hillary Clinton elected he would take the position of He would present all of the evidence that Trump is going to win in order to uplift his listeners. And there’s plenty of that evidence.

For instance Hillary Clinton was recently campaigning in Michigan. Yet Michigan is considered a relatively “safe” Democrat electoral state.

So rather than fret about who is going to win, why didn’t Sean Hannity report on this positive fact – that Hillary is in Michigan because her campaign must be seeing trouble for her even there?

Why doesn’t Hannity fight the anti-Trump media juggernaut with one major media voice supporting Trump unequivocally? By explaining every day why Trump will win rather than wondering if Trump can pull it out.

Good question. And I know that Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have reputations to protect, and cannot say “I know that Trump is going to win” because then they will be ridiculed if Trump loses. But at least they could say “I believe that that Trump is going to win” which is what says regularly. Because I believe it. I have watched politics since Ronald Reagan and I know what I am saying.

If Hannity and Rush Limbaugh said that “I believe Trump is going to win” that would encourage those who want Hillary defeated. If Limbaugh said it, it would have a positive effect for Trump across the nation. All the liberal media would report that “Limbaugh predicting Trump victory”. This would energize Trumpsters across the land.

Why doesn’t Hannity talk about the most accurate poll of the last 10 years, the Rasmussen poll, which showed Trump ahead by 2 points on October 13, six days after the “locker room” video surfaced? And other polls showing the race very close? Or Trump ahead or very close behind?

The Washington Post reported a poll on Sunday October 16 showing Clinton +4. Yet the extremely liberal Post is only going to report on biased pro-Clinton polls in the first place. And this poll came after what should have been the worst week ever for Trump or any candidate and Trump should have been down 20 points. This +4 means the Trump is probably ahead by 4 points and that the charges against him are not sticking, as they have not stuck on Trump since the primaries.

Why don’t Hannity and Limbaugh talk about the huge Trump rallies that represent the Silent Majority speaking out? That this is a positive indication for a coming Trump win?

Or the Brexit vote? Or other signs of an anti-globalist, anti-socialist trend?

Fox News is another allegedly “conservative” outlet that is acting strangely. First, Fox is NOT a conservative media station. It was a fairly well-balanced outlet that now has become somewhat liberal. It is called “conservative” by dint of the fact that it actually lets conservatives speak instead of banishing them like NBC or CBS does.

A recent headline on said that Clinton was leading Trump by 7 points. This does not comport with most other polls and so you wonder: Is Fox rigging its polls too, to insure Hillary Clinton’s victory like most liberal media outlets do? believes that Fox would be content with Hillary as president.

How about Rush Limbaugh? He is Mr. Conservative, is he not? Yet he said recently to Trump supporters “don’t panic yet”, which is pretty lame medicine at this nervous point in the campaign. He should be saying, “Stay calm. Trump is doing fine”, which is true.

Or better yet, “I believe that Trump is going to win…”

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