Hillary’s Campaign of Deceit Exposed

Hillary Clinton is not a real candidate. She is being totally stage-managed. She is old and sick and so everything about her is falsified. If it were not, she would not have a prayer of being elected.

Many people today die by the age of 68, which is Hillary’s age. She is being propped up and the media are refusing to report on it.

Her illness, or multiple illnesses, are being covered up like an elderly actor who only appears on stage when the stage is set perfectly. And then she disappears behind the curtain and we do not know what is going on back there. Bill Clinton even said in an interview that Hillary “frequently” passes out. Is this acceptable for the potential leader of our nation in these dangerous times?

No. This fakery comes every day. At a rally recently in Pennsylvania a 15-year-old girl asked Hillary a question about Donald Trump being disrespectful toward women. The girl read the question directly from a written page to make sure that it was perfect, like a script.

The girl asking the question actually was a child actress named Brennan Leach who was planted in the audience for the question. Leach was wearing a red bow in her hair. And the bow was strangely right on top of her head like a 2-year-old would wear it. This seemed rather odd to Nikitas3.com for a young lady asking a question with a forceful feminist slant.

This weird bow obviously was intended to make Leach visible so that she could be picked out of the crowd to ask the planted question. And she read it directly rather than asking it like most questioners do. It was all scripted ahead of time so that Hillary would not be confounded by something unexpected.

Hillary has appeared rarely in public over the last four years and there has been tight control over her appearances. This is a result of a traumatic head injury that she suffered when she fell down in 2012. The non-conservative media have made little or no mention of these controlled and scripted appearances. Or even about the concussion itself which Bill Clinton himself said required “six months of serious work” for her to get over.

This is a very long recovery period. Do we want her in the White House with this history?

No. Then these same media somehow manage to come up with one videotape of Trump from 2005 making salacious statements, or women alleging that he groped them 37 years ago. Yet these same media just don’t seem interested in Hillary’s concussion or her strange behavior today, right now, like having a seizure on 9/11 or being helped up the stairs like an old lady last Spring at a campaign event in South Carolina.

Hillary had a bizarre third debate performance when she was smiling at the same moments when Trump was talking about ISIS and about gays being thrown off of rooftops in certain Islamic nations. Trump would have been savaged ruthlessly for smiling when such issues were being discussed.

Hillary probably was drugged up for that debate, like Trump suggested she might be. Because this smiling was not natural; it looked artificial or induced. There was something very troubling about it.

This strange stuff goes on every day and there is a good reason for it – Hillary is not a real candidate. She is a potemkin candidate. The media and the Democrats have been promoting her for 25 years as The First Woman President and they cannot stop now. It is amazing the length to which they now must go to prop her up.

It also is stunning to look at the Wikileaks revelations about Clinton getting other questions in advance of interviews. What is she afraid of? Isn’t a president required to think on his/her feet?

Of course. But not Hillary Clinton. While Trump can speak extemporaneously for an hour or much more at his rallies Hillary can do no such thing. There is even a new video on YouTube of Hillary talking to the press after the third debate on October 19 and proving the point.

Hillary’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill is seen typing something onto his cell phone, which seemed to be a question that he wanted a journalist (Andrea Mitchell) to ask Hillary. Merrill then shows the phone to Mitchell and then Mitchell asks the question.

Merrill and Mitchell probably did not know that a camera was on them. But maybe they did not care since this is how the Clinton campaign operates every day. Sometimes they get caught, but they are always covered in the media. It is shocking how this works. They are fearless and shameless in their corruption.

Project Veritas is proving how provocateurs disrupting Trump rallies have been financed directly and indirectly by the Clinton campaign. And the non-conservative media are ignoring it while highlighting with faux-shock Trump’s intention to challenge a questionable outcome, which he darned well should.

Meanwhile Trump legitimately attracts tens of thousands of people to his rallies… and the media ignore it.

At the same time Hillary has hardly campaigned for president. This is unprecedented. If Trump had disappeared from the campaign trail for almost the entire election season then the media would declare him out of the race. Yet they say nothing about Hillary doing this, and then they glow about the people who are campaigning on her behalf like Bill Clinton and Obama and Biden.

In short, the media are indeed “rigging” the election for their fake candidate, just like Trump says they are.

Trump and his running mate Mike Pence easily won all four of the debates that they were involved in, although Hillary won the first debate halfway, on style only. On the issues, Hillary was weak and bland in all three debates, and Tim Kaine was nasty and unlikeable.

If the media were even vaguely neutral they would have judged Kaine’s and Hillary’s performances for what they were, which was lame, defensive and awful.

At the same time these media skunks have given endless scrutiny to the fake claim by this female Jennifer Leeds that Trump had groped her… 37 years ago!

But then notice how this Leeds story has disappeared. Because it now is known that that Clinton’s campaign probably hired this female and others to smear Trump, just like her campaign is reported to have indirectly hired provocateurs to disrupt Trump rallies. Trump pointed this out in the final debate. Good for Trump.

Meanwhile the media have ignored the most explosive comment of this election cycle when Clinton campaign manager John Podesta said in an email that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote if they have a drivers licence, and not that they be required to be US citizens first.

Nikitas3.com believes that all of this cumulatively is leading to Trump winning the election. It is building day by day. Because the media may be able to cover for Clinton among the idiot, extremist, anti-American and welfare-state losers on the Democrat side, but they know that a majority of voters know what is really going on and will reject their potemkin candidate.

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