‘Liar Media’ Enter New Phase in War on Trump

Nikitas3.com now will use the term “Liar Media” to describe what many commentators call the Mainstream Media or Liberal Media. And the Liar Media are entering a new phase now that Donald Trump has won the White House.

These media skunks have lied pathologically for 50 years now, and their conduct during the campaign against Trump was miles beyond their usual degenerate behavior.

The new Liar Media narrative came out just five days after the election when Trump was being interviewed for 60 Minutes. Trump was asked about alleged attacks by Trump supporters on various and nebulous “minorities”. Trump implored his supporters to cease any such behavior.

The only problem is that there is no proof that I have seen that these attacks ever happened.

Yet the average liberal says, “Of course they happened! This is Trump’s hateful America! And Trump’s America is prejudiced against blacks and Muslims! And women!”

To which Nikitas3.com responds: “Where is the proof of these attacks?” There have been no videos of these alleged attacks like there are videos of Trump supporters being attacked. But the Liar Media do not need proof. They just need to make or hear allegations and then run with them. Here is just one example from Lifezette.com:

A Muslim college student in Louisiana who told police that two men supporting President-Elect Donald Trump attacked her, robbed her and snatched away her headscarf admitted Thursday that she had fabricated the entire report.

Here is an excerpt from The Gateway Pundit:

Leftist students Anthony Morales, 19 (at left), and Matthew Kafker (at right), 18, vandalized the campus church with Swastikas. They wanted it to look like Trump supporters were behind the hate crime.

Look at this from Infowars.com:

A group of violent Communists were arrested in Austin, Texas Sunday after attacking Trump supporters near the state’s Capitol.

Members of “Red Guards Austin,” the six Communist agitators were taken into custody by Texas Department of Public Safety officers and charged with multiple crimes.

Here’s another, also from Infowars.com

When a protester denouncing Donald Trump at Ohio State University was violently slammed down a set of stairs on Monday night, agitators accused the man of being a Trump supporter. Well, it turns out he’s actually a Democrat.

Yes, the left-wing attacker thought that the protestor was supporting Trump. So he flew into violent action. As expected. Here’s just one more for good measure:

Taylor Volk, the Chicago college student, said on Nov. 14 that she had received notes and emails containing threatening and harassing language, along with mentions to Trump, according to NBC Chicago.

Volk said the notes were tacked onto her door, containing homophobic slurs and Trump references. In a statement from the university, President David Parkyn confirmed that the student had “fabricated” the entire story.

Rest assured that this stuff is just beginning. And don’t forget how the Liar Left always operates. For instance in 2009 the Democrat campaign headquarters in Denver was vandalized. While conservatives and Republicans were immediately blamed the perpetrator turned out to be a leftist agitator who also happened to be a sex-changer.

This is a routine tactic. In 1995 the Liar Media circulated a fake story that black churches were being burned across the South by white supremacists. The story was proven false but it took a year to prove that it was false. By then the Democrats had milked the story for all that it was worth. Even president Bill Clinton had made political hay out of it.

And we know that Obama had a long association with a known domestic terrorist named Bill Ayers.

These stories go on and on and on…

Now we see leftists rioting in the streets over the perfectly legal election of Donald Trump. The Liar Media have highlighted the riots in order to darken Trump’s days in the sun after his victory. And while Trump implored his followers to halt their alleged attacks on others, Obama and the Democrats are doing no such thing with their goons in the streets. Obama in fact is encouraging these riots through his silence, another typical Democrat tactic.

How about all of the assassination threats against Trump on the internet?

This is all to be expected. Because leftists are by nature violent people while claiming otherwise. After all, we know that the Liar Media have portrayed blacks as only victims of racism when in fact we know that the day-to-day crime rate against whites by blacks is astronomical compared to vice versa, i.e., blacks are the real racists in America.

The Liar Media have been portraying the riots as an expected and normal response by good Americans to an alleged extremist like Donald Trump, just as they portrayed relentless attacks on Trump supporters throughout the campaign as a natural reaction to Trump’s bigotry, sexism, etc. Yet the actual violence now is coming from and came from anti-Trumpers, i.e., the exact opposite of the Liar Media narrative.

Worse, we know that these riots are well-organized and paid for by leftist groups associated with George Soros and with the Democrat party itself, with rioters even bused in from far away. A Project Veritas video shows top Democrat party operatives discussing the ways in which they and the Democratic National Committee organized and coordinated violence at Trump rallies.

Does anyone recall a single riot by conservatives when Obama won the White House twice? I sure don’t.

Does anyone recall violence against Muslims after 9/11?

I don’t remember any violence, yet there was tremendous anger at Muslims and you might have expected that to have been manifested in widespread violence. But it never was.

In fact the Muslim violence rate since 9/11 against America has been sky-high compared to vice-versa, but the Liar Media insistently portray it as somehow the opposite, that Muslims feel “threatened” in America, and even moreso under Trump.

Now we need to prepare for the most vicious Liar Media campaign ever against Trump, more than they waged against Nixon, Reagan and Bush. The Liar Media went completely overboard during the campaign for Clinton, and now their War on Trump going to get much worse since they have been exposed, their credibility is in the basement, their power has ebbed to historic lows and tens of millions of Americans outright hate them.

This disinformation campaign against Trump already is starting. You may have noticed reports trickling out about “violence” and “threats” against blacks, Muslims, women, etc. – all unproven – allegedly encouraged by the election of Trump. I heard one such report on my local news, and it certainly was suggested in the 60 Minutes interview. This is part of the nationwide campaign against Trump, Republicans and conservatives. This will go on for years; everything bad will be blamed on Trump including earthquakes and spoiled milk.

This is happening even as riots against Trump’s victory, and proven cases of violence against Trump supporters are documented across the land.

This comports with the general Liar Media narrative that they somehow “missed” the story about Trump winning, that they “got it wrong”.

This is another example of media subterfuge. They did not miss the story. They ignored the story with the calm reassurance that Hillary Clinton was going to walk away with the election and that all of their media treachery would soon be forgotten.

It is amusing to watch clips of media skunks announcing as election night began that Hillary Clinton would win in “a landslide” or maybe a “blowout”.

Now Trump’s election is revenge for all of the Clinton corruption, and the failures and lies of Obama, like his war on conservatives through the IRS. We hope and pray that president Trump investigates these government criminals who upended our Constitution to do these terrible deeds.

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