Will Trump Install Conservative Mayors in US Cities?

Look at this from the Washington Times (Washingtontimes.com):

Sen. Jeff Sessions (of Alabama) is on record saying so-called “sanctuary cities” that protect illegal immigrants should be prosecuted. He himself may get that chance next year.

Mr. Sessions is president-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be the next attorney general, and if he’s confirmed, he will mark a 180-degree turn from the Obama administration on a host of issues, but nowhere more so than on immigration, where he’s been the Senate’s leading crackdown proponent.

From his first day in office, Mr. Sessions will have the power to strip some federal funding from sanctuary cities, thanks to rulings this year by the Justice Department’s inspector general, who said federal law requires localities to cooperate with immigration agents — and who provided an initial list of a handful of the worst offenders.

“The sanctuary cities thing is huge. I think most jurisdictions are going to fold like a cheap suit,” said Rosemary Jenks, government relations manager at NumbersUSA, which lobbies for stricter immigration laws.

Some sanctuary cities have already said they’ll resist any effort to change their behavior. They are being prodded by immigrant rights advocates who are calling on Senate Democrats to deny Mr. Sessions the chance to be attorney general, saying he represents a massive step backward for the Justice Department.

OK, folks, this is great news, that we finally have a Republican president who is going to crack down on illegal immigration and particularly on illegal alien criminals (see numbers farther down in this commentary) and so-called “sanctuary cities”. These criminals – up to 2 million of them – are going to be Trump’s first targets.

Meanwhile illegal immigrants break our laws and undercut wages and live on welfare and commit crimes at sky-high rates and the Democrats defend them at every turn and we are supposed to remain silent.

Silent no more!

When someone like Republican Jeff Sessions comes along and says that he will proclaim our national sovereignty by securing our borders and deporting criminal illegals he is on the right side of the law and of history. Breitbart.com reports:

It is not public opinion that stands in the way of deporting all criminal alien felons. Even in progressive California, a large majority of citizens support deportation policies. A University of California survey in 2015 discovered that 74% of Californians oppose sanctuary policies — including 71% of Democrats and 65% of Latinos.

Thus we conservatives must stand up to the minority on the left that wants to continue open borders and protect illegal aliens. We have the will of the people behind us. We must stand tall and build the border wall. We also must deport every non-citizen who has registered to vote in our elections.

Nikitas3.com thinks that it would be great if mayors and other elected and appointed officials like police chiefs in “sanctuary cities”, including the big ones like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, were removed from office, tried and jailed. After all we know for certain that they have broken federal law. They could then be replaced by ‘caretaker’ mayors and police chiefs appointed by Sessions.

Tom Tancredo, a former Republican US congressman from Colorado who has spoken out strongly against illegal immigration for many years, has calculated some of the astounding costs associated with illegal immigrant crime. These numbers put the crisis into perspective. Writes Tancredo on Breitbart.com:

Are citizens in rebellion against deporting the 6,000-plus criminal aliens currently serving jail terms in Colorado’s local jails and state prison facilities? No, only the political establishment finds the idea repugnant.

… The Trump administration and Congress understand that sanctuary city policies have nothing to do with protecting children and families. Obstructing the legitimate enforcement of federal immigration law is about protecting convicted criminals from the consequences of their criminal behavior. Urban politicians will soon learn there are consequences for their criminally negligent behavior as well.

…What are the real numbers? How many criminal aliens will be affected by the unobstructed enforcement of federal immigration law?

• A 2011 report by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that in 2010 there were 55,000 illegal aliens in federal prisons and in 2009, there were 296,000 in state and local facilities.
• ICE documents reveal that there are over 925,000 criminal aliens who have exhausted their appeals and been ordered deported by a court of law but not yet processed for deportation.
• The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) in 2014 estimated there are 1.9 million deportable criminal aliens under current federal law.

As everyone knows, President Obama restricted the list of crimes that trigger deportation to a small number of violent felonies, not all felonies. As a result, since 2010 annual deportation numbers declined dramatically.

President Trump may decide to simply tell ICE agents, “Enforce the law as written by Congress.” In that case, ICE might well start deportation processing for all 1.9 million criminal aliens deportable under current law. Or, Trump could decide to limit initial deportations to all felons. The point is that Trump wants to enforce the law instead of ignoring the law. What a novel concept!

• In 2015, Colorado held 1,893 “ICE eligible’ criminal aliens and received a federal reimbursement grant of $1,170,973 — or about 2% of the actual annual cost of incarceration — $36,892 per inmate or $69,836,556.
• Thus, in 2015 alone, the taxpayers of Colorado were out over $68 million in unreimbursed costs for those 1,893 criminal aliens.
• Colorado has received a total of $64,596,162 in federal reimbursement grants since 1995. CDOC determined in 2008 that the federal reimbursement was only 8 cents on the dollar, so we have to multiply that $64 million figure by 12 to get the true, cumulative cost to state taxpayers. That amount is $774 million in cumulative unreimbursed costs to Colorado taxpayers.

(Here is an added note on another subject: The legalization of marijuana in several states will come to a screeching halt under Trump. Attorney general-designate Jeff Sessions is strongly anti-marijuana and marijuana is illegal under federal law. Some state laws now allow it, since Obama is asking his Justice Department not to enforce the federal law. Sessions will enforce it, and legal marijuana will come to an end. Good.)

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