Democrats in Frenzy to Scrap Electoral College

Left-wing California Democrat US senator Barbara Boxer has introduced legislation to end the Electoral College system for picking US presidents. This happened after Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote by a margin of 306 for Donald Trump to 232 for Clinton, while Hillary won the popular vote by 1.3 million votes out of 123.6 million votes cast.

Calling for the elimination of the Electoral College system is a standard Democrat tactic – when they lose, that is. The College was established under the Constitution and so Democrats want to end it first because they hate the Constitution and second since they always want to change the system when they lose.

Democrats also won the popular vote in 2000 with presidential candidate Al Gore, but lost in the Electoral College. This has happened in three other presidential elections.

Boxer will not get very far. Changing the system would require a Constitutional amendment which is very hard to do. And since many Americans wonder why we even have the Electoral College in the first place, consider this example:

Imagine that the baseball World Series were decided not by the team that wins four games, but by the team with the most runs after all 7 games are played. This would be like the president winning by the popular vote.

In short, the World Series now is the same as the Electoral College – a system of individual games, like the Electoral College is a system of individual state races.

If the World Series were won by the team with the most runs then every World Series would be 7 games long with the winner being the team that scores the most runs over the 7 games. In other words every World Series would go down to the last inning of the 7th game.

Rush Limbaugh recently gave an example when the New York Yankees lost the Series to the Pittsburgh Pirates even though the Yankees scored a total of 55 runs over seven games while Pittsburgh scored only 27. But the Pirates won four games while the Yankees won three. The Yankees just happened to win several games by big margins.

So will we change the World Series to 7 games, with the most runs winning?

No. Americans seem satisfied with the Series the way that it is.

Our brilliant Founding Fathers established the Electoral College for a variety of reasons. The principal reason is to avoid having presidential candidates campaigning only in heavily populated states and around cities, where people live in large numbers. Without the Electoral College, candidates would avoid large parts of the nation, including sparsely-populated states like we have in the Midwest.

Yet you may think that the candidates now avoid large parts of the nation like Clinton did not campaign in conservative Texas nor did Trump campaign in liberal New York state.

But this is not based on population, but on political factors that are subject to change. For instance Trump won the electoral votes in Michigan and Wisconsin which both have voted Democrat since 1988.

Trump won because Michigan and Wisconsin have had very good results from Republican governors in recent years. So the election in those states shifted on the policies instituted, not by their population, which is usually very slow to change. So the Electoral College system is really flexible while the popular vote is not.

Democrats are whining that Hillary won the popular vote and therefore should have won the presidency. But there are many aspects to this that stand out:

*If the presidency were decided by popular votes then Trump would have campaigned much more aggressively in populated places like New York and California, and would have avoided Iowa and Wisconsin and other smaller states. This probably would have led to Trump getting many more popular votes than Hillary.

*Hillary got millions of votes through fraud, particularly among illegal aliens voting, which Obama encouraged with a statement a few days before the election.

Trump probably would have won the popular vote by 3 to 4 million votes without fraud to help Hillary. But fraud is hard to uproot because Democrats have been cultivating it for decades since it goes overwhelmingly to Democrat candidates.

*Illegal immigrants routinely register to vote with two types of ID – a driver’s license and a Social Security number. This is why Democrats have been seeking to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, while those same illegals can easily get fake Social Security cards.

*We heard repeated reports that voting machines were flipping from Trump to Clinton yet there were no reports of the machines going the other way. So we know that rigged machines were certainly part of the Democrat fraud.

*Fraud also includes ballot box stuffing and even cases where Democrat ballots “magically” turn up in close races as they did in the US Senate race in Minnesota in 2008 which the Democrat won by only 312 votes out of 2.85 million cast.

This happened after the initial vote count was very close, but then hundreds of Democrat ballots turned up just at the right time, and eventually swung the election to the Democrat.

These votes were certainly fraudulent ballots that a Democrat operative had planned to produce in a close race. This also happened in the 2004 gubernatorial election in Washington state. These tactics are perpetrated by hard-core Democrats who are willing to go to jail for vote fraud in order to win, but who rarely are found out.

*We saw a statewide investigation of voter fraud in Indiana before November 8. It focused only on Democrats.

*Democrats are always seeking to water down our election security system in any way possible in order to get more fraudulent votes. For instance they oppose all voter ID laws.

*In New Hampshire, where spent election day holding out a big sign for Donald Trump, you can go into the polling place and register to vote on election day, which you can do in many states.

You must sign an affidavit that you are a citizen of the United States and that you are voting only in New Hampshire. That affidavit is then accepted. In New Hampshire your vote is then counted even before the affidavit is confirmed, which may not happen for weeks or months after the election.

But by then the votes are already counted so there is in effect no confirmation of the voter’s legal status for the current election… just like Democrats want. This is the situation in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

One report said that 90,000 same-day-registration votes were cast in New Hampshire on election day 2016. Most same-day registrations came in college towns and other liberal bastions. This is typical.

This loose system certainly determined the US Senate election in New Hampshire on November 8. In that race incumbent Republican US senator Kelly Ayotte, first elected in 2010, lost re-election by only 1,019 votes out of 738,000 votes cast. She could have asked for a recount since the race was so close, but she did not. That was stupid. Rest assured that no Democrat would ever let a recount opportunity slip by.

Let us hope that the new Republican governor of New Hampshire, and all states, implement systems in which you must register to vote and get your registration verified long before election day. There is an increasing call for this among voter security proponents.

Meanwhile look at this from about a tight governor’s race in North Carolina which still is not decided:

The campaign for North Carolina GOP Gov. Patrick McCrory, whose reelection bid remains too close to call, is seizing on reports of potential voter fraud to raise questions about the integrity of last week’s election.

McCrory trails by as many as 5,000 votes against Democratic challenger Roy Cooper — eight days after the polls closed.

The fraud concerns emerged in a separate local election in Bladen County, where officials have acknowledged “overtly similar” handwriting on several hundred absentee ballots.

This is the kind of courage that Ayotte should have shown. She should have at least called for a recount, and taken it from there.

Who could forget the Florida recount of 2000 when the loser, Democrat presidential candidate Al Gore, went kicking and screaming into recount after recount. And this came after a concerted effort by Gore operatives to negate 1,500 overseas military ballots on the most marginal technicalities.

Meanwhile in 2016 Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, a longtime Clinton crony, sought to have 200,000 Virginia convicted felons given their voting rights back after serving their sentences. He did this since most felons vote Democrat. Fortunately the Virginia supreme court overturned McAuliffe.

So here is the sordid paradox – Democrat Gore sought to eliminate ballots cast by our valiant US military serving overseas while Democrat McAuliffe sought to have convicted felons voting.

We know that the 1960 presidential election was stolen for Democrat John F. Kennedy by his wealthy and corrupt father. Everyone knew it, but Republican Richard Nixon did not protest. If you younger readers do not know about this election, you can look it up on your search engine.

Even Kennedy’s vice president Lyndon Johnson, who eventually went on to become president when Kennedy was assassinated, stole his first election to the US Senate in 1948 from Texas. This case is well documented and is one of the most egregious cases of voter fraud in American history.

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