Trump on his Way to Victory

When Donald Trump announced that he would be running for president in June 2015 the famous election guru Nate Silver said that Trump had only a 5% chance of even getting the Republican nomination.

Yet as of October 20, 2016 the most reliable poll of the last 8 years, the Investors Business Daily poll, said that Trump is up one point over Hillary Clinton.

Oh, how things change. And has always believed that Trump has much more electoral support than the polls are letting on, that there is a big “hidden vote” for Trump manifested by the huge crowds that he is getting at his rallies. That Trump is really leading a major movement and that the media are doing everything they can to ignore or hide it. has always believed that Trump would win since Trump is willing to do what has been recommending for decades now – to take on the Democrats without apology. Trump is the only candidate who has done that. In the three presidential debates he ripped Hillary Clinton to shreds. I believe that this is having a much more profound impact on voters than is being reported or polled.

Trump is soaring by calling Hillary Clinton, among other things, a liar, “the devil” and “evil” and someone with lot of political experience that is in fact “bad experience”. He has savaged her for spending 30 years in politics and never solving the problems that she claims to exist.

Friends, this is the only way to beat Democrats since they have the whole media behind them. Republicans must be brutal with criticisms over Democrat failure and Trump is not afraid to be.

On the other hand, when asked about Hillary Clinton as a potential opponent back in 2015 Republican Jeb Bush said that she would be a “formidable candidate”. What a jerk. He broke the #1 Rule of Politics which is to never praise your opponent. He should have said, “I will destroy her, easily. She is incompetent.” Which is what Trump is saying every day. first wrote on January 18, 2011 (yes, 2011) that Trump was going to be elected president if he ran in 2012. I wrote it in an essay on the RedState political site. Trump was planning to possibly run in the 2012 election, which he ultimately did not.

I believed at the time that Trump could win because I had heard him interviewed on the Rush Limbaugh radio show and he was very impressive. Since then I have said that he would be elected president in 2016 if he chose to run.

I did not anticipate how severely the media would oppose Trump, yet still I believe that he is going to win. I actually believe that the media piling-on is backfiring and helping Trump, and that the tables are shifting significantly as the election approaches. After all, at this point in 1980 Ronald Reagan was polling 8 points behind Jimmy Carter yet Reagan went on to win a landslide. And the polls have been dreadfully wrong many, many times since then too.

Since last Spring I have believed even more that Trump was on his way to the White House because of one single incident when he was criticized by Pope Francis for wanting to build a wall on the Mexican border. And rather than grovel and apologize Trump countered that the Pope has a high wall around Vatican City to protect the pontiff… and the Pope has never been heard from again.

Thus I said to myself, “If Trump can beat the Pope then he can easily beat Hillary Clinton”. And that seems to be on the verge of happening.

But it has not happened without relentless media attacks on Trump. Yet every time he is attacked Trump goes down a little bit and then bounces back and goes higher and higher. And that is why I have predicted that he will win. I would say that his trajectory now is headed toward victory, that the media are out of ammunition, that they thought they would have eliminated him by now. There are several other reasons that I believe that Trump will win:

*I believe that Americans truly want change and that Trump represents that change.

*I know that polls virtually always underestimate the political strength of Republican candidates and so I think that Trump is much stronger than any polls say.

*I believe that God wants America to turn back from our current path and to become a great nation again since America has been such a positive force in the world throughout our history. After all, George Washington said that Divine Providence had intervened on 62 separate occasions to help the American Revolution to defeat much more powerful Britain.

*That our good nation will not tolerate an evil leader like Hillary Clinton in the White House after 8 years of Evil Obama.

*That the current worldwide trend is running against the globalists/socialists like Clinton and Obama, as manifested in the rise of conservative parties in Europe who oppose open borders and the European Union bureaucracy. Even the ultra-liberal city of Sao Paolo, Brazil recently elected a Trump-like mayor.

*That Trump is going into the last two weeks of the election with great momentum and strength from his debate performances, and an air of total confidence. This is happening just at the right time and is manifesting itself in an aura of leadership that I believe will take him to the White House.

*That the Clinton campaign could be rocked by a big “surprise” like a health crisis for Hillary.

*Out of three presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate Trump/Pence won all four on both substance and style, except that Trump lost the first one on style (but did win on substance).

*That Hillary has no energy and is not liked and is a weak candidate.

Trump’s strong performances in these debates were like no other presidential debate performances ever, particularly in the third debate – which Trump won handily – which sealed the deal for millions of voters since it happened closest to the election.

If you analyzed it objectively Hillary looked totally lame in the third debate and tens of millions of Americans saw it right before their eyes.
She was defensive and unfocused, she fell back on her talking points repeatedly, and on several occasions she actually smiled when Trump was discussing serious issues like ISIS. It was bizarre. It looked as if she were programmed or drugged up, which adds to questions about her health.

Normally debates don’t mean much in presidential elections but this year they did. They allowed Trump to go directly to the public without the media filter on. And he was impressive. He was like a prize fighter pummeling an opponent without mercy.

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