Trump Re-Draws Electoral Map/ Did Fake Polls Doom Hillary?

This presidential election is the gift that just keeps giving.

As I watched the election returns until 3 AM on November 9 I felt like I was back in 1984 watching Ronald Reagan’s re-election, with state after state falling into Trump’s column.

Now we know that Donald Trump won 30 states and 306 electoral voters while Hillary Clinton won 20 states and just 232 electoral votes. That is virtually a “landslide” win considering that Trump was considered to have no chance by most pundits.

But said over and over and over on dozens of occasions throughout 2016 that Trump would win. As early as 2011 I predicted that Trump would be elected president. Because I have studied elections for decades and I know my stuff. And now that Trump has won we have to consider this point: Has Trump now re-drawn the electoral map for decades to come?

The answer is “Yes” if future Republican candidates are willing to learn from Trump. It is also significant that many sad-sack Republicans were claiming since Obama took office that the electoral map is so slanted that Republicans could never win the presidency ever again. They expected Trump to make things worse, even taking Congress down in his defeat.

Humbug. Even the left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore predicted that Trump would win since Moore knows how badly white working-class people are doing in places like his home state of Michigan. Trump appealed directly for these voters.

Even the left-wing candidate Bernie Sanders said that the Democrats blew the election by becoming a black and hispanic party, while ignoring the white working-class vote, which Democrats used to win overwhelmingly. This statement by Sanders is a huge bombshell that the media are ignoring.

Look at the state of Michigan, which Trump won along with its 16 electoral votes. It had not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988. It has been controlled for decades by militant labor unions and their Democrat enablers.

The only problem is that the same unions and Democrats drove the auto industry out of Michigan with strikes, violence and outrageous wage demands, leaving the people looking for answers elsewhere. Donald Trump stepped in to ask them to vote for his policies of national renewal. And hundred of thousands of white working-class voters asked themselves, “What do we have to lose? We already have lost almost everything.”

This happened because Michigan had gone so far downhill that it elected a conservative Republican governor in 2010 and re-elected him in 2014. They did this to clean up the mess that the unions and Democrats had created over several decades, transforming Michigan from one of the richest places in the world to an emasculated, hollowed-out state.

Governor Rick Snyder has done a great job revitalizing the Michigan economy, and seeing his great work the people of Michigan shifted to Trump. In contrast Michigan voted in 2012 for Obama over Romney by 10 points because the people were so acclimatized to voting Democrat and since Romney did not aggressively pursue them, even though Romney’s father was once an auto executive and governor of Michigan.

When Trump does good things for the national economy – which is certain that he will – it will help to create a huge overall shift in the American electorate, just as Michigan shifted significantly. This will re-draw the electoral map for decades to come.

Already Ford announced one week after Trump’s win that it would keep production of one of its car lines in Kentucky rather than moving it to a brand new Ford plant in Mexico. This announcement already has sent Trump’s reputation soaring.

This positive feeling is already being called The Trump Effect and Democrats are desperate to stop it. It means that the very election of Trump is producing good results, without even a single Trump policy in place. And once his policies are put in place The Trump Effect will magnify.

That is why the Democrats are trying to divert us with riots and protests, to make us forget that the nation can and will get better. It is a common tactic from despicable people with a despicable leader in Barack Obama.

Remember that Trump won after the worst media assault in history. So he already has pulled off a stunning upset. Expect this good news to continue as Americans get to know the real Donald Trump and not the media caricature. This too will start to re-draw the electoral map even more solidly.

Trump also won the electoral votes in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, all of which Obama won. And word has it that Bill Clinton was wondering why the Hillary campaign wasn’t campaigning in Wisconsin.

But Hillary’s entire campaign was based on liberal arrogance. She just assumed that the old Democrat coalition, including white working-class voters, would fall into line.

They did not. In fact most of Hillary’s basic assumptions were wrong. For instance Hillary obviously made a huge mistake when she disappeared from the campaign trail for almost all of August and September. The media acted as if this were nothing at all, and Hillary banked on her media cronies to cover up for her absence, and to attack Trump ruthlessly.

But her disappearance was a big issue that mentioned repeatedly and that Trump certainly noticed and made a point of mentioning many times. noticed these six other factors about the final campaign sprint in September and October:

*first and foremost that the Hillary Clinton campaign believed all of the fake media polls and stories that showed her with a huge lead over Trump.

This is going to be seen as one of the most significant blunders to cost Clinton the 2016 election. has been saying for many years now that fake polls showing Candidate A way ahead can certainly have the effect of dispiriting Candidate B and his/her followers, but that these same polls also can induce complacency among the staff and campaign volunteers and followers of Candidate A.

So as it turns out Hillary’s media cronies actually ended up hurting her by giving her and her staff and her followers a false sense of security, that she was coasting to the White House.

Here is just one way that the Washington Post did it, writing three weeks before the election:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton faces a striking choice in the final three weeks of the campaign: to expand her efforts to states that Democrats haven’t won in a generation, or to stay a current course that, if conditions hold, would deliver her a resounding electoral college victory.

Therefore you can imagine Hillary saying over and over, “I don’t need to campaign. I’ve got it in the bag. That’s what the Washington Post says.” There is even a short video on the internet that shows Chelsea and Bill Clinton excitedly hugging Hillary on election day over her expected victory based on exit polls. Imagine their shock a few hours later. Here are five other points about the election:

*the media consistently dismissed huge crowds at Trump rallies as irrelevant ‘anecdotal evidence’ of Trump’s political strength. This was another fallacy of the media narrative that Trump could never win;
*that as Hillary disappeared from the campaign trail that Trump was campaigning vigorously in crucial states and picking up hundreds of thousands of votes with no response whatsoever from Clinton;
*that Hillary was probably in poor health and could not campaign. Trump mentioned this over and over at his campaign events. This harmed Clinton greatly and she never responded;
*that Trump hammered Hillary in the debates;
*that the tiny crowds at Hillary’s rallies actually were doing more harm to her image than not campaigning at all, and so she was in a double bind – she suffered if she campaigned and suffered if she didn’t. This was simply a result of Hillary being a weak candidate.

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