Trump Upended Conventional Political Wisdom to Win

Donald Trump’s election victory was a huge surprise to many, including millions of Republicans (but not to who predicted it 25 times). The surprised people include the Republican Establishment in Washington, DC that gave us losers like Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney and others.

Trump pulled off this victory by going in the complete opposite direction from conventional Republican wisdom in the following ways:

*Trump ran a truly ‘outsider’ campaign with much less money and organization that Hillary Clinton had. He appealed directly to “We the people”. The Republican Establishment assumed that Trump could never win without the big donors and the consultants and the big staff and the get-out-the-vote ‘ground game’ that you allegedly need to win, like phone banks to get voters out on election day.

The Republican Establishment said: “This guy can’t possibly win without using the standard political channels. Trump is a joke.” They were wrong.

*Trump is a rich Republican businessman who flaunted his wealth and success. Republicans fretted that Romney lost because he came across as a wealthy businessman who was detached from everyday Americans, yet Trump is 30 times as wealthy as Romney.

Trump did not hide from his success. He touted it as an example of how smart he is, and how he would manage the federal government more like a business.

The Republican Establishment said: “You can’t elect a super-rich Republican businessman as president. Americans don’t want that because it raises the issue of income inequality.” They were wrong.

*Trump said in the second debate that he has paid little or no federal taxes “because I’m smart”. He said that he had simply taken advantage of the deductions available to him to pay as little as possible in taxes.

He even blamed Hillary Clinton for not changing the laws during her time in public office, laws giving him those deductions both for himself and for Hillary’s rich friends. And Americans looked at Trump and said, ‘Who wants to pay taxes anyway? He IS smart!’

The Republican Establishment said: “This is political suicide. Trump just blew it. He didn’t pay his taxes. Nobody will vote for him.” They were wrong.

*Trump called for extreme vetting of Muslim refugees from Syria. The Republican Establishment said that this would be construed as “racist” and “discriminatory” and that voters would never pick Trump. They were wrong.

*Trump noted that Hillary Clinton “does not have the stamina” to be president. This came after she fainted after leaving the 9/11 memorial in New York, and after she disappeared from the campaign trail for almost two months. Trump repeatedly mocked Hillary for needing naps and lots of time for rest.

The Republican Establishment said: “Trump can’t attack a woman candidate and call her weak. That is sexist. The public will not stand for it.” They were wrong.

*Trump spoke out passionately against third-trimester abortion in the second debate and said that he would appoint Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe v. Wade. He spoke from the heart and you can rest assured that this statement hit a deep chord with millions of Americans who oppose abortion on moral grounds, but who have been told that abortion is simply the law of the land and must be accepted.

The Republican Establishment said: “Game over. This guy will never be elected. We can never talk about abortion except to support full abortion rights.” They were wrong.

*Trump said the wanted to end illegal immigration and build a wall on the Mexican border. For years now the Republican Establishment has said that Republicans had no chance of winning the White House without advocating for amnesty, yet Trump went in the complete opposite direction.

The Republican Establishment said: “Trump will never win. He must reach out to hispanics with amnesty.” They were wrong.

*Trump said that he will reduce regulations including environmental laws that are strangling the economy. He never even mentioned so-called ‘climate change’ in his campaign while Obama and his media cronies have been calling so-called ‘climate change’ the biggest threat of all to mankind.

The Republican Establishment said: “We Republicans must pander to ‘climate change’ since this is what the media and the American people want. It is a huge issue.” They were wrong.

*Trump spoke many times in mangled syntax and incomplete sentences. But the people to whom he was speaking did not care. They had watched Obama’s erudite style for almost eight years and did not want to hear it any more. They want action. They didn’t care about words.

The Republican Establishment said: “Trump cannot win without a smooth speaking style, like Obama’s. Because Obama is really smart.” They were wrong.

*Trump campaigned hard in and won Democratic ‘blue states’ like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by ignoring the pollsters who said that these states were out of reach for a Republican candidate.

The Republican Establishment said: “What the heck is this guy doing? He can’t win those states. In fact we don’t know if a Republican can ever win the White House any more with the electoral map that we have.” They were wrong.

*Trump picked a conservative running mate in Mike Pence, instead of picking a liberal Republican who would have appealed to the Republican Establishment and maybe even to some moderate Democrats.

The Republican Establishment said: “Trump is picking a right-winger for his running mate. It’s over. He cannot win. He should have picked Jeb Bush.” They were wrong.

*Trump ignored the Bush family and Mitt Romney and the rest of the Republican Establishment. He even insulted John McCain’s war record. The Republican Establishment said: “Game over for Trump. You don’t insult a war hero. And you must kiss the Bush family ring if you want to be elected as a Republican.” They were wrong.

*Trump savaged Hillary Clinton over and over. He said that she was corrupt, that her policies had failed and that she had lots of political experience but that it was “bad experience”.

This comes after decades in which Republicans like Mitt Romney and John McCain have avoided hitting Democrats hard, particularly someone who was supposed to be The First Woman President.

*Trump savaged Obama repeatedly over the failure of his policies. The Republican Establishment said: “You can’t criticize Obama. You will be called a racist and you will lose.” They were wrong.

*When Pope Francis impugned Trump for wanting to build a wall on the Mexican border Trump did not run away and cower and apologize. He responded that the Pope has a huge all around the Vatican to keep malicious people away.

The Republican Establishment said: “This guy cannot insult the Pope. Trump is crazy. He has blown it big time.” They were wrong.

*When the media tried to skunk Trump repeatedly he took them on directly and called them deceitful and arrogant. Many Americans loved this. It showed spine against a media that they hate.

The Republican Establishment said: “When the media criticize us Republicans, we must kneel down and beg forgiveness. Otherwise they will tear us apart.” They were wrong.

*Trump appealed directly to the huge white working class vote. Republicans have been saying for years that this voting bloc is not relevant, that a Republican presidential candidate really must focus on blacks and hispanics.

The Republican Establishment said: “Without the latino vote, Trump can never win.” They were wrong.

*Trump flew around on his own personal jet. This gave him an aura of power. The Republican Establishment said: “If he shows off his money, the voters will reject him”. They were wrong.

Now here is a brief commentary about terrorism:

Look at this from

BOSTON (CBS) – The debate over so-called sanctuary cities is heating up in Massachusetts. Several cities including Boston, Cambridge and Somerville do not fully cooperate with immigration officials. And with Donald Trump’s promise to deport undocumented immigrants, defying the soon to be president could be costly.

…(Trump’s) hardline stance is causing some sanctuary cities to push back and reaffirm their status. “Boston is a sanctuary city,” says Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson. …Mayor Walsh appears to be staying the course as well, saying in a statement: “We are a welcoming city for all. These are Boston values and no policy will change them.”

OK, folks, this in a nutshell is why the Boston Marathon was bombed successfully in April 2013 by two Muslim terrorist brothers. Because Boston does not keep track of who is living there. It is a “welcoming city for all.”

So next time you see one of these phony ‘Boston Strong’ bumper stickers or some teary-eyed remembrance of the marathon attack take it with a grain of salt. These liberals are bringing this stuff on themselves, like all liberals do, and then blaming everybody else when bad things happen.

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