Election Shifting Significantly to Trump

There is a major movement growing all over the world against the globalist/socialist establishment. It is a reaction to the failures of both globalism (for instance in the advocacy of open borders and bad trade deals like NAFTA) and socialism (in big government, high taxes and shrinking economies).

It is manifested in events like the Brexit vote in Britain and the growing calls across Europe to withdraw from the smothering European Union bureaucracy.

In Brazil, conservatives have now won the mayoralty of the nation’s two biggest cities – Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo – which are notoriously liberal places. In the recent vote in Rio an evangelical Christian won by 18 points!

In the US election this movement represents an uprising of the people against the political establishment in Washington that has killed our jobs, raised our taxes, thrown open our borders and lived high off of the labors of the people.

Rest assured, friends, that Donald Trump is now a global figure and the leader of a worldwide movement. His huge crowds for rallies in the US now will translate in a worldwide movement. Imagine Trump speaking through interpreters to massive rallies all over the world. Wow.

Rest assured that the Trump phenomenon is just beginning…

The American elites are happy with the current situation. Most of the top jobs in government, Silicon Valley, corporations, Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, academia and the arts are held by members of the globalist/socialist elite, particularly by educated Democrats from chosen universities. That is why they want the status quo to remain.

Trump is calling for power to be returned to “we the people”. Here are some details from the election as of today November 2, 2016:

*On November 1 it was being reported that Trump is now leading Clinton by 1 point (46-45) in a notoriously biased ABC News/Washington Post poll that has reported Clinton ahead since last May.

This poll has a 10% oversampling of Democrats, which is why it gave Clinton such a large lead, up to 12 points, until recently.

In the poll 38% of those polled identified as Democrats while 28% said Republican while 29% identified themselves as independents.

Nikitas3.com has warned repeatedly about these biased “media” polls. Nikitas3.com has said that most “media polls” (polls run by media companies like ABC) are just like media coverage itself – slanted to Clinton and designed to give us all a false picture of the election.

Nikitas3.com believes that Trump is now 5 to 10 points ahead based on the known slant of these polls. But to minimize even their own poll ABC has dismissed the Trump lead in various ways.

*The economy remains the big issue of the election and that favors Trump significantly.

*Nikitas3.com has said for months now that the huge crowds at Trump rallies are a clear indication of Trump’s popularity and are not “anecdotal evidence” of Trump strength, as liberals claim.

If they were just “anecdotal” then why would the media refuse to show the crowds?

Answer: Because the media know what the crowds really mean.

*Trump beat Clinton by 2 points in a statewide high-school mock vote in Minnesota. Aren’t young people supposed to be super liberal? Yes, they used to be.

*James Carville is the Democrat political operative who is catatonic over Trump. Here is what he said in one of his recent rants:

“(Wikileaks and the new FBI investigation are) in effect an attempt to hijack an election. It’s unprecedented … the House Republicans and the KGB are trying to influence our democracy … (FBI director James) Comey was acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans. …We also have the extraordinary case of the KGB being involved in this race and selectively leaking things from the Clinton campaign that they hacked.”

Friends, this is how lunatic Democrats see the world, as part of a big conspiracy. When they are winning and stealing the world blind they are happy. Otherwise they go koo-koo. This is because the left is driven by emotion and emotions can go to extremes. We conservatives are driven by reason. That is why we don’t go nuts like liberals do.

*A Los Angeles Times poll, which is a big poll with significant numbers of voters polled (3,000) to offer a genuine picture of the electorate (the more people polled, the more accurate the poll tends to be), now shows Trump with a 5.4 point lead nationwide.

*Longtime pollster Pat Caddell, who was working for Democrat president Jimmy Carter when Carter was trounced in the 1980 election by a strong and confident Ronald Reagan, has compared 2016 to the 1980 election.

Caddell said that Reagan had been portrayed like Trump as “dangerous” and unqualified. But America in 1980 was much like 2016, in very dire economic straits. Carter was ahead in the polls by 8 points in the weeks leading up the election, but in the last week Caddell said that “the dam broke” and that Reagan won by 10 points. Caddell is now predicting that “the dam” is breaking for Trump.

This year Caddell has been following the data regarding unfavorability ratings for both Clinton and Trump and noted that large numbers of voters had been structurally “moving against the status quo – the incumbent who is essentially Hillary Clinton” for weeks now, and particularly since the FBI story broke on Friday, October 27.

*In the last week of the election, it is being reported that the Clinton campaign is spending heavily on campaign ads in Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, and Virginia to secure states that went for Obama in both 2008 and 2012. This is a sure sign that the Clinton camp knows that Trump is surging all over the country.

*The U.S. stock market is sending information that favors Donald Trump. The performance of the S&P 500 has predicted every presidential election since 1984, according to Strategas Research Partner. A gain in the S&P in the three months prior to election day has seen the incumbent party win 86 percent of the time since 1928, says Strategas. But the S&P now is down 3.6 percent since early August with just a week until the vote, which bodes well for Donald Trump.

*Nikitas3.com said repeatedly during 2014 and 2015 that Republican Ohio governor John Kasich would make a good president since he has done such a great job revitalizing the Ohio economy. But Kasich has turned very sour after his bruising primary battle with Trump. He is now a ‘never Trump’ Republican. When casting his ballot recently, Kasich wrote in the name of Arizona senator John McCain for president. So here is a question: Why didn’t Kasich write in his own name?

Good question. Maybe Kasich is losing it. He often appeared manic and disturbed on the campaign trail. Maybe there is something wrong with him.

*Englishman David Attenborough, a huge media liberal and “climate change” alarmist recently said, “Do we (Britons) have any control or influence over the American election? Of course we don’t. We could shoot him (Trump)… it is not a bad idea”.
This is unacceptable rhetoric in a world where man has struggled for centuries to overcome tyranny and give us nations where we are free to be who we are and speak our minds without fear.

But sadly it is understandable since Attenborough is a violent socialist, like all socialists are at heart violent people. Just look at the last century of mass genocide under communism and you see the picture with more than 100 million people murdered by their own governments, and world wars started by the same people.

Attenborough should be jailed for his comment. It is not free speech. It is a direct incitement to violence.

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