Stunning Trump Victory will Reverberate for Decades

The scope and scale of Donald Trump’s presidential victory is just beginning to settle in.

I sensed this victory for a long time, but it really shifted as election day approached. Two days before election day Hillary Clinton canceled the fireworks show that she had planned for her victory party. I thought that that was a very telling event.

I believe that Donald Trump actually won the presidency last Spring when he was criticized by Pope Francis for wanting to build a wall on the Mexican border. Rather than cower and grovel, Trump shot back that the Pope has a 22-foot wall around the Vatican protecting him from intruders.

And I said to myself that if Trump can silence the Pope then he certainly can beat Hillary Clinton.

Trump was criticized for being an amateur with no party infrastructure to back up his campaign. Yet he won a resounding victory by going over the heads of the media, and running a rogue campaign with little money, unlike any other in American history.

This election rout reminded me of three Republican routs in the 1980s, particularly Ronald Reagan’s victories in 1980 and 1984. I cheered Trump with each state victory, just like I did with Reagan.

Trump will bring honest and competent people into the federal government, something that has been lacking under Obama.

Here are some of the facts:

*Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017.

*Mike Pence will be an activist vice president. Trump will use Pence as a key economic adviser in instructing states how to better manage their economies, as Pence himself did in Indiana.

*The US Senate, which was expected to fall to Democrat control, remains in Republican majority control, with at least 51 seats and possibly two more. This is a huge blow to the Democrats who now can never block Trump’s Supreme Court picks. And one Democrat, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, may become a Republican, possibly giving the GOP 54 senators. Wow!

*Democrats in the House of Representatives expected to gain 10 to 20 seats but instead gained only a handful. Today the numbers are 235 Republican to 191 Democrat, with some races undecided.

*Three governorships went from Democrat to Republican, giving Republicans a whopping 34 governorships out of 50, a historic high (that could sink to 33 if the North Carolina governor loses his seat in a close race that is not yet settled). Ultra-liberal Vermont even elected a Republican governor by a whopping 9 points in response to the state’s declining economic fortunes.

*Mid-term elections in 2018 will certainly lead to more conservative/Republican gains since Republicans have been doing historically well in mid-term elections.

*If the states that are not yet finalized – Alaska, Michigan, Arizona and Minnesota – all go to Trump, he could have 320 electoral votes to Clinton’s 218.

*Trump is going to appoint at least one, and possibly two or three Supreme Court justices in his first term, which will reshape American jurisprudence for decades to come.

*The media skunks said the Trump’s massive crowds were just anecdotal evidence of his popularity that would not translate into statistical electoral power. They said this to try to minimize what they well knew was going on. They were dead wrong. Adios, skunks…

*The media skunks put out endless false polls that portrayed Trump as incapable of being elected. They were wrong.

*The despicable media war on Trump is now totally discredited. Good. The media are finished. Trump will taunt them for the next 4 or 8 years, with the American people chiming in every day.

*To add insult to injury, Hillary Clinton is going to end up winning the popular vote while losing the electoral vote by a significant margin.

Indeed, friends, the Silent Majority, muzzled by decades of media and Democrat intimidation and ridicule, has spoken loudly. The trouncing that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and their corrupt media cronies took last night is surreal in its scale. It is going to impact America for decades to come.

It is delightful to watch the Democrats melt down. They are in full emotional collapse. They used every trick in the book, including violence and widespread voter fraud, to help Clinton.

These tactics, which have worked in the past, failed miserably. Because the Democrats did not expect to come up against an opponent like Donald Trump. said repeatedly that Trump would be elected president if he put his full energies into it.

I predicted that he would hammer Hillary in the debates and he did.

I predicted that he would excite a whole new subset of tens of millions of voters who felt left out of the political process, and he did.

I predicted that he could beat Hillary Clinton whom I routinely derided as a weak and corrupt candidate that even many Democrats would reject, and he did.

I predicted that Trump was the only person who could take on Clinton and win, and he did.

This election is one of the most stunning outcomes in American history. It will be talked about for decades to come. It is a total repudiation of Obama.

This election is going to lead to a Golden Age in American politics. The Democrat party today is technically finished (more on that in a separate editorial). This is not just giddy hyperbole. The Democrats are finished. I will explain this in the separate commentary.

This election comports with a global movement against two forces that have dominated us and harmed us for decades – globalism and socialism.

Globalism, or global government by an entitled elite like the United Nations and the European Union and the power brokers in Washington, is on the way out. The people are taking power back,

Socialism, which has dominated us and ruined us for decades, is on the way out too as hard-working American take back their nation – and their wallets – from the money-grabbing elite that then squanders their wealth on its utopian schemes.

Trump will crack down on crime and illegal immigration. He will rebuild our economy and our military and our roads and bridges. Our nation will be much safer and more prosperous as he does all of these things.

Trump’s election was much like the election of Rudy Giuliani as mayor of New York City in 1993. Many feared Giuliani, but in fact he now has become known as “the mayor who saved New York”.

Trump now will become known as “the president who saved America.”

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