An Amazing Election – More Bombshells Coming this Week

This is absolutely the most amazing presidential election in my lifetime, and I have been following this stuff since Jimmy Carter.

And since this is the most consequential election in the last century it is doubly worth tracking. A Hillary Clinton victory would simply tip the nation into an abyss that Barack Obama has dug for us.

Now it is being reported that the computer hacker group Anonymous tipped off the FBI about State Department e-mails ending up on the personal computer of pervert Democrat ex-congressman Anthony Weiner. This information is why the FBI investigation is being re-opened.

Since Weiner is married to, and now on the brink of divorce from Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin, the picture starts to come very clear. Donald Trump even warned in 2015 that Weiner was a security risk.

But let us set aside for one moment who has e-mails or how they got them. The important issue is this: This is the utter chaos that we can expect for national security under a militant left-winger like Barack Obama and under Hillary Clinton. It is pure political anarchy, precisely as intended. Obama has put incompetent and malicious people in charge of our nation, and aided and abetted evil forces throughout the world from communist Cuba to militant Iran.

Under Obama we have watched our military shrink, the Middle East fall into madness, terrorist strength rising globally, repeated terror attacks inside the US, and our secretary of state casually using her own e-mail server. We see North Korea rattling its nuclear saber and Russia strutting all over the world stage as if America does not even exist. China has been building its military aggressively and precisely as Obama has gutted our own.

On the subject of the emails, it is now being reported that the Anonymous group also is the source for all of the Wikileaks e-mail dumps, not the Russians. This would make sense and debunks all of the conspiracy nonsense from the Democrats about the Russians.

This also explains the rise of Donald Trump. Finally Americans are looking to a political outsider since the insiders have failed us so miserably. Even Bill and Hillary Clinton, ostensibly two of the most famous politicians alive, can hardly gather 200 people for a political rally. This explains volumes. Meanwhile Donald Trump is demonstrating a rock-star appeal that we have never seen before in American politics.

Trump’s rise is nothing short of astounding. Hardly even given a chance to win his party’s nomination, he now appears on the brink of vanquishing a hobbled and lame Hillary Clinton for the presidency. Trump’s trajectory has simply been four steps forward, one step back, four steps forward, one step back. Eventually this leads to the White House.

And don’t believe this nonsense that Trump’s huge rallies are just “anecdotal” evidence of his popularity. These rallies are clear statistical proof that Trump’s appeal is wide, deep and strong, and that the movement that he is leading is just beginning to flower, and spreading all over the world too in the anti-globalist movement.

Meanwhile has called Hillary Clinton a weak candidate for many years now, when virtually all commentators simply referred to her as The First Woman President in Waiting.

Donald Trump appears to be perfectly positioned to win. There is an old adage in NASCAR racing that the best position to be in on the last lap is second place, where you can use your momentum to rocket into the lead for the checkered flag. And Trump has been assumed to be in second place since Day One. believes that Trump now has made the pass for the win with just 9 days to go.

This “pass” happened particularly with the FBI announcement on Friday, October 27 which should be called Black Friday by the Democrats. And it is just hilarious to watch the liberals suddenly turn on an FBI director whom they were gushing about on July 5 when he announced that he would not recommend legal action against Hillary.

Hillary Clinton’s polls were plummeting even before Black Friday. It should be fascinating to see what has happened since.

The media and Democrats are in meltdown over the re-opening of the FBI probe. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC was on the verge of tears. Yet when FBI chief James Comey announced on July 5 that FBI would recommend no charges against Clinton the same liberals cheered and announced that justice had finally been served, and that the case was closed.

Yet Comey’s July 5 announcement came just 6 days after Bill Clinton had been caught on June 29 in a secret meeting with attorney general Loretta Lynch as Hillary’s case was potentially going to appear before Lynch.

Lynch surely even lied to Congress about the meeting, claiming that she and Clinton has just talked about their children and grandchildren which only the tooth fairy believes.

In this last week of the presidential campaign the Clinton campaign had best prepare for the absolute worst. Word has it that Wikileaks is preparing the biggest blast of all, saving the best for last, reportedly planning to dump the 33,000 emails that Hillary claimed to have deleted. And the reason that she deleted them is because they contained political dynamite that now may very well be revealed for all the world to see.

It is also being reported that videos of malicious Democrat/Clinton behavior also are going to be dumped in the coming week, very damaging stuff that will turn the election over to Donald Trump.

Indeed, this is the most fascinating election ever, and a critical one for America. A Donald Trump victory will turn the nation over to adults who will reassert our national security, seal our borders and fix our economy. These all are issues that need to be addressed on an emergency basis, and not put off a single day further.

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