Media, Pollsters now Discredited and Debunked

First, here is quick comment about marijuana:

The movement toward marijuana legalization is snowballing across the nation. Several states passed legalization in the November 8 election including Massachusetts and California.

Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level and has been since 1970. When states legalize it today they are depending on Obama to look the other way on federal enforcement.

President Trump can and should simply order federal agents to raid and shut down all marijuana shops in America, to confiscate the marijuana and to arrest their owners and anyone else on site including employees and customers. This will end the legal marijuana trade overnight.

Now here is today’s main editorial:

There are two major institutions that took a major hit to their credibility in Donald Trump’s election – the media and the pollsters. And they both are generally leftist organizations.

The media have simply imploded. Their war on Trump was the most vicious and egregious campaign ever in American history, and that includes their wars against Bush, Nixon and Reagan.

The media tirades against Trump were utterly unAmerican – they smacked of a dictatorship, with loudspeakers blaring propaganda on every corner.

And now that the media have been debunked it is delicious to watch them squirm and to watch the way they wilted on election night as Trump rolled to victory (Rachel Maddow on MSNBC looked like she was going to faint). And to think that the election of Trump marks a total repudiation of Obama is doubly hurtful to these media skunks who have been promoting Obama zealously since the day he took office.

For the entire Obama presidency we were told by the media that all of our problems would be solved by this great president, yet Trump ran on and won on repealing the entire Obama agenda, first and foremost Obamacare which was Obama’s signature legislation, which already is failing miserably.

In fact it was spiking Obamacare costs announced a few days before the election that helped to seal the deal for Trump.

Who could forget the woman claiming upon Obama’s election that she would not have to worry about paying for gasoline?

Oh, how far we have come in 8 years. Reality has now set in for tens of millions of Americans who are much worse off today than they were 8 years ago.

In liberal newspapers across America they ran an anti-Trump column, or two, every single day. It never stopped. And these were vicious caricatures and libels, tying Trump to the KKK and Russian oligarchs and on and on. On the other hand these same papers ran hardly any pro-Hillary columns.

And this, friends, is how the liberals ruined themselves. They nominated a terrible candidate and never told us what was good about Hillary because there was nothing to report.

Meanwhile their relentless war on Trump simply started to sound like background noise. believes that the war on Trump actually backfired, that these unceasing attacks simply led to a backlash in sympathy for Trump because Americans saw that Trump was proposing rational solutions to our national problems, of which Americans believe we have many.

That same media hatred for Trump was picked up on the internet. There are people all over the US proposing now to kill president-elect Trump. And so I wonder: Shouldn’t these people be prosecuted?

I pray that they will be. This is unacceptable. These people can be easily tracked down.

The media will never offer us a moment of joy over Trump’s victory. They will now ramp up their war on Trump, which is just beginning. As Trump takes office and seeks to re-shape the nation and undo the damage of Obama and Bush, he is going to come under ruthless assault. But do not fret. Trump got to where he is debunking the media and throwing their tactics back in their faces. He is not going to let them get to him.

The significant thing is that the reaction to the media will be multi-pronged – Trump will take them on and Americans, along with the conservative media, will join in the chorus. It will be wonderful.

Americans have been fed up with the media for decades, and now they have an opportunity to finally strike back. The New American Revolution against the media is just beginning, rest assured. And the revelations about CNN passing debate questions to the Clinton campaign only add fuel to the anti-media fire.

On the other hand, the media failed miserably when it actually came to reporting basic facts about the campaign. When Trump was attracting huge crowds, the media ignored it. When Trump crushed Hillary in the third debate the media acted as if debates don’t matter. If those two facts had been reversed they would have been major media stories.

In short every angle was covered in favor of Hillary Clinton except the one angle that the media elites always miss and that is to report on what is really going on in America. That is why the Trump victory came as a shock to so many – because the media had not prepared them for it.

This is because most media elites have never really been to America outside of their precious cities and suburbs and their circle of incestuous dinner-party cohorts. Their only connection to rural and small-town America is to visit their vacation houses or to ski in Vermont or to venture out into a small town with microphone in hand to ask a few questions about a local news event and then to quickly retreat.

Another group that suffered grievous harm in this election was the pollsters.

I largely disregarded the polls because there is only one poll and that is on election day. After decades of watching the pollsters make huge miscalculations favoring Democrats, I knew that the polls would generally turn out wrong and they did.

It was comical to watch the big-time liberal election guru Nate Silver fall on his face repeatedly. He had predicted that Trump only had a 5% chance of even getting the nomination. On the other hand wrote before the New Hampshire primary that Trump would win both the nomination and the White House.

So why am I not as famous as Nate Silver when I am 100 times as smart?

Good question. As the election shifted to Trump in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Silver simply adjusted his poll to reflect the wave going toward Trump. This was a classic liberal seeking to salvage his reputation rather than admitting how wrong he was. Because liberals never admit that they are wrong about anything.

Here is what lefty Washington Post columist Dana Milbank wrote about “genius” Silver on election day. If this is not amusing among the ultra-serious media elites it is hard to know what is:

There’s still hours of voting yet to go before we begin to find out who our next president will be.

But this much we can be sure of: Nate Silver was right.

If Donald Trump wins, Silver, the number-crunching genius behind the popular website FiveThirtyEight, called it. He said on ABC News on Sunday that Hillary Clinton is “one state away from potentially losing the electoral college.”

And if Clinton wins the electoral college? Silver predicted that, too. His website on Tuesday gave her a 71 percent chance of winning the electoral vote.

Same with the popular vote. Silver has foreshadowed a Trump victory: He wrote on Friday (November 4) that “Trump is about 3 points behind Clinton — and 3-point polling errors happen pretty often.” And he also predicted a Trump defeat, giving Clinton an 81 percent chance of winning the popular vote as of Tuesday.

Blah, blah, blah… You can rest assured that Silver is ‘on vacation’ for a few weeks while the laughter about his horrible record dies down and liberals try to make us forget about how silly Silver is.

Just in this analysis Silver is on both sides of the issue and Milbank is covering for him. Look at what Milbank reports… “if Donald Trump wins” and “if Clinton wins the electoral college” – within just three sentences!

Astonishing. So Silver said that Clinton was “one state away from losing the electoral college”.

Well, folks, it ended up vastly worse than that. Saying that she was “one state away” was not much of a projection. It simply reflected what we all could see was happening as election day approached.

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