If Trump Loses he Should Ask to Nullify Entire Election

Nikitas3.com believes that Donald Trump is going to win the presidency, that all of these pro-Hillary polls are rigged and fake. There is plenty of evidence of that, for instance one national poll in which Democrats were sampled 9 points higher than Republicans.

And with the revelations by Project Veritas of widespread fraud, corruption and media collusion among the media, Democrats and the Clinton campaign Trump is speaking out forcefully.

He said on October 22 that “violence at Trump rallies was carried out by paid DNC and Clinton campaign operatives” and that “this is a criminal act” and “these people should be prosecuted”. There are other indications of corruption in the Project Veritas videos with more to come.

This means that Trump has perfectly reasonable grounds for asking that the election be nullified if he loses. Because we know that voter fraud is everywhere and that the Project Veritas videos are just the tip of the iceberg.

No, he should not challenge the election here and there. He should seek to have the whole thing nullified. Boom. 100% canceled.

For instance Wikileaks shows that Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta said in an email that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote by showing a driver’s license, that they don’t even need to be US citizens. This could amount to millions of votes for Democrat candidates and easily could have meant the difference between Obama and Romney in 2012.

And who has been seeking aggressively to grant drivers licenses to illegals for decades now?

Democrats have. This alone is a sign of a top Democrat condoning voter fraud and you can rest assured that Democrat election officials all over the nation are only too happy to comply and have been participating in voting fraud for many decades now.

Meanwhile the convicted felon and election fraud ringleader Bob Creamer exposed by a Project Veritas undercover video is reported to have made 342 trips to the White House and met personally with Obama 40 times. This is a sure sign of corruption all the way up to the White House. This must be investigated. Obama is America’s #1 voter fraudster.

We know that more is coming from both Wikileaks and from Project Veritas about fraud and corruption in the Democrat party. All told, friends, this gives Trump a perfectly valid reason to declare right now, two weeks before election day the following:

“If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, I will seek to have the entire election nullified on the basis of known and yet-to-be-uncovered corruption and fraud on the Democrat side which we will vigorously pursue through the courts. The Project Veritas videos give us a clear indication where to start. And these videos just scratch the surface. We have known for decades that fraud and corruption run deep in the Democrat party.”

This is serious stuff. This is not a campaign stunt. For decades now Democrats have been stealing elections and Republicans have laid down and let it happen. From the presidential election of 1960, which was stolen for Democrat John F. Kennedy by his wealthy father, to the 2010 gubernatorial election in Connecticut which was tipped to the Democrat by reported ballot fraud in the Democrat stronghold of Bridgeport, Democrat corruption has been a staple of every election cycle.

It is time to bring this all to an end and Donald Trump is the man to do it.

We are not just talking about suspicion of fraud either. We are talking about videotaped discussions of outright fraud like fomenting violence at Trump rallies, and actual emails showing Podesta’s real thinking about illegal aliens, which is what all Democrats believe in their hearts. We are talking about open investigations into fraud from Texas to Indiana and other states all involving Democrats.

This is why Democrats want open borders and also want compliant, weak Republicans who will never complain even when the fraud is clear.

Nikitas3.com believes that Trump is going to win this election and that the whole race has been shifting his way over the last few months. And that the pro-Hillary polls are all rigged. Even the veteran pollster Pat Caddell, who has almost four decades of experience and who has seen it all, says that there is something unusual going on that looks good for Trump. Many other indicators point to a Trump win like the surprising anti-globalist and anti-socialist Brexit vote.

Naturally the media are seeking to divert voters with the news that Trump has contributed to Project Veritas. Yet that is a good thing and perfectly legal. After all Project Veritas has repeatedly exposed corruption of many kinds over the last few years. This is why Democrats hate it and want to divert us from the truth exposed by Project Veritas.

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