Here’s What Real ‘Fake News’ Is

First, my thoughts and prayers go out for the Coptic Christians killed and injured by Islamic demons in a terror attack in the cathedral in Cairo, Egypt on Sunday, December 11. The scourge of radical Islam must be expunged from the earth, and president Trump will help this to happen. It cannot happen too soon. recommends that all Muslims who are not American citizens should be expelled from the United States immediately and replaced by Middle Eastern Christians who are suffering under Islamic terror.

Of course every day under Islam is terror. That is why Muslims all over the world want desperately to come to America in order to escape the oppressed, dark and backward world that Islam has created.

Now here is today’s commentary:

We keep hearing the term “fake news” as if the term has been around forever. Yet the term “fake news” has only been around for about a month or so. I don’t even remember hearing it before the election.

“Fake news” has existed since the beginning of time. It is also called ‘misinformation’ or even ‘disinformation’ and while Democrats claim that it is a product of conservatives this in itself is “fake news”. In fact “fake news” appears to be overwhelmingly a leftist tactic, like voter fraud is 99% Democrat.

“Fake news” could be anything from sensationalist grocery-store tabloids (Baby with Three Heads) to modern-day websites presenting as fact deceptive news or fictitious theories like ‘global warming’.

And of course there is “fake news” all over the internet, but that is the nature of the internet. Anyone can say whatever they want and we all have to be on guard about what we accept as the truth. The most salient point, however, is that the major news outlets in America like CBS and the New York Times are disseminating and have been disseminating “fake news” for decades.

In an ironic twist of fate “fake news” by the Establishment Media actually brought down Hillary Clinton in the recent election. In presenting the “fake news” narrative that Clinton was unbeatable the media simply spread complacency throughout the Clinton camp and among her voters.

If Clinton had not been so complacent and had campaigned a little harder in just three states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan she could have won the election.

The issue of “fake news” is serving two important roles for Democrats and their cronies in the Establishment Media (CBS, NBC, New York Times, etc.):

*The media lied, deceived and obfuscated in every way possible about Donald Trump and his chances of winning the presidency. So when he won their malicious reporting was exposed and has caused a further loss of credibility in a media that already was suffering from up to 90% public disapproval.

Thus today they are charging everyone else with making “fake news” as a way for these same media skunks to distract us from their own “fake news”. This is a classic Democrat tactic to always seek to shift the spotlight from their own bad behavior by accusing someone else of that very same behavior.

*These same media sources are using the charge of “fake news” to smear independent or conservative media outlets and talk radio hosts who have raised questions about credibility of the Establishment Media. This is intended to undermine those who are challenging the Establishment Media monopoly on the news.

In short, the charge of “fake news” is the last gasp of the dying Establishment Media in a desperate attempt to hold onto power and legitimacy.

“Fake news” actually is being perpetrated overwhelmingly by the Establishment Media themselves and has been for decades starting with a reporter named Walter Duranty at the New York Times in the 1930s who eventually won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting glowingly on the communist Soviet Union while ignoring the mass genocide and deprivation going on there. This was perhaps the most despicable “fake news” episode in history and it went on for years.

Other major “fake news” stories in the more recent past include the phony story alleging former president George W. Bush’s deficient National Guard record which was reported in September 2004 by Dan Rather of CBS in an effort to derail Bush’s re-election bid in November. Instead Bush won and Rather lost his job, along with his lifetime reputation as a TV reporter. Good.

On the other hand I have never seen conservatives like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Mark Levin or Ann Coulter accused of “fake news” or even making false statements (except in minor cases where they made immediate retractions or corrections) since conservatives value the truth while liberals consider the truth malleable or outright expendable.

Other “fake news” includes the media ignoring serial lying by Hillary Clinton, for instance lying six times in public statements about her e-mail server (with FBI refuting each statement); or her claim that she had once landed under sniper fire in a war zone. There are dozens of other such stories involving Hillary and her husband, probably hundreds if we really looked into it, since the Clintons are pathological liars.

Here are other “fake news” stories and narratives perpetrated by the socialist left and their Establishment Media friends in their ongoing effort to turn reality upside down:

Black people are discriminated against:
This is the granddaddy of all. After 50 years of the most generous handouts in the history of the world, along with every possible preference, job opportunity, college scholarship, rent subsidy, etc., blacks are now the most privileged people in America while whites are the most discriminated-against.

Trump can’t win: This was the biggest “fake news” story of 2016. These media skunks ignored the actual facts before their eyes, like huge crowds at Trump rallies and the massive shift of white working-class voters to Trump.

Hillary had an insurmountable lead: This was part of the media’s “fake news” report every election cycle, that the Democrats are way ahead and cannot be beaten. And after 50 years of this stuff Republicans now dominate American politics like they have not since the 1920s thus proving that “fake news” is not only dishonest but it is backfiring. But hey, like your mother told you – don’t lie.

Democrat US Senate majority leader Harry Reid claimed falsely in 2012 that wealthy Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had not paid any taxes, and the media let the story go viral. So it is “fake news” when the media refuse to expose “fake news” like Reid’s fake charge.

Russia stole the election for Trump: For decades Soviet communism infiltrated every aspect of American life and heavily influenced us. The left-wing media did everything they could to deny the story, as in the Duranty case above. Now after just one single election loss, and with no proof whatsoever, those same media are going hysterical about Russian intervention in our election.

15.6 million jobs: The New York Times recently reported on its front page that Obama has created 15.6 million jobs during his presidency, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that he has created just 10 million. So don’t ever trust anything you read in the New York Times. It is a “fake news” newspaper.

Trump accusers: A group of women came forward to accuse Donald Trump of groping them, but the principal accuser, who alleged that Trump had groped her on an airplane in 1979, makes no sense. Why would a rich, handsome young guy like Trump, with a growing fortune, who had women throwing themselves at him, grope a homely female like Jessica Leeds in a public place like an airplane? (Answer: He would not have done so. He had way too much to lose.)

Climate change: This is the biggest “fake news” story of the last decade. It used to be called ‘global warming’. Now the term has been altered to ‘climate change’ and it means that anything that happens naturally with the weather (floods, droughts, hurricanes, heavy snow, no snow, etc.) can be blamed on oil companies, white men, Trump, etc. Fortunately most Americans are not buying the “fake news” of ‘climate change’ any longer.

Hands up, don’t shoot: This “fake news” story came out of the Ferguson, Missouri shooting death of a young black who had assaulted a white police officer. There are claims circulated in the national media to this day that the black had shouted that he had, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” but that the cop shot him anyway. Yet there is zero evidence or proof that the black said this. Meanwhile the actual fact that the black attacked the police officer is ignored. This is more “fake news”.

Yahoo News reported that Hillary Clinton won the most votes “ever received” claiming that “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has garnered at least 65,527,625 votes in the 2016 presidential election, the most any presidential candidate has ever received and over 2.6 million more than (Donald Trump), who has received at least 62,851,436 votes.”

Except that Barack Obama in 2008 won 69,499,428 votes and 65,915,795 votes in 2012.

Here’s one more from

With the left’s new focus on “fake news,” MSNBC appeared to join the fray — but maybe not in the best way possible — as one host went on air to accuse Fox News of holding a Christmas Party at Trump’s newly opened Washington D.C. hotel.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle hit the air just after 9:30 a.m. on December 9 to breathlessly inform viewers of the terrible Fox faux pas.

“I mean, think about the hotel in Washington right now. The RNC is having their Christmas party there. Fox News had their Christmas party there. That doesn’t feel a little hanky?” Rhule asked in a discussion with former Martin O’Malley aide Lis Smith and GOP strategist Brad Todd, Newsbusters reported.

Ruhle was apparently hoping to smear Trump and Fox as being in a far too cozy relationship, but there was one problem with her accusation: it was untrue, fake news. It turned out Mediaite discovered that neither Fox News nor any of its affiliates have had any Christmas parties so far this year.

How about MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow claiming that Donald Trump was wrong in saying that president Bill Clinton had signed the NAFTA trade agreement. She said that president George HW Bush signed it. This is false. Bill Clinton signed it. Trump was right. Maddow was wrong.

This list goes on and on. It is impossible to keep up with these lies and “fake news” every single day and it is even harder to wean journalists off of years of casual and serious lies under the socialists. Fortunately we are now seeing the unraveling of the Liar Media complex and their mountains of “fake news” through the internet and citizen journalism. Thank God for that.

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