Lefty Filmmaker Michael Moore is Predicting Trump Victory

The far-left filmmaker Michael Moore has been predicting since last Summer that Donald Trump is going to win the White House, and Moore is not backing down.

Said Moore recently: “I know a lot of people in Michigan that are planning to vote for Trump, and they don’t necessarily agree with him.”

OK, so what does this mean? After all Moore is just a filmmaker. Does his opinion really matter? And what does he know about Michigan anyway? And why is Michigan important?

Friends, Moore’s opinion explains volumes. And remember that Moore is not endorsing Trump. He is just saying that Trump is going to win.

Moore believes that many white working-class people in Michigan, and by extension all over the US, who usually vote Democrat, will choose Trump in order to send a signal to elites in Washington about the terrible state of America and the economy.

This is great news for Trump. But why is Moore making this prediction? After all he has been a hard leftist who has spoken out against Republicans and against big business for decades now.

Well, it is important to know about Michigan and Michael Moore:

Moore was born in Flint, Michigan in 1954 and raised there in the boom years of the auto industry in the 1950s and 1960s. He still has a home in Michigan (a huge mansion on a lake, by the way). Both his father and grandfather supported their families working in the automobile industry. His uncle was a founder of the militant auto workers’ union.

So Moore knows working people well, and no matter what he says in his films Moore can never cover up the truth of what he is hearing today from the working-class white people of Michigan who have voted Democrat for 60 years but who now are supporting Trump in large numbers.

It is being predicted that Trump might even win the electoral votes in Michigan for the first time for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988. This would blow a big hole in the Democrat party if it happens.

To illustrate the point Moore praised Donald Trump’s first debate performance that was roundly criticized for Trump being too aggressive. Hillary Clinton was said to have won the debate with her calm style.

But Moore was looking at the debate not from the perspective of the elite news media in Washington and New York, where politeness wins, but from the perspective of working people. He was looking at the bold and direct style of Trump, the kind of language that appeals to working people who have been so decimated in the last 30 years as jobs have fled the US.

Trump spoke out in that debate and has spoken out regularly against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiated by president Bill Clinton and which came into effect on January 1, 1994. Trump says that NAFTA has acted as a free ticket for companies to move jobs to Mexico and other low-wage nations, particularly auto industry jobs.

Labor unions and liberals and Democrats have been trashing NAFTA for 22 years now, yet it is not Hillary Clinton who wants to renegotiate it – Republican Trump does.

Trump’s criticism of NAFTA has been a huge plus for his candidacy, drawing millions of nominally Democrat working-class white voters to him. This is why Michael Moore is predicting that Trump will win.

Now here is some history: For decades, particularly after World War II, Michigan was one of the richest places on earth. But the extremist unions staged so many strikes and sabotage and made so many outrageous wage demands that the US automakers moved many jobs away because they no longer could operate economically with the unions who virtually controlled the industry.

So today Michael Moore knows the painful truth. First, he knows that he cannot exonerate the unions. Second, he knows why Trump is popular among the working classes in a place like Michigan. Trump not only opposes NAFTA, which he sees as a bad globalist deal, but is proposing a new economic plan to create jobs that have been thwarted under decades of RepubliCrat rule in Washington, particularly with job-killing regulations and taxes from the Democrats.

After its peak years, Michigan began bleeding jobs and population. Nobody seemed to be able to do anything about it. During that time Michigan continued to generally elect Democrat US senators and governors.

Finally in 2010, after two terms under a leftist Canadian-born governor named Jennifer Granholm the voters of Michigan elected a hard-nosed conservative Republican governor named Rick Snyder. After all, what did they have to lose by electing Snyder? They had lost so much already.

Snyder got right down to business. He first turned Michigan into a ‘right to work’ state. This means that the unions were significantly weakened in one of the most union-strong states in America. This means that Michigan is now more appealing to business. Even many union members recognize that the unions ruined Michigan.

Second, Snyder put an end to decades of Democrat corruption and mismanagement that had stolen the state blind. Third, he forced Detroit into bankruptcy, which has resulted in the city turning around for the first time in decades. Fourth, he got Toyota to invest $130 million in Michigan eight years after the unions had chased Toyota out for proposing to build a non-union engine manufacturing facility.

Fifth, he has used his skills from the private sector to turn around the whole image of Michigan as a dying state, with good results. And the people of Michigan approve of Snyder’s performance, which is why Snyder was easily re-elected in 2014 after a blistering campaign against him by the unions. Even many working-class people are impressed with Snyder. And now they see that Trump wants to do the same thing for the whole nation, that there is no going back, but only forward.

This is why Moore is predicting that Trump will win. After all white working-class voters are a huge voting bloc millions of whom now will be subtracted from the Democrat column and added to Trump’s. This is a double whammy for Democrats.

With election day approaching, we are seeing many more signs that Trump is going to win. We see many polls shifting to Trump. We see increasing support for Trump in black America. We see hispanics supporting Trump in bigger numbers than expected. We see states like Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa and Florida trending to Trump.

Nikitas3.com predicts that this will all accelerate as election day approaches. After all, Hillary Clinton represents the status quo and a clear super-majority of Americans are fed up. On top of that, the disastrous news that is coming out about Democrat corruption in Wikileaks and Project Veritas are shocking.

There is other bad news bubbling up for the Democrats. For instance vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine canceled a Florida rally just a few days after only 30 people showed up for one of his previous rallies, which was a major embarrassment that was splashed all over the internet. Meanwhile Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence is drawing much bigger crowds than Hillary Clinton herself is, while Trump himself attracts tens of thousands to his rallies.

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