Trump Wins on Issues but Hillary has the Media

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter said recently that the presidential election has two big forces at work – Hillary has the media in her corner but that the issues favor Donald Trump.

Trump is essentially saying that he wants Americans to have peace and prosperity yet the media and Democrats are attacking him ruthlessly even though Obama has given us spreading strife and poverty.

Look at the shocking rises in Obamacare premiums just before the election, up 116% in Arizona. Normally you would think that the election would be decided right there, that the American people would see Obama’s signature issue failing right before their eyes and would cheer what Trump is saying about taking the nation in an entirely new direction.

The media are seeking to bury this Obamacare story quickly, but that is hard to do. These increases are hitting Americans hard. Americans see right before their eyes the bad results of Obama policies. Yet the media have led Americans to believe that Trump is unfit for office because a female claimed that he groped her on an airliner 37 years ago.

This groping story is preposterous. It has disappeared after only a few days in the media because it is so ridiculous. Just think about it in practical terms: No man, particularly with a growing economic empire like Donald Trump had in 1979, would grope a woman for 15 minutes on an airliner where other passengers could see it. It makes no sense whatsoever. Trump had women throwing themselves at him. This story is absurd.

But that does not matter to the media just like the terrible conditions in America do not matter to the media.

In short there is a huge disconnect in this campaign, which happens every campaign but is significantly exaggerated this time out. Case in point: Hillary stumbles through three debates repeating her talking points while Trump puts out a powerful case for reform.

This, friends, is why the reliable polls show the race to be a virtual tie. Because things have gotten so bad in America that even a boat-load of media lies every single day can no longer cover up for Hillary and her failed policies, like in the Middle East. Or her bad health. Or her plan to continue Obama’s failed policies.

So let’s assume that the media favoritism helps Clinton overcome Trump on the issues and the race is a tie. There are other significant issues that favor Trump, issues that believes will lead to a Trump victory:

*Enthusiasm: This is the big issue that puts the election in Trump’s favor. We historically have been led to believe that the “enthusiastic” party. So after Trump thrashed his opponents in the Republican primary we saw great enthusiasm for him there.

And with Trump’s massive rallies in the general election since last Summer, and Hillary attracting only small crowds (her running mate Tim Kaine recently had 30 people at a Florida rally), then Trump is winning big time on the issue of “enthusiasm”. These Trump rallies have not been seen in modern American history, and they are a reflection of something that is happening out in the electorate.

If the situation were reversed the mainstream media would be telling us that there is no chance for Trump to be elected with such huge rallies for Hillary. That is why the media are refusing to cover the Trump rallies.

*Change: 2016 is a “change” election. Many Americans are fed up and frightened over the direction that America is taking. Up to 70% have said in polls that our nation is on “the wrong track”.

Obviously this favors Trump big time. But oh, boy, if you talk about reform and renewal for all Americans the media will divert us for days by telling us that Trump used bad words in the debate, like calling Hillary a “nasty woman”… which she is.

Donald Trump says that he wants to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC of the massive corruption and insider dealing that exists. This would be a major step to reform. But the media focus on him calling criminal illegal immigrants “bad hombres”… which they are.

*The economy and trade: The economy is in terrible shape and most of us know it. We could write a book about this, and this favors Trump.

Since the 1990s the socialist left and the labor unions have been calling the NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico a bad deal. Trump now is pointing that out. This is going to attract millions of union members to Trump who normally vote Democrat. The media are not reporting on this.

*Crooked polls: The “media polls” like ABC, Washington Post, New York Times, etc. are as biased as the media coverage of the race itself by these same companies. And it is worse this year than usual. Don’t believe these polls.

*The ‘challenger wins’ theory: In an election like this the challenger usually wins. It is just the way it goes when you have conditions and candidates like we have this year. This obviously favors Trump.

*This election has many parallels to 1980: A few days before the 1980 presidential election the media reported that incumbent Democrat Jimmy Carter would win re-election by 8 points, and that challenger Ronald Reagan did not have a chance and was a joke candidate, like they are saying about Trump.

When Reagan won in a landslide NBC commentator David Brinkley wondered before a national TV audience on election night how “we” could have possibly missed the popularity of Reagan.

The fact is the “we” the people did not miss Reagan’s popularity. The media and the pollsters did. Watch for this to happen on election day on November 8 just 13 days from now.

*The ‘hidden vote’: It is assumed that millions of Reagan voters in 1980 were not counted in polls because the media had so maligned Reagan that people would not admit that they were going to vote for him. But they did in large numbers. Watch for the same thing this year.

*Voter fraud: The Project Veritas videos are exposing massive election corruption at the highest levels. This is sinking in with voters. We hear about Democrat fraud every election, but now we see it with our very eyes, and it goes right up to the White House. Don’t think for a second that this is not having a powerful effect on voters despite mainstream media efforts to discredit Veritas.

*The Pence effect: Mike Pence became an instant superstar in his vice presidential debate. This is going to “filter up” in some small way to help Trump. Meanwhile Tim Kaine did the opposite for Hillary Clinton.

*Climate change is non-issue. After claiming that so-called ‘climate change’ is killing the whole planet, nobody is talking about it. Good.

*Sleazy tactics will backfire. Violence against Trump supporters, and illegal aliens working for Hillary will backfire on Democrats. Good.

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