Trump Wins Historic Victory!

(This commentary was completed at 3:05 AM, Wednesday, November 9)

Election night 2016 felt like 1980 or 1984, with state after state falling to Donald Trump as they did for Ronald Reagan. will be analyzing this election in many ways as numbers are finalized over the next few days. Not all figures in this essay are final. At the writing of this commentary, Trump had 274 electoral votes. Only 270 are needed to win.

Trump gave a great victory speech and was gracious to Hillary Clinton. He added: “The forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer… We will finally take care of our great veterans… We will embark upon a project of national growth and renewal… for the benefit of all… America will no longer settle for anything less than the best… Our work on this movement is really just beginning…”

This is perhaps the most historic and interesting election in American history. Trump’s win was no surprise to me, however. predicted as early as January 2011 (yes, 2011) that Trump would be elected president if he chose to run in 2012. You can read that editorial, published on the RedState blog, here.

Since January 2016, has said in every single one of my commentaries that Trump would win. I never said he “could” win or “might” win or that he faced a “tough battle”. I said over and over and over – probably 50 times in the last year – that “I believe that Trump will win” or that “Trump will win”.

To explain my conviction I pointed to global trends like the June Brexit vote, the election of Republican Rudy Giuliani as mayor of New York City in 1993, the recent election of conservative mayors in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo Brazil, and what appears to be the coming disintegration of the European Union.

Now Trump has pulled off a remarkable victory that is part of an ideological revolution that is spanning the globe. Fantastic. Amazing. Trump is now a global figure.

Obama’s legacy is in tatters. He expected Clinton to take his ideas forth into the dreamy future, but he now has awakened in a nightmare. Everything that Obama has stood for now has been repudiated in a most decisive manner.

To understand what has happened, look at the US Senate election in Wisconsin. Republican Ron Johnson, first elected in 2010, was running for re-election against the Democrat whom he defeated in 2010. Polls showed Johnson trailing badly just a few weeks ago, but he won by 7 points. Trump then went on to win the electoral votes of Wisconsin itself, which no Republican has done for many election cycles.

The Democrats took a historic shellacking in this election. They were expecting to re-take majority control of the US Senate, but even failed in that. Trump now will have the White House and a Republican Senate and House. And this means that the sky is the limit in implementing the real reforms that our nation needs. The last time that a Republican president had a Republican Senate and House was… 1928!

This all proves what has said over and over and over – Don’t believe these polls. Never. Most of these polls are faked by the media to disparage Republicans and conservatives. These polls are now officially discredited.

And don’t forget Mike Pence, who showed himself to be an awesome figure in the vice presidential debate. Pence is a class act like we have rarely seen before in American politics. He will be a major presence in a Trump administration as others may be like Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Reince Preibus and other stellar figures, including possibly Sarah Palin.

Hillary Clinton’s arrogance knew no bounds. When she referred to Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables” her campaign was exposed. This type of condescension does not sit well with the people who built America. And they let her know it.

Even the left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore predicted that Trump would win because Trump was speaking to the working people of Michigan, Moore’s home state. Moore knows those people well. He grew up the son of an auto worker and he knows what working people are thinking and how Trump appeals to them.

Trump’s stunning victory is also a total repudiation of the Clintons, the most overexposed and corrupt couple in American political history. It is wonderful to see the Clintons relegated to the dustbin, as they should now be. Good riddance to them.

This not only has been a rout for the Democrats but for the Republican party too. This is now Donald Trump’s party. Good-bye and good riddance to the Bush family, to John McCain, to Mitt Romney, and all the rest of the Never-Trump loser Republicans who said Trump could never win after they screwed up so horribly themselves.

Look at Michigan. Obama won Michigan in 2012 by 10 points. Michigan has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988. Trump won Michigan by 1.6 points. Wow.

Trump won Ohio by 9 points! This has been called a “battleground state” for years now. No longer.

Even Vermont just elected a Republican governor… by 9 points, too!!! Kaboom!

The Democrat party is now in a historic abyss. Republicans now have a historic amount of political power in America. And that is a good thing. Americans have been running to the Republican-run states like Texas and North Carolina for decades because those states are well-run by rational people.

Trump is going to be a great president. He has already laid out plans for reform and he will be strong enough to implement them, with a House and Senate to help. He will have a fantastic cabinet that brings integrity back to a federal government that has descended into chaos and incompetence under Barack Obama.

And I would like to add one other thought that I mentioned on a commentary this past Sunday – the violence and vandalism against Trump’s campaign and his supporters came back to bite Clinton hard. I believe that Trump got a serious backlash in sympathy votes for all of that heinous activity.

One of the most significant powers that Trump will have is to appoint replacement justices on the Supreme Court. With Republican control of the US Senate he will get the justices that he wants.

That power will not be just to replace conservative justice Antonin Scalia, but perhaps one liberal justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in just his first term. This is huge. And when Trump is re-elected in 2020, he may be able to appoint two or three other justices – liberal Stephen Breyer, conservative Clarence Thomas and “swing” justice Anthony Kennedy. In other words, the Supreme Court under Trump now will shape America for generations to come. And that is a good thing…

More to come in the next few days.

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