An Amazing Election is Coming to a Climax

I, Nikitas, am 63 years old and I never remember a presidential election, or any election, even vaguely like this one. The whole world is watching this race more closely than any US presidential election ever.

From the day that Donald Trump announced his candidacy this race has been one surprise after another. Here are some of the major points to remember as we go to the polls:

*Trump was dismissed by virtually everyone yet I now believe that he is on the verge of winning the White House. Even the revered liberal election prognosticator Nate Silver said in Summer 2015 that Trump had only a 5% chance of even winning the Republican nomination.

This demonstrates clearly how stunningly wrong these polls can be when the pollster himself is a liberal. wrote before the New Hampshire primary that Trump would win the nomination and the election. Because I have studied elections for decades and know that there is an emotional and psychological facet to every election. And I have felt that a majority of Americans would swing to a confident and reformist outsider in 2016 over 4 more years of the failed agenda that we have gotten under Obama.

*Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate. I have been saying this for years, and it has proven itself to be true, even in ways that never could have been foreseen. The 9th inning action by the FBI to re-open its email investigation was not surprising. It was something that I well expected could happen knowing the Clinton penchant for bad deeds.

*White working class voters are flocking to Trump after voting largely Democrat for decades. This is one of the biggest electoral shifts of the last 50 years.

*The ’enthusiasm’ favors Trump big time. The “enthusiasm gap” has long favored the “enthusiastic” party. The media are totally ignoring this axiom now that Trump’s huge crowds are blowing their candidate out of the water. If Clinton were getting these crowds the media would have declared the election over last Summer.

*The First Woman President meme has disappeared. Voters are more concerned about whether that “woman” can even do the job.

*The e-mail scandal has blown up beyond belief. Clinton and her cabal thought that they could put it away in Spring 2015. They couldn’t. It just kept growing. And the Anthony Weiner surprise is just stunning and easily could cost Clinton the election.

*The relentless media bias against Trump has backfired. believes that is has actually drawn many voters into the Trump camp out of sympathy or “backlash”. Because more Americans hate the media much more than they ever will hate Donald Trump. And no matter what happens on election day this contempt for the media is only growing, with Trump spearheading it.

The relentless attacks on Trump from the American leftist media are simply not working. They are like the boy who cried wolf. Most Americans have tuned out the negativity.

The Clintons and the Democrats have for decades now have claimed that they want to avoid “the politics of personal destruction” while at the same time engaging in it egregiously. And now it is coming back to haunt them.

*Trump has no fear. I knew that the Republican candidate needed to be confident and fearless to take on Clinton since she would have all of the media behind her. Trump is fearless and confident. He truly wants to win and to “save America”.

On the other hand, when asked about Hillary Clinton as a potential opponent back in 2015 Republican Jeb Bush said that she would be a “formidable candidate”. What a jerk. He broke the #1 Rule of Politics which is to never praise your opponent. He should have said, “I will destroy her, easily. She is incompetent.” Which is what Trump is saying every day.

*Trump has offered blacks a clear alternative to the status quo, which Republicans have never done before. Some recent polls show that Trump may get up to three times(!) the black vote that Romney got. This is a major development.

Even did not expect this big a number, but then again, blacks finally have a Republican candidate who is asking them to open their eyes to reality, that 50 years of Democrat rule has harmed black America irrevocably.

Even a big-time black entertainer named Dave Chappelle came out strongly against Clinton and for Trump. Occurring in the final days of the campaign this is going to sway a lot of black votes, rest assured. Because many black voters have been awakened by Trump.

The homeless black lady who defended Trump’s star on the Hollywood sidewalk also was a huge story that is making many black re-think their political persuasion.

If strong black voter numbers keep up and Trump wins, and if Trump institutes the kind of reforms that help black America, it will re-draw the American electoral map for generations to come.

*The story about CNN leaking debate question to Hillary Clinton through a top Democrat official is shocking. This certainly has led millions of American to question what kind of president she would be if she cannot even do a debate without cheating.

*Clinton’s health status has hurt her badly. When she fainted on 9/11 at the memorial service, this was a huge blow to her candidacy. It reinforced the idea in the minds of millions of voters that she may not be physically fit to be president.

Trump campaigned vigorously throughout August and September, while Clinton virtually disappeared from the campaign trail, probably because of bad health. Clinton likely was assuming that her media cronies would do her campaigning for her, but that period let Trump build up a huge amount of momentum. This has harmed Clinton badly, perhaps fatally.

*Clinton has no appeal. She is not a likeable candidate. Her rallies have been poorly attended. And her running mate Tim Kaine ruined his reputation with his awful vice presidential debate performance. The pitiful crowds at his rallies are embarrassing.

*Trump seems like a real person. Voters like him more and more as they see him without the media filter. He is talking about everyday issues that concern Americans, not “climate change” or something else abstract or fake.

*Trump hammered Hillary in the debates. All in all Trump won the second and third debates handily, and won the first on substance but lost it on style. predicted that Trump would shine in the debates because he is not afraid of Hillary. Meanwhile Hillary did not even really debate but generally offered talking points. I believe that the debates moved the electorate strongly into Trump’s corner.

*Bill Clinton was not the “secret weapon” that Democrats believed he would be. He probably did not help his wife at all, when you add it all up. He even may have hurt her.

*Americans are tired of the Clintons. Period. End of story. They are like the house guest who won’t leave.

*Employees of major polling organizations have been found to be giving 25 times as much in financial contributions to Clinton than to Trump. This certainly has made many people understand how this obvious bias affects the polls themselves.

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