Media Already Going Nuts over Trump

President-elect Trump went out to dinner Tuesday evening at the famous 21 Club in New York City, just around the corner from his home on 5th Avenue in the Trump Tower skyscraper.

This actually became a major news story not because Trump choked on a pretzel but because Trump did not notify the press and bring them along.

Oh, those poor media losers. They are already feeling the pain of a Trump presidency, that Trump not only dismisses them as biased fools but does not even tell them that he is going out to dinner.

You can just imagine what the media would have done if they knew where Trump was going.

First, they would have blabbered it all over the news and the internet that Trump was at the restaurant in order to hopefully provoke violence against Trump because it would be widely known where precisely he was.

This is how these Liar Media skunks always operate. For instance, a few hours after the 9/11 attacks a reporter said on national TV that president George W. Bush had landed at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. This is exactly what you would never want our enemies to know in the uncertain hours after something like the attacks in New York and Washington.

Perhaps you heard the Liar Media announcing recently that ISIS was encouraging ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks on the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. This was intended by the media to spread the idea of lone-wolf attacks and to encourage them, which is what NBC and CBS and CNN and the rest of their cronies really want since they are full of self-loathing leftists who despise America and the happy people who go to see the parade.

If ran a major news organization I would never allow it to broadcast one syllable of ISIS propaganda.

Now we have C-Span televising the elevator bank at Trump Tower to show who is coming and going to see the president-elect. Why? Does this not show a potential aggressor the layout of the lobby of the Trump residence?

Of course. Trump should have never allowed that TV feed. Common sense security says that you should never reveal anything about your assets to potential enemies.

Now imagine that CNN went along with Trump and his family to dinner at the 21 Club. You can just imagine Anderson Cooper leering at Trump’s steak and opining how many millions of poor Americans do not have the money for such a fine dinner. Or the CNN “climate” reporter declaring that meat consumption contributes to so-called ‘global warming’ or whatever they are calling it these days.

Meanwhile the same media are covering anti-Trump riots as if they are just natural reactions to a newly-elected president. Yet if the Liar Media actually wanted to do so they could easily report on who is funding these riots, i.e., George Soros and other militants in and around the Democrat party, as proven by the Project Veritas videos.

So indeed we have the Trump presidency already exposing the Liar Media for who they really are.

Interestingly four very positive things have already happened after Trump’s big win – the stock market soared, the dollar went to a 14-year high, the nuclear alert level fell to its lowest number, while Ford announced that it was not going to move production of one of its car lines from Kentucky to its new plant in Mexico. These are all good things, but don’t expect the media to attribute them to Trump’s election… which they are all directly attributable to.

The media are in a total frenzy and are pulling out every stop to make Trump look bad. They are now reporting on “minorities” allegedly being insulted and beaten when there is no proof whatsoever of such incidents. In fact it has been exposed already that three of the reported attacks since the election were staged by leftists hoping to blame Trump supporters, just as explained they would do in two recent editorials.

Meanwhile two Trump supporters have been murdered in the past week, which has gone unreported in the Liar Media. And in one case those same media reported that the family of the young black killer in one case was suffering just as much as the family of the murder victim himself. This is how totally vile these media are.

Media skunks have gleefully reported that the Democrat governor of New York state has set up a ‘discrimination hot line’ for people to report on hate crimes, the implication being that these crimes have spiked since November 9 as a reaction to Trump’s election.

Yet if the governor really asked New Yorkers to report hate crimes every day white people would be flooding the lines to report racist attacks, robberies and murders by blacks, which are statistically perpetrated at sky-high rates compared to vice versa. Because we all must remember The Big Truth – that blacks are the most racist people in America.

The Liar Media even reported that Donald Trump is violating the Constitution by refusing to take a salary. This is utterly pathetic. This story exposes the Liar Media grasping at every possible straw now that they are confronting the reality of their massive loss of power over the last 20 years, first and foremost with the rise of anti-media Trump, but also of the internet, conservative talk radio, and most significantly the American people.

The election of Donald Trump is just the latest setback in what the Liar Media see as a permanent trend, with nowhere to go but down. For instance, printed liberal newspapers are hanging on by a thread economically. Good. Let us pray that they all close.

These Liar Media threw everything they had at Trump and he still won. The statistics about the percentage of hostile reports about Trump leading up to the election are shocking. And it all backfired spectacularly. This is just delicious.

Tens of millions of American voters simply tuned out these media reports and that is the most painful thing for the media which sees its credibility and power going down the drain fast. So the Liar Media now are reorganizing and planning new assaults because they have no other game plan but the one that already has failed them.

On the other hand, here is just one way that the Clinton-adoring Washington Post actually hurt Hillary, writing three weeks before the election:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton faces a striking choice in the final three weeks of the campaign: to expand her efforts to states that Democrats haven’t won in a generation, or to stay a current course that, if conditions hold, would deliver her a resounding Electoral College victory.

Therefore we knew that Hillary was saying over and over, “I don’t need to campaign. I’ve got it in the bag!”And that this was a major factor in her loss.

This new fake media narrative continued recently with stories that Trump’s transition team was in turmoil, which was false; that a top Trump advisor is an anti-Semite, which is false; or that Trump had asked for national security clearances for his children, which also was false. Expect this go on for every minute of the Trump presidency.

So here is a truth that you can take to the bank: When the media tell you anything at all about president Trump or his policies, don’t believe it until it is verified. Just reject it outright and wait for confirmation. It may take an hour or a day or a week, but that is what is sadly required in this age of wholesale media treachery.

Now here is a brief word about the environment from

China wants Donald Trump to know that contrary to his notorious 2012 tweet, global warming is not a concept it invented to undermine American manufacturing. At United Nations climate talks in Morocco Wednesday, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin pointed out that Republican presidents helped launch Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change negotiations in the 1980s, USA Today reports. “If you look at the history of climate change negotiations, actually it was initiated by the IPCC with the support of the Republicans during the Reagan and senior Bush administration during the late 1980s,” he said, per

OK, we know that China is the world’s worst polluter, by far. And that China will never, ever stop polluting until the communist government is overthrown. But then they send one of their marxist “climate” goons out to criticize Trump. This is a classic leftist tactic to shift the spotlight from communist destruction of the environment and to point the finger at – who else – but the United States and now Donald Trump.

Let us pray that president Trump dumps every one of these phony ‘climate’ treaties, agreements, protocols, etc.

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