New World Order is Crashing Down Around Us

There recently was a photo on the internet of five “globalist” world leaders – of France, the US, Germany, Britain and Italy – of which four are now out of office or preparing to leave.

The survivor is German chancellor Angela Merkel, and if current trends hold she will be voted out in 2018. She has become wildly unpopular for allowing 1 million Muslim immigrants into her nation of 80 million. Those Muslims are committing gross acts of crime and terrorism.

Meanwhile socialist/globalist French president Francois Hollande has the lowest approval ratings of any French leader since the 1940s. He has announced that he will not run for re-election in 2018 after one term in office. This is no surprise, coming after the Muslim immigrant invasion of France in 2016 and the ensuing chaos, all of which Hollande allowed.

Meanwhile we have the British voting to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump in the USA. All in all not a pretty picture for the globalist elite.

This, friends, all marks the beginning of the end for the New World Order.

And it is important to know exactly who these people are since they go under different names like NWO and The Illuminati.

This New World Order is really is nothing more than socialism, communism and one-world government. It includes many of the world’s political leaders, and many of the richest people who can affect change transnationally.

The colorless, faceless government bureaucrat, like those in the European Union parliament and various national governments and their hangers-on, is the public face of NWO. The bureaucrats foist on the people of the world whatever the Illuminati pleases like open borders, “climate change” and other policies that are dictated by the elites like Merkel and Mark Zuckerberg in the USA.

One arrogant NWO official in Italy even told the people of his nation that they must open up their homes to the African immigrants who have been flooding into Italy and causing chaos. Thus it is no wonder that the Italians just voted the NWO scoundrels out and then marched in the streets against the European Union. Watch this movement. It is going to become very powerful.

These NWO skunks hold endless international meetings and “retreats” to discuss ‘global warming’ and other issues that they call significant, for instance at the ritzy Swiss ski resort of Davos to mull over world issues and the global economy and their effect on us “little people”.

Never mind that most of the world’s people would be vastly better off without NWO policies.

Fortunately the “little people” have been rising up for decades now and throwing out the Illuminati since the Illuminati have ruined the lives of billions. It all started with the destruction of the Berlin Wall in Germany in 1989 and now is rolling across the globe with relentless force, for instance with the recent fall of two darling far-left leaders in Brazil and the election of conservative mayors in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The inanity of the NWO is being exposed every day, like the Italian official mentioned above. This comes out of pure arrogance and the aloofness of the elites from the everyday lives of their people.

As NWO leaders lose their offices and their legitimacy the leader of communist China is going to attend the Davos meeting for the first time ever in 2017. So a deadbeat communist is going to join the other losers in Davos to look out on a world that none of them thought possible just two years ago.

If I were a member of the ruling communist cabal in China I would be looking over my shoulder every day. China will fall, friends. Freedom-lovers are on the rise.

The NWO offers us the usual traits of the atheist left. It is thoroughly materialistic, bureaucratic, secular, cluelessly intellectual, and anti-Christian, which we have seen in Obama’s repeated statements disparaging Christianity. It favors open borders, which means the infiltration of the advanced countries by hordes of poor people, particularly Muslims. This is intended to dilute and weaken the wealthy Christian nations and make them ripe for Illuminati domination.

The New World Order is defined on as a “conspiracy theory” about “the emergence of a totalitarian world government”.

But it is not a theory. It is a reality. Communism, socialism, the European Union, the United Nations and our Washington, DC elite, along with super-wealthy snotbags like Zuckerberg and George Soros and Carlos Slim in Mexico all have joined forces to try to make a global government that rules every citizen’s life with uniform worldwide laws.

This also would explain why the leader of China is now going to attend the Davos confab for the first time since China is the ultimate existing example of totalitarian control, and a model that the Illuminati looks upon with envy.

So welcome to the Davos club, Mr. Communist China… now that the club is shutting down.

The New World Order wants to impose every type of restriction on human freedom – laws, rules, regulations, “green” mandates, speech codes, limits on energy use, etc. It wants endless taxes in order to impoverish and control the people. It wishes to control all education and media in order to control all thought.

The totally corrupt United Nations is the perfect example of NWO arrogance, a bunch of incompetent neanderthals that spends its days plotting which part of the world it wants to control. It indeed is totalitarianism by a selfish thug elite. Fortunately it also is widely considered to be a joke.

Donald Trump is hated by the globalists because he wants to roll back their template which defines the world’s nations as one global unit and not as separate entities. Trump wants to “put America first” and close our borders in order to maintain our national sovereignty. Good. This concept is spreading like wildfire, particularly in Europe.

This is why the American media did everything in their power to smear Trump since these media skunks like CNN act as the propaganda arm of the NWO, with every possible privilege.

But the New World Order is really a weak, bureaucratic movement that can only stay in power through fraud, deception, propaganda and military power. It is based on words and slogans like “climate change” and not deeds. It rules through government fiat with the will of the people ignored. And that is precisely why it is collapsing before our very eyes. Because “we the people” are much smarter and much stronger and more united than the Illuminati thinks. Good. Onward!

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