Let’s NOT All Get Along Now

Now that Donald Trump has won a smashing victory there are voices crying out all over the US and the world that we Americans must “work together” and “get along” and make up and be nice to one another, and that Trump must “reach out” and heal our divided nation.

To which Nikitas3.com says, “Forget it. No getting along. No compromise. Democrats and Establishment Republicans are our enemies. Never forget that. They wanted us ruined. We were not ruined. We won.”

Indeed whenever Democrats lose they call for unity. But when they win they ignore our wishes and steamroll us with their brutal policies.

Hillary’s corrupt cronies in the media, in the Democrat party and in Washington did everything in their power to deny “we the people” our voice. They called us every name in the book. They destroyed Trump yard signs. They incited violence at Trump rallies. They physically assaulted Trump supporters. They stole countless numbers of votes.

And now they want us to “get along” with them, for us all to work together for a better nation.

Nikitas3.com says, “Never. We should only seek to defeat these people, and banish them for good from American life.”

If Hillary had won she would today be preparing a radical agenda with no regard for our wishes. Guaranteed.

And by the way, good riddance to that nasty SOB Tim Kaine. I hope we never see him again. He can go back to the jungles of Honduras where he made friends with the communist guerillas in the 1980s.

That phony Kaine came onstage before Hillary’s concession speech and acted all nice and Biblical like any actor would to cover up who he really is.

For Hillary’s public concession speech she had 12 American flags behind her. Yet during the campaign she never wore an American flag lapel pin because she is so disrespectful and arrogant.

Typical. These losers have no shame whatsoever, and they are now groveling for any crumb from the electoral typhoon that they just encountered.

And good riddance to Huma Abedin, a militant Muslim plant in Hillary’s campaign. I hope we never see her again. She can go back to Saudi Arabia where she was raised under muslim law like a good submissive woman would be.

Naturally Hillary was 68 minutes late for her concession speech. This is a trait of all liberals – disregard for anyone except themselves. Bill Clinton was famous for being late. Conservatives, on the other hand, are always punctual whenever possible.

This tardiness was just Hillary jerking us around one final time before she disappears for good… we hope, although we know she never will.

Hillary made a suck-up speech. She acted as if she had never insulted any of us. She acted as if she was just another patriot who fell short in her bid for the White House. What a joke.

Her creepy husband looked like he was going to start crying during her speech. And good riddance to Bill Clinton. We hope he disappears, but he never will. Never. He will just lay low for a week or two and then be back in our faces.

For all of the jerks like Cher and Whoopi Goldberg and the other losers who said that they are going to leave the US if Trump wins, the softies are going to say, “We love you! We don’t want you leave! Can’t we all just get along!”

To which Nikitas3.com says, “Go, you losers! Cher – loser. Whoopi – loser. You said you were going to leave! Now go! We don’t want you in our good country! Because this is OUR country now!”

All of the anti-Trump deadbeats like Glenn Beck are now playing the butt-kisser and ‘unity’ card now that Trump has won. But not so fast. I say, “Don’t believe this former drunk Glenn Beck. He is a classic alcoholic manipulator. The alcohol has doomed him. He is not to be trusted. He is trying to rehabilitate himself in some desperate way now that he has lost. Note to Nikitas3.com readers: Shut off Glenn Beck. He is the loser who said that Obama made him a better man, who contemplated voting for Hillary. So he can go kiss Obama’s rear now, not Trump’s.”

Another loser is radio host Michael Berry, a fake “conservative” who defamed Trump for months. We can expect him to suddenly suck up like a good liberal would so that his listeners won’t realize that he sold them out big time.

To all the Hollycreeps like Bruce Springsteen and Robert DeNiro, who libeled Trump repeatedly, we do not excuse you or exonerate you or forgive you. We hold you accountable for your filthy mouths and minds. We want America to remember it until the day you die, and for time immemorial. You are all weasels.

To the criminals and drug dealers and gang members who have been slipping over the Mexican border and polluting our good nation with violence and bad substances, Nikitas3.com says, “We are coming for you. No amnesty. No cushy jail sentences. We are going to deport you back to where you came from and build a wall so that you never, ever come back.”

To the rotten little internet trolls who tracked down every Hillary critic and slandered them, we say, “You lose, suckers. Your candidate lost. You have nothing do to now but sit around in your bathrobe playing porno games.”

To the vandals who defaced Trump campaign headquarters and properties, you are nothing but criminals. And to those of you who got caught we want you prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Naturally Obama got into the act. He said how he hoped that Trump succeeds. He does not. He is a hateful racemonger whose agenda has just been totally obliterated. His legacy is junk. We should repeat that fact every day after he tried to ruin us with his ideas.

And finally one big Thank You to Anthony Weiner for his abhorrent behavior that led to FBI re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton. Many people are saying that Weiner sunk Hillary, but that is not true. She sunk herself with the most horrendous behavior of any presidential candidate ever.

So all in all, Nikitas3.com says “Good riddance to Hillary Clinton and her corrupt cabal.” This commentator hopes that he never sees her ever again. But that is wishful thinking. We will be stuck with this female until the day she dies.

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