Trump Must Obliterate Democrat Voter Fraud for Good

Democrats now are calling for a vote recount only in electoral states that Donald Trump won – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. And thus we are seeing the usual Democrat tactic to try any ruse in the name of political power to keep a Republican out of the White House.

A recount already done in Michigan shows Trump winning by 3,000 votes fewer than originally counted on election day, by only 10,704 votes rather than by 13,000+ votes as counted on election day.

This happened because Democrat fraudsters are out in full force illegally adding votes for Clinton in the recount in a last-ditch attempt to keep Trump out of the Oval Office.

This is part of an army of thousands of Democrats nationwide, mostly in cities, who are willing to go to jail to help their party, and have been willing to do so for decades. Some have gone to jail. A statewide investigation of voter fraud in Indiana before the 2016 presidential election involved Democrats only, in every county in the state. You can rest assured that some of them will end up in prison.

The deadline for challenging the Pennsylvania vote has passed, however, and so the Jill Stein challenge is now moot and going nowhere. But let’s look at voter fraud in a larger context.

Here is the Detroit Free Press reporting on the Michigan recount, in heavily-Democrat Wayne County (which includes Detroit):

In Wayne County, Clinton gained 565 votes while Trump got another 32 votes after the results were canvassed and certified by the Wayne County Clerk’s office. Clinton handily won the county by 519,444 to 228,993 margins over Trump. Votes for third party and write-in candidates totalled 34,282 votes.

So notice the big jump in Hillary Clinton votes and a few for Trump, way out of proportion to the actual vote. This is how the fraudsters operate. They always throw in a few Republican votes to make it look legitimate while their real goal is to add as many Democrat votes as possible.

But Democrats are now running scared because they know that if Trump’s Justice Department starts to look into voter fraud nationwide that the Democrat party will be finished since it wins so many elections by fraud.

Donald Trump now has an opportunity to obliterate decades of voter fraud in America. And believes that Trump is going to use the Justice Department to root out fraud on a scale never seen before.

The first thing that a Trump Justice Department needs to do is to begin city-by-city investigations of voting by illegal aliens since illegals make up most of today’s fraudulent voters. Any illegal immigrant found to be registered to vote should be expelled from the United States immediately, no ifs, ands or buts since they violated our laws to come here and then violated our cherished Constitutional privilege to vote.

We conservatives know that Democrats have used voter fraud to win countless elections for decades, including some big ones. For instance:

*illegal aliens voting in every election for many years. This is the big issue that Trump must address. This has surely swung many major elections that we don’t even know about.

*the 2008 US Senate race in Minnesota was won by the Democrat by just 312 votes. Those 312 votes are certainly just a fraction of voter fraud in Minnesota. This win came after many voting irregularities were reported on top of the usual Democrat fraud.

*the razor-thin 2004 gubernatorial election in Washington state was won by the Democrat after 1,500 ballots were suddenly “discovered” in heavily Democrat districts after the vote count on election day was found to be very close. This comes on top of the usual illegal alien voter fraud. Meanwhile the Seattle Times reports that nearly half of Democrat Christine Gregoire’s campaign contributions came from out of state. Typical.

*in the famous Florida Recount in 2000 operatives working for Democrat Al Gore eliminated on the slightest technicalities more than 1,000 military ballots from personnel serving overseas since most would be for George W. Bush, who still won the election by just 538 votes.

*the Biggest Theft of All was the 1960 presidential election stolen for Democrat John F. Kennedy by his wealthy and mafia-connected father.

*Kennedy’s vice president Lyndon Johnson, who went on to become president, won his first election to the US Senate in Texas with a massive fraud of up to 20,000 votes.

Here is an example of what one recent study showed:

Former Justice Department official J. Christian Adams reported on a study that showed over 1,000 self-admitted aliens registered to vote in just eight Virginia counties. Nearly 200 ballots were illegally cast by the alien voters before they were removed from voter rolls. Adams wrote:

…So today we learn that in the key swing state of Virginia, voter registration rolls have been polluted with an excess of a thousand aliens, and most certainly far more. The detailed study by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (which I assisted on) documents more than one thousand aliens on the voter rolls. It provides the government documents with the names.

…In just eight Virginia counties, 1,046 alien non-citizens successfully registered to vote. Mind you, these are just the aliens who were accidentally caught because when they renewed their driver’s license, they told the truth that they were a non-citizen.

That’s because of Motor Voter. Motor Voter, or the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, mandates that anyone who applies for a driver’s license must be offered voter registration. To register, they must merely mark a checkbox that they are a citizen and sign the form. It’s a yes-no question, and thousands are lying — just in Virginia.

Virginia has no citizenship verification requirements like other states do, so the vulnerabilities in Motor Voter are amplified. Voter ID is no solution either. These aliens are getting registered to vote when they are getting their photo ID cards!

…Even in this small sample, when the voting history of this small sample of alien registrants is examined, nearly 200 verified ballots were cast before they were removed from the rolls. Each one of them is likely a felony. Again, this is from just a small sampling of Virginia counties. Each of the aliens we have discovered to have registered or voted has likely committed a felony. Will the Justice Department act now that their names, registration records and dates of voting are herein provided?

This is in a state where Republican Mark Obenshain lost his race for attorney general in 2013 by 165 votes. Mark Herring, the Democrat who beat him, has distinguished himself by bringing Eric Holder-style lawlessness to the Commonwealth of Virginia…

… “Dozens of aliens have voted in past elections in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Most aliens get registered through Motor Voter. Election officials in Philadelphia take no proactive steps to prevent or remove alien registration. Thousands of ineligible felons are on the rolls in Philadelphia and the election officials do nothing about it and don’t even think it’s a problem.”

OK, so imagine that the Trump Justice Department looks into every election precinct nationwide. Groups like True The Vote are well prepared to assist in such an investigation, or show how it should be done, since they already are doing them on their own.

If such an investigation proceeds we will find the key to thousands of Democrat victories from town council to US president over the last 70 years.

This so-called “motor voter” law was originally a Democrat proposal that is now nationwide. It is rife for fraud and is an extension of the Democrat scheme to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Right?

Right. Democrats have also pushed for every type of loose election practice such as:

*Same-day voter registration: This is now allowed in 11 states. In New Hampshire, where spent election day campaigning for Trump, voters are allowed to register on election day and vote. Their vote is counted even without their affidavit being verified. This easily could have led to incumbent New Hampshire Republican US senator Kelly Ayotte’s loss by just 1,019 votes out of 738,000 votes cast. Ayotte should demand a recount and an investigation into fraud.

*ID not required: Obviously if no ID is required to vote anyone can vote under any name. This is why Democrats seek to bar ID laws. There is a famous Project Veritas video on the internet of a fake voter (an actor) asking at a Washington, DC polling place about the ballot of Eric Holder, the attorney general of the United States at the time.

The actor was offered the ballot by the poll worker, although the actor carefully worded his inquiry so that he was not actually asking for the ballot. And he did not take the ballot (that would be illegal) but easily could have taken the ballot and voted under Holder’s name since he did not have to prove that he was Holder with an ID.

*Death threats against electors: This is new in 2016, with left-wing lunatics threatening the lives of electors who legally are required to cast their ballots for Donald Trump. This is the type of intimidation that Democrats have been using for decades in different ways.

*In an interview five days before the 2016 presidential election Obama suggested that illegal aliens could vote without worry of being found out.

*Dead voters: There are millions of Americans who have died but whose names have not been removed from the voter rolls. So now just imagine that a Democrat knows that his uncle has died. He can easily go to his uncle’s polling place and vote if the name has not been removed from the rolls, if no ID is required. On a grand scale, crooked Democrat voter registrars can compile millions of names nationwide of dead voters and voters can then be instructed how to do the fraud in an organized system.

*’Found’ ballots: There are known instances in two major races where Democrat ballots were magically “found” after the vote count looked very close, like 133 ballots “found” in a single envelope in the 2008 Senate election in Minnesota mentioned above, and the “found” ballots in the Washington state gubernatorial race mentioned above. These are virtually certainly extra ballots tucked away by crooked Democrats in case the election is close.

*Early voting: The farther you move voting away from election day, the more it is open to fraud. Early voting is available in 32 states. If there are going to be changes to relieve election day lines, believes that election day should be moved to the first Saturday and Sunday in November, with the polls open 12 hours each day.

*Online voter registration: This means that an illegal voter does not even have to face the voter registrar in person, making fraud much easier. Online registration is now available in 23 states.

*Voter registration for those younger than 18: Fourteen states now have enacted pre-registration for 16-and 17-year- olds so that they can then be all signed up to vote when they turn 18. Why? believes that you should register on your 18th birthday, or one month before your 18th birthday if it close to election day. Allowing two years for registration simply allows more fraud.

*Allowing illegal aliens to vote legally. We have seen efforts toward this in California, New York and Massachusetts. Then Democrats say that it is only for local elections, but it certainly goes beyond that. Here is Judicial Watch from May 19, 2010:

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors wants immigrants who don’t have voting rights to cast ballots in school board elections if their children attend public schools in the northern California county. The president of the county’s Board of Supervisors, David Chiu, introduced the legislation this week.

Here is

A (Democrat) New York lawmaker wants to grant many of the rights of citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants and non-citizen residents, including the right to vote in local and state elections, under a bill introduced on Monday.

The New York Is Home Act is the first bill in the United States that would provide such broad rights to non-citizens who can show they have lived and paid taxes in New York for at least three years, according to the bill’s sponsor, state Senator Gustavo Rivera.

*Fake legal charges against Republicans: We have seen repeated efforts by Democrats to ambush Republican office seekers with false legal charges. Governor Rick Perry of Texas was hit with one of these suits last year in order to keep him out of the 2016 presidential primaries. Incumbent Alaska US senator Ted Stevens was hit with fake charges in 2008 that led to his losing his seat. State senate leader Joe Bruno in New York was convicted on false charges that eventually were dropped. Ditto US congressman Tom DeLay of Texas. And the granddaddy of all was 1992 when former Republican defense secretary Caspar Weinberger was hit with fake charges just a few days before the election. This contributed to the defeat of incumbent Republican president George HW Bush. Weinberger eventually was cleared.

*Welfare voters: This is the biggest travesty of all, but it unfortunately is not legal fraud but rather it is moral fraud. Millions of people who are living off of the taxpayer, who have never contributed to society, are voting, and overwhelmingly voting for Democrats in order to entrench the Welfare State that they are sucking dry.

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