Great News about US Senate / Bold Trump Foreign Policy

First, here is a highly encouraging word about the US Senate: Republicans will control 52 seats out of 100 in the next Senate session, giving them majority power. They may get to 53 because Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a conservative Democrat, may turn Republican.

This is extra good news because Republicans were predicted to lose majority control of the Senate in the recent presidential election.

Now here is the great news. In 2018 eight Republican US senators are up for re-election but twenty-five(!) Democrats are up.

This could be a huge electoral opportunity for Republicans, particularly if Trump is doing well at reforming the nation and the economy and also because Republicans are doing very well in mid-term elections.

If Republicans should win enough seats to get to the “magic number” of 60 seats then Trump will have unlimited power since 60 seats is a special number that gives great authority to the party with 60 seats, and since the House is expected to remain under strong Republican control for many years to come.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

President-elect Donald Trump has nominated James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as secretary of defense. And one look at Mattis should strike fear into the hearts of America’s enemies. Mattis is one tough-looking dude in the mold of US military heroes from our nation’s rough-and-tumble history.

Good. We need a genuine commander running our military. Enough with these multicultural losers who are more interested in whether sex-changers can have their operations paid for by the military than whether our military has the weaponry, the courage and the will to fight.

James N. Mattis was born September 8, 1950 and is a retired United States Marine Corps general. He last served as the 11th Commander of United States Central Command from August 11, 2010 to March 22, 2013.

Mattis is a real man like Trump is a real man, not some wishy-washy metrosexual like Obama who has set “rules of engagement” that don’t allow our military to fight the enemy without asking ‘pretty please’ first. Thus we can all breathe easier with Mattis and Trump in charge, and more to come. Expect a major Trump overhaul of the military command, replacing weakling multicultural Obama appointees with people who care about human rights and about American power and prestige.

Donald Trump also showed courage and common sense in talking by phone after his victory to the president of Taiwan, with which the US severed official diplomatic relations in 1979.

Taiwan is an island off the coast of China that is about half the size of West Virginia where a new nation was founded by Chinese fleeing the mainland at the time of the communist takeover of mainland China in 1949. Taiwan’s population today is 23.5 million.

Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, is now a prosperous democracy, with which you would expect the United States to have good relations. Unfortunately America has conducted a “one China” policy for the last 37 years, treating the communist dictatorship on the mainland of China as the only ‘official’ China and treating Taiwan like a non-entity. Trump’s conversation with the president was considered a diplomatic no-no.

On the other hand the US today has strong trade and defense ties with Taiwan, selling Taiwan much of its military equipment along with the understanding that the US would intervene if Taiwan is attacked and needs assistance. In short the “one China” policy is all talk but it is important talk in the phony world of ‘diplomacy’.

This “one China” policy is now ending with Donald Trump. Good. It’s about time. has been calling for this for decades now.

Trump’s phone conversation with Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen drew anger from the mainland communist dictators. This is expected since communists are angry, vicious and emotional people who hate anyone who upstages them in the slightest way.

The American Liar Media had a meltdown that Trump violated the “one China” policy in talking to the leader of Taiwan, yet the same media heaped slobbering praise on Obama for opening up relations with the murderous dictators in Cuba.

To give this situation historical perspective, consider that US policy for decades also depended on a liberal policy of official “appeasement” of the communist Soviet Union. Liberals and leftists in the US wanted America to just get along with the communists and to not actively oppose them on an ideological basis or to criticize, undermine or seek to overthrow them.

Republican Ronald Reagan (US president from 1981 to 1989) turned this on its head. Reagan was elected as an anti-communist leader and the American media, intellectual classes and leftist Democrats hated him for it. They said that Reagan was going to start a nuclear war with the Soviets.

In 1983 Reagan publicly called the Soviet Union an “evil empire”, causing the socialists and communists in America great alarm. Reagan worked actively to confront and undercut Soviet authority with the assistance of world leaders like Margaret Thatcher in Britain and Pope John Paul II.

In 1991 Soviet communism fell onto “the ash heap of history” where Reagan said it belonged. American leftists were furious. They had lost a major “friend” while Reagan accomplished his goal without firing a single shot. Amazing. Let us hope that Trump foments freedom in mainland China.

President-elect Donald Trump has no sympathy for communist China. He has slammed China for its unfair trade practices and for its tyrannical government, and you can rest assured that Mattis and hundreds of other top US military officials have been watching the massive Chinese military buildup with grave concern precisely as Obama has gutted US armed forces.

Let us pray that Trump now picks a hard-liner for secretary of state, someone who will treat communist China with the scorn that it deserves. After all, the only way to defeat evil is to define it and then bring it down one way or another as Reagan did with the Soviet Union.

We also have a president-elect in Donald Trump who has promised to smash the ISIS terrorists in the Middle East and to seriously investigate terrorist infiltration into the United States. He can do both easily as president.

This comes in contrast with Obama who has had an open-borders policy, who withdrew US troops from Iraq which led to the rise of ISIS, who has refused to attack ISIS with full force, and who cheered on the ‘Arab Spring’ uprising in 2011 in Egypt and Libya which we conservatives knew was a steppingstone for the rise of radical Islam.

Fortunately a pro-American military government has taken control in Egypt from the radicals who did indeed rise to power. Obama has treated this government with veiled contempt but fortunately Trump already has opened good relations with it.

In Iraq and Syria Trump has vowed to obliterate the ISIS terrorists, and with ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as his defense secretary we can rest assured that the terrorists are already plotting their exit strategy for January 20 when Trump takes office.

Those of us old enough to remember recall the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-1981 under a weak Democrat US president Jimmy Carter. The radical hostage holders released their 52 American captives only at the very moment on January 20, 1981 that president Reagan completed the oath of office because they knew what would happen if they did not.

In short, Reagan’s reputation preceded him and you can be sure that Trump’s will too.

Trump also is going to improve relations with Russia, whereas president Vladimir Putin certainly disdained Obama and considered Hillary Clinton to be a joke. Putin is a strong leader who understands that Trump is a “real man” with whom he can do business.

Significantly Trump is going to treat Israel as a friend and an ally instead of as a distant acquaintance, as Obama has. Trump also plans to treat the terror state of Iran like the enemy that it is. This will improve the world greatly.

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