Barack Obama, Clintons are Finished

Can you imagine what it is like today in the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the wealthy suburbs of New York City?

It is an ugly thing to think about. Just two months ago, they and the world were laughing at Donald Trump. The Clintons thought that they would be coasting to the White House and that Hillary would be basking in the international limelight of being The First Woman President of the United States.

If only it were so. Hillary and Bill must be catatonic now that she has been denied the White House not once but twice. They believed for years that Hillary deserved the presidency.

They must be particularly outraged with Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin and her sex-addicted husband Anthony Weiner whose computer contents sparked the re-opening of the email investigation that sent Hillary’s poll numbers plummeting 11 days before the election.

Then again Bill Clinton’s sex addiction already had done enormous harm to himself and to the Clintons. So they should not complain about Weiner. He is part of the Democrats’ bad behavior package.

But the Clintons are surely most enraged at themselves, which is the most destructive kind of anger. Because they lost largely based on Hillary’s own incompetence and weakness, including her terrible campaign, her awful record as secretary of state, and her decision to use a private e-mail server for her State Department business.

OK, so what does this all mean? Will the Clintons now disappear from sight?

In many ways, yes they now will. The truth is that Bill and Hillary are now badly damaged goods and their stock has fallen precipitously. Oh, sure, the media skunks will cover the Clintons, and Obama too, from time to time. Because Obama, like Bill Clinton, will never abide by the unwritten rule that ex-presidents are supposed to stay out of the limelight.

But Obama also has been badly damaged. Trump was elected specifically as a repudiation of Obama’s presidency. Just imagine how that makes Obama feel, and how angry it makes the Democrats about Obama.

Before the election it was being reported that Obama was planning to remain in Washington ostensibly to act as titular head of the Democrat party. The Clintons have a home in Washington too. And these three were expected to be fanning the Democrat flame for years to come. Obama has a particular interest in this since he now needs to work hard to keep his legacy alive since it is in the process of disintegrating.

Oh what a difference a week makes! All of that planning was predicated on the fact that Hillary would win the White House, but Trump’s election may have finished them all off in one fell swoop.

The Clintons have been in our faces every day for more than 25 years now. They are the most overexposed people in the US. Obama has been with us since he first announced for the presidency in 2007. He is the most overexposed president in American history, sticking his nose into everything on which he could score a political point.

If you read the editorial Democrat Party is Gone for Years to Come, Maybe Decades, you know that the Democrats have lost huge amounts of political power just since Obama took office, and particularly in the recent election.

Obama and the Clintons had planned to keep the party alive by working with the power brokers in Washington to keep themselves and their ideas in the media spotlight. But this will be very hard to do with a Trump administration in the White House.

Worse, things are getting very ugly in the Democrat party. Many Democrats are blaming Bill and Hillary for blowing the election. This is going to cause huge fractures in the party. In short many Democrats are just as tired of the Clintons as we all are.

You can rest assured that the Bernie Sanders wing of the party is now furious. And don’t forget that these are volatile people. Who knows what they will do. Hillary and the Democrat party screwed Bernie in the primaries, but Bernie’s supporters played nice to try and get Hillary elected.

That is over now and the Democrats are decimated (see figures at the bottom of this commentary about how weak the Democrats are). The radicals are now going to go to war with the Democrat Establishment and the Clintons. And many others will be only too happy to join in the brawl.

Who will the Democrats pick for their party leader right now, or for their presidential nominee for 2020? And will the Clintons or Obama be consulted?

Nobody knows who they will pick and the Clintons and Obama may not be consulted at all. Because there are factions in the Democrat party who are finished with the Clintons and who blame Obama’s radicalism for driving voters away and killing the party.

We conservatives have been saying for a long time that the Democrats really have no strong figures in the wings, that Hillary was all they had. Things have gotten so bad that there was one article on the internet saying that the wacky former Vermont governor Howard Dean may step in to lead the party.
This is utterly preposterous. The same article claimed that the lone Muslim congressman from Minnesota named Keith Ellison may become a major force in the party. This only will further alienate American voters.

All in all it is not a pretty picture, and to us conservatives that is a delightful thing.

Here is an added word about the Clintons: Bill and Hillary may keep busy with their Foundation, but it is important to remember that the power of that foundation was based on the assumption that Hillary would become president.

With Hillary now vanquished, and Bill diminished too, many donors will withdraw from supporting the Foundation. This is going to do great damage to the prestige of the Clintons. This must be very depressing to them on top of Hillary losing the election and, even worse, with federal officials already investigating the Foundation, along with the possibility that Trump will investigate Hillary over the e-mail scandal.

Now here are the numbers about the Republican party today. After Trump’s victory we now know that Republicans will soon have control of:

*the White House and the enormous power that goes with it, including the power to appoint Supreme Court justices and federal judges – which will re-make America for decades to come. In two terms Trump may be able to pick FIVE Supreme Court justices;
*the US Senate, with probably 52 and possibly 53 Republican US Senators, giving Republicans majority control of the Senate again (which they were widely expected to lose in the recent election);
*the US House, with 238 Republicans to 193 for Democrats, a very big majority;
*33 governorships including almost all of the prosperous and growing states;
*The figures have not come out for state legislative bodies since many elections are not yet settled, but it will probably remain strongly tilted toward Republicans and conservatives. Before the election, Republicans majority-controlled 67 out of 98 state legislative bodies.

In short, the Democrat party is now out of power in historical dimensions. And it is only going to get worse. Republicans have been doing very well in mid-term elections so watch for conservatives to gain in 2018. And expects Trump to be bold and to be re-elected in 2020.

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