Donald Trump is Already President

There has never been a political leader quite like Donald Trump. He was elected just five weeks ago, and does not take office for another 6 weeks, yet he already seems to have a commanding presence as the leader of the United States.

On the Fox News channel host Chris Wallace even referred to Trump as “president Trump”. While this would appear to be simply a slip of the tongue it reflects what is really going on. Expect to see much more of this. Indeed we are a nation already being transformed by Trump.

And while Obama sought to move America far to the left Donald Trump is set to undo the Obama agenda very quickly. In fact Americans already seem to be forgetting Obama, and for good reason since Obama is a forgettable president who was elected only on account of his race. always said that Obama was a weak leader who was ruling against the founding principles of America and who would eventually fail.

This is proving true. On December 7 Obama made himself look stupid yet again when he claimed that the rise of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq was a surprise to him (notice that he does not call it ISIS in order to subtly cloud the issue):

He said, “The ability of ISIL to not just mass inside of Syria, but then to initiate major land offensives that took Mosul (Iraq), for example, that was not on my intelligence radar screen.”

This is utterly absurd. Obama was warned over and over that his policy to withdraw US troops from Iraq would leave a power vacuum that would be filled by terrorists but he ignored the advice since it was given by people whom he did not like or respect, like former president George W. Bush.

This is the same ISIS that Obama described as the “jay-vee team” of terrorism (i.e., nothing to be afraid of) which was a despicable characterization for the millions of people whose lives have been destroyed and disrupted by this murderous Islamic group.

These comments show how clueless this president is, and this all is now converging to devour Obama’s legacy which he arrogantly assumed would be protected by the election of Hillary Clinton.

Not so. Obama gets even worse. He told soldiers in Florida recently “that each of us has…the universal right to speak your minds and to protest against authority; to live in a society that’s open and free; that can criticize our president without retribution.”

Oh, so now that Obama was considered beyond criticism on account of his race we have Obama going after Trump in the most ungracious terms after Trump has been very respectful of Obama.

This is classic leftist behavior and is utterly shameful and is only going to further shred what is left of Obama’s tattered legacy. Good. Let’s shred on.

In contrast we saw Donald Trump on December 8 visiting Ohio for a ‘victory tour’ rally. He wanted to thank the people for voting him in as president. This shows that Trump does not take his election for granted. He seems humbled by his victory, in contrast to Obama who seemed to think that he was owed the Oval Office and Hillary Clinton who seemed to think that America owed her the post of First Woman President.

But the failure of the Obama presidency shows that we should elect our leaders not on the basis of racial or sexual grievance, but on merit.

While in Ohio Trump took the time for a private meeting with the people harmed and adversely affected by the recent terror attack at an Ohio university.

Rather than seek to publicly capitalize on the meeting Trump met privately with the people and is certain that they all were very moved, including Trump himself. After all, Trump was acting from his heart, not in order to promote himself and his agenda. Trump made a brief statement to the media after the meeting, as if he were the president giving a statement to the press. You could just feel that he already was president.

Obama, on the other hand, ran to the site of every terror attack and mass shooting and made taunting speeches to aggrandize himself and to promote his gun-control agenda, which was an offensive tactic at times of shock for millions of people.

This comes out of the fact that Obama is a self-centered leftist who thinks only about himself and his agenda, while Trump already is proving himself to be a leader of all the people. They are opposites, and in the long run one always fails and the other always wins.

One of the most interesting things that is happening in the transition to Trump is the media coverage of the people visiting Trump Tower over possible appointments to the incoming administration.

This is what makes Trump’s presence in the heart of New York City so remarkable, in his own luxury skyscraper, no less. Trump Tower, which walked past hundreds of times during my 13 years living in New York City, now has become perhaps the most famous site in the city for 20 million tourists who visit every year. What a unique president…

And so we get these media people and all of America speculating according to who is going up the elevators at Trump Tower to visit with the president-elect. Two of the most noteworthy visitors were the ‘global warming’ alarmists Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio.

These visits caused a buzz in the “green” community and in the media that Trump was somehow listening to these goons and that somehow he is going to pursue a “green” agenda. But in the days following the Gore-DeCaprio visits Trump went in the opposite direction and picked a pro-oil-and-natural-gas figure to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. believes that Trump was meeting with Gore and DiCaprio in order to mollify his “green” feminist daughter Ivanka who is very liberal on many issues. also suggests that Trump should keep his daughter at arm’s length during his presidency.

Meanwhile look at the tsunami of publicity that Trump already has generated in saving the Carrier jobs in Indiana and over the $50 billion investment that his election is encouraging from Softbank of Japan into the US. Meanwhile Dow Chemical is planning to invest in a new innovation center in Michigan, which would not have happened without Trump.

These events have totally eclipsed the increasingly irrelevant Obama as Americans focus on a more prosperous future and seek to forget the past eight years.

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