We’ll All Get Richer in Trump Economy, including Trump Haters

First, congratulations to president-elect Trump for negotiating a deal to keep the Carrier air conditioning production plant in Indiana. Carrier had planned to move to Mexico.

This is what we need in the White House – a strong leader like Trump to advocate for America. Obama, on the other hand, has watched as factories have fled while illegal aliens have flooded in. It is no wonder that the American economy is in such bad shape. Good riddance to Obama. And welcome president Trump! Now here is today’s main commentary:

According to the Brookings Institution, the counties in which Hillary Clinton won the majority of votes (less than 500 counties) combined to generate 64% of America’s economic activity in 2015 while the 2,600+ counties that Donald Trump won, with much sparser populations each, combined to generate just 36%.

And you may wonder ‘How can this be. After all, aren’t all of the rich people in America Republicans? Don’t Republicans control most of our wealth?’

The answer is a resounding NO. That is only the outdated myth that Democrats propagate over and over. In fact the opposite is true today and the above voting statistics prove it indisputably once again.

The overwhelming majority of rich Americans today are leftists and Democrats. In some places like Hollywood, they are 98% Democrats. The richest neighborhood in America is the Upper East Side of New York City, which is represented in Congress by far-left Democrat congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.

The two biggest figures on Wall Street – Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon – are both ultra-rich Obama-loving socialists. Super-wealthy Silicon Valley gave 95% of its campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton. The four richest men in America – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg – all support Obama strongly. And on and on.

The myth of the “wealthy Republican” dates back 100 years and more to the days when industrial tycoons like Henry Ford (producing cars) or James J. Hill (builder of the Great Northern Railway) or Andrew Carnegie (steel) earned fortunes “making things” in the ‘hard’ side of the economy, with factories and muscle and manpower and fire and smoke and raw resources like iron ore consumed by the millions of tons.

These men had a completely different and much more conservative view of the world than today’s billionaires because they earned their wealth in a different way. Today’s tycoons earn their wealth in the ‘soft’ side of the economy like Bill Gates (computer programming), Warren Buffett (investments), Jeff Bezos (internet bookseller) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook internet site). Nobody working for these guys has ever gotten their hands dirty.

Facebook, for instance, employs only about 3,000 people in its offices in California. Donald Trump, on the other hand, with only about 20% of the personal wealth of Zuckerberg ($45 billion), has employed tens of thousands of people over the years in his real estate empire. So don’t think of computers and the internet as some big savior of our economy. We need good ol’ manufacturing very badly, and construction. This is why the Carrier deal is the beginning of a new day for America.

Trump earned his fortune the old-fashioned way, building real estate girder by girder, brick by brick. Trump is more like the old-fashioned tycoons. That is why his persona is so different from Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. And his political outlook too.

American academics on the socialist left have been attacking the tycoons for decades, and by extension Trump, as Robber Barons. Yet when those tycoons got rich, everyone got rich. Jobs were plentiful and optimism ran high in a booming economy during that Golden Age of the late 19th and early 20th century America. On the other hand, the real Robber Barons today are the socialists like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. As they get rich America is getting poorer. Have you noticed?

The above statistic about the counties and how they voted shows why Trump rose up. Because increasingly we are seeing a socialistic economy with wealth concentrated in our liberal cities and also in their rich suburbs (which used to be Republican but where liberals are now concentrating) while wealth is drained out of the rest of the nation, particularly out of rural areas where the people are conservative.

For most of American history economic growth spread itself around the nation. You could go into any small town and find a job in a factory. Rural areas had prosperity since farming, logging and mining required large labor forces and created great wealth.

Efficiency has changed that picture significantly. We now import from Asia many of the products, like shoes and furniture, that once were made in small-town American factories. Meanwhile only a small number of people are now needed to farm huge tracts of land with large tractors and combines.

Logging is done by efficient machines, not individual men with chain saws. Ditto mining and oil/natural gas development, which benefit from efficient “fracking” that greatly reduces the amount of labor needed. This is all a natural result of our increasingly technological economy.

But man-made forces from the socialist left have compounded the problem significantly. Labor unions destroyed major industries like steel with strikes and outrageous wage demands. Environmentalism has restricted logging with wood-products giants like Weyerhaeuser emasculated by ‘green’ restrictions. Mining, oil, natural gas and coal development are challenged by Democrats and “green” regulations everywhere that they are proposed. This has greatly harmed rural and small-town America, shifting wealth more and more out of rural areas.

This is why Donald Trump’s message to bring back industry and development in rural parts of America and to lift government and ‘green’ restrictions had so much appeal to millions of working-class white people in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. These people used to vote Democrat.

Just think of this example – an artist with a master’s degree, living in the nice suburbs of Philadelphia, teaching drawing and painting classes at a university and selling his artworks on the side, can have a vastly softer life and a much higher standard of living than a hard-working high-school-educated male living in a small town in rural Pennsylvania.

The artist is a liberal, while the small-town male is a conservative. And the artist, seeing his wealth coming from his liberal environment, continues to support liberalism with no regard for those who are suffering under the government/’green’ restrictions that harm the small towns and which the artist supports as a liberal.

Another example: A lawyer in the wealthy suburbs of San Francisco, where far-left Democrat congresswoman Nancy Pelosi presides, may earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year while 150 miles away a family struggles in a rural mountain town with no hope of advancement as the economy there withers under relentless “green” obstruction.

Another example: A federal government worker in Washington, DC at a do-little or do-nothing job earns $150,000 per year and full benefits and pension while the rules and regulations promulgated by that worker’s agency, like EPA, destroy jobs all over rural and small-town America.

In other words the globalists and socialists are happy with the status quo because they are getting richer. And do you know what the sad thing is?

It is that the urban/suburban socialists are going to generally get even wealthier under Donald Trump. Because Trump is going to improve the economy, which will make everyone richer, including the people who hate Trump, who already have too much of our nation’s wealth to start with.

It is being projected that economic growth could double or more under Trump to as much as 4% or 5% annually. During Obama’s two terms, when growth never topped 2%, Obama will have created about 10.5 million jobs by the time he leaves office, and many of them are part-time jobs and low-quality jobs like dishwasher and nursing-home work. Even the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee admitted that Obama jobs are poor in quality.

It is being projected that Trump will create up to 25 million jobs in 8 years and that they will be much better quality jobs. If you take the number of jobs created under Ronald Reagan in his two terms (16 million jobs created between 1981 and 1989) and convert that proportionally to the larger economy today, Reagan would have created about 23 million jobs in today’s economy.

Trump indeed is going to help to re-invigorate the “forgotten” economies of rural and small-town America. The Carrier plant is just a start. Another way he plans to do this is to allow the development of American oil, natural gas and coal resources, which could easily add tens of trillions of dollars of wealth and millions of high-paying jobs to the economy over the next 8 years.

The primary beneficiaries of this added wealth will be white working-class Americans who live in small towns and rural areas where the oil wells and coal mines and natural gas wells are located.

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