Classy Trump Outshines Low-Class Obamas

Donald Trump has completed a multi-state tour to personally thank voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and others for helping him to get elected president.
Trump did not have to do this. He could have made a video and let it go. But he went. In person. The throngs loved it. And so did Trump.

Donald Trump did not even have to run for president. Trump could have had a retirement that most of us only dream about. But he ran and won in order to help out and reform and show gratitude to the nation that has given him so much.

Indeed there he was humbly thanking “the people” of those states for their votes. This is the kind of dignity and class that has been missing from the White House for the last eight years.

On the other hand Hillary Clinton recently met with a few hundred of her wealthiest donors at a party at the posh Plaza Hotel in New York City. No, she did not go out to thank her voters in person since hardly anyone came out to her rallies in the first place. This is in a nutshell the difference between a conservative and a liberal – “the people” versus the wealthy elite. And this is precisely what this election was all about.

Perhaps you remember when Obama gave his acceptance speech on an outdoor stage at Grant Park in Chicago right after his 2008 election. No wife. No kids. No smile. Just Obama. Alone on stage. His eyes were filled with anger. It was scary. I remember it well. I thought it was an omen. It was.

Now after eight years in control of the policies of the United States the Obamas are leaving the White House with the same kind of spite and ingratitude that they have shown their whole lives. This comes after they were escorted into the presidency on a national wave of collective white guilt with no questions asked about whether Barack Hussein Obama was even vaguely qualified to be president, which he clearly was not.

Now Michelle Obama has said just six weeks after the Trump election that “we’re feeling what not having hope feels like.”

So we conservatives wonder: No hope, Michelle? Why not? You just had eight years to re-make our nation. Your husband re-made it precisely as he set out to do. Most of his agenda was implemented. Yet now you have no hope?

What a low-class fraud this female is. This is your typical ABF – Angry Black Female.

The reason that she has no hope is clear. She knows that her husband’s presidency has been repudiated by the election of a conservative white man named Donald Trump. That she and her husband and Democrats nationwide are very depressed and angry about this historic slap in the face, along with their plummeting political power.

Worse, she sees the optimism that Trump already is generating and thus she is jealous of Trump and reflects that most powerful emotion – envy – as a lack of hope. This is Psychology 101.

This is the same Michelle Obama who said before the 2008 election, “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

So she was never proud and hope only was “making a comeback” when her incompetent husband, through affirmative action, was being foisted on America. But now that he has been proven a failure there is no hope for poor Michelle.

Isn’t this just delicious, the way she plays the victim card one last time before she leaves the White House. These blacks never stop with this victim game.

On the other hand we Trump supporters are more hopeful than we have been in decades and that is what is really troubling Michelle Obama. She just doesn’t want us to have hope. She wants everyone angry like she is and like most Obama voters are. And her anger has been apparent for 8 years. We know that she was an ABF in the White House, that she was never happy even at the pinnacle of American life and power.

Because, friends, liberals are never happy. You can take statement that to the bank. Period. End of sentence. The more you give them the angrier they get. It is amazing how that works.

Barack Obama himself is going out of office in a rage. He is re-hashing the story of slavery and attacking Trump over the alleged Russian hacking which is an unproven theory that got credence only after Hillary Clinton lost. This shows a total lack of class. Couldn’t Barack Obama have simply waited for history to sort out the hacking story?

No. Because Obama is what is called a “control freak”, as all liberals are. Liberals themselves concocted that phrase to describe people that they themselves have turned out to be. Funny how that works. Obama has always felt a savage desire to control the narrative. Yet he controlled it for 8 years, and it all has come crashing down.

Perhaps no event more encapsulates the Obama presidency than the drama during Obama’s final press conference on December 16. A reporter fell ill and the event was disrupted. This was a perfect metaphor for the general public sentiment after the election of Donald Trump – that Obama should simply depart before we all get sick.

For eight years now we have listened to Obama talk and talk and talk in that horrible monotone of his, where it takes him three minutes to complete a one-minute thought because he needs to mull over every single word and phrase and then explain it all in minute detail.

His entire presidency seems to have been one huge press conference where Obama has simply acted like he knows it all but has finally been exposed for knowing nothing whatsoever. In short, Obama’s greatest dread is now being realized – that Barack Obama is being bared as an empty suit who is not 1% the leader that he and his media cronies claimed he was.

Here is one of Obama’s obtuse observations from that final press conference that summarizes everything that we conservatives have suspected about him:

“If ‘fake news’ that is being released by some foreign government is almost identical to reports that are being issued through partisan news venues, then it’s not surprising that that foreign propaganda will have a greater effect.”

What the heck is this guy saying? And who cares anymore?

Answer: Nobody, and this is precisely why Obama’s agenda was sent packing on November 8. It will be nice to have a president who speaks directly, and who calls things “unbelievable” and “beautiful” like Trump does and like normal people do. Americans are already loving Trump because he is like they are… optimistic, excited with the possibilities, ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. We look forward to January 20, and the eight years after it. Indeed America will be made great again.

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