Trump Easily Wins Electoral College Vote, Dems Implode

Donald Trump has been officially elected president of the United States by the Electoral College votes of December 19.

While the Leftist Media and Democrats predicted that Trump’s election was being seriously threatened by “faithless electors” who would cast their votes for someone other than Trump, only two “faithless electors” on the Republican side voted for someone other than Trump.

Thus president-elect Trump got 304 electoral votes, or 34 more than the required 270. He started with 306 according to the election results of November 8.

On the other hand a total of seven Democrat “faithless electors” voted for someone other than Hillary Clinton, but two were denied for legal reasons. Thus Hillary ended up with five fewer votes from her expected total from November 8, with 227 electoral votes. She started with 232.

In short, Trump actually increased his lead over Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College by three votes, from an expected 74 to 77.

This, friends, is stunning. By dint of the fact that seven “faithless electors” turned on or sought to turn on Hillary Clinton in a campaign specifically designed to undermine Trump shows that Clinton has lost yet another round in her quest to become the First Woman President. This means that the left’s campaign of electoral intimidation has hugely backfired once more.

Will these people ever learn?

No. In other words, things keep getting worse and worse for the Democrat party and its lunatic adherents. And if these screwballs disrupt the presidential inauguration on January 20 they are going to become even less popular than they are today, which is very unpopular, precisely as Trump’s approval numbers skyrocket.

The shameful behavior of liberals after the election of Donald Trump – from their emotional breakdowns; to the riots; to the failed recount; to the Russian hacking hoax; to threats, intimidation and death threats against and loud protests of legal state electors – is par for the course. Liberals by nature have mental problems. That is what makes them liberals.

The Democrats have been giving refuge to crazy people for decades. Those who haven’t the slightest comprehension about or appreciation for the Constitution or our rules of law now have gone over the edge once again, and they have found a home among Democrats who, as a party, believe the same things.

Don’t think for a minute that Obama and Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats were not behind all of this crazy post-election behavior with some desperate inkling of hope that they could actually deny Trump.

This, friends, is why the Democrats will have less power in American politics than in the last 100 years after Trump is sworn in (see list at the end of this commentary for the actual numbers). Because their party has been taken over by the kooks and exposed for all time. watched the Michigan electors on December 19 as they cast their votes for Trump. The event took place in the Michigan state capitol building in Lansing and it was a very orderly process because America is a nation based on laws. It was presided over by Republican Michigan governor Rick Snyder, who is a fine leader who has done great things for Michigan since he was first elected in 2010. It was reassuring to watch this happen so ceremoniously and legally, since we could see before our very eyes what sustains our nation.

Liberals simply do not accept this. On the day of the Electoral College vote they crowded into many state capitol buildings and used their usual disruption tactics of intimidation, shouting, sign waving and booing. They acted as if it were a rock concert or anti-war protest. Because liberals believe that laws are whatever they want them to be, that the Constitution does not matter, and that winning elections is all that counts, no matter how. If they want to upend the Electoral College they think that that is their right.

The whole thing has backfired on the Democrats. Big time. Really big time. They don’t even know how big yet. It will take them months to process what happened to them on November 8. They still are in various phases of denial.

Democrats have been cheating in every way possible for decades; they have been stealing elections for the last 100 years. The voter fraud uncovered in Detroit in just this recent election is the tip of the iceberg.

Because to the socialist/communist left there is no law, only a set of rules that is made to be broken at will in order to give them the political power that they so desperately want and need to feel fulfilled.

There is a fundamental reason that all of this is happening:

We conservatives are rational and level-headed people. We understand how the world works and what freedom means. America was founded by conservative, moral, religious white men, some of the smartest people who ever walked the face of the earth. They established our nation on laws that have stood the test of time, and American liberty has been a role model for the whole world.

Liberals must by nature disagree with conservatives and thus liberalism is by definition the institutionalization of insanity. Just look at their horrible reaction to Trump’s election and you see it plainly.

Democrats were happy on election day November 8. They were confident that Hillary Clinton was going to win easily. But they had never looked rationally at the evidence of a possible Trump victory – like his huge rally crowds – because they don’t look realistically at the world. They only consider their own view according to what is going on in their own incestuous intellectual circles.

There was a famous story after the 1972 presidential election in which incumbent Republican president Richard Nixon trounced leftist Democrat challenger George McGovern. A well-known and very liberal film critic named Pauline Kael allegedly said, “I can’t believe Nixon won. Everyone I know voted for McGovern”

Whether she actually said it that way is disputed, but it really sounds like the way that a liberal would talk – that everything that liberals think about the world is seen through the prism of their own experience, i.e., Trump could not possibly have won because liberals never voted for him.

When Trump won, this set off the socialists and communists like no other single event in American history. There has been six straight weeks of pandemonium. Yet we have never seen conservatives rioting and burning after an election, or demanding an absurd recount or threatening electors, even when we knew that the 1960 presidential election was blatantly stolen for Democrat John F. Kennedy.

When Obama won we took it in stride. wrote at the time of Obama’s election that we had survived bad presidents before and that we would survive Obama. And we have. Barely.

Friends, the Democrat left has gone totally off the rails and this is going to hurt them for months, year, decades to come. It even is being reported that Americans living in Mexico are being harassed. In other words, the insanity is international.

Congratulations to president-elect Trump for his fantastic 2016 victory, despite all odds. This is perhaps the most interesting election ever, and the biggest political game-changer in modern history.

Now here are the facts. When Trump is inaugurated on January 20 Republicans will control:

*the White House and the enormous power that goes with it, including the power to appoint Supreme Court justices and federal judges, which will re-make American jurisprudence for decades to come;
*the US Senate, with 52 Republican US senators out of 100. That number even could go to 53 since one Democrat may switch parties. This gives Republicans majority control of the Senate again, which they were expected to lose in the recent election. This means that Trump will generally get all of the legislation that he wants and the appointments that he wants, including the Supreme Court. His first Court pick could be Ted Cruz of Texas;
*the US House of Representative with 247 Republicans to 188 Democrats, a historic GOP majority. As Republican dominance continues long-serving Democrats may quit out of frustration, leading to a possible snowball effect in favor of the GOP;
*Republicans will hold 33 out of 50 governorships. Republican governors rule almost all of the thriving and growing American states, and also many once-liberal states like Wisconsin and Michigan.
*Republicans will have majority control of 68 out of 98 state legislative bodies.
*Republicans have been doing extremely well in mid-term elections and so you can expect their power to rise even more in 2018, with Trump there to help them. In 2018 eight Republican US senators are up for re-election and 25(!) Democrats are. This offers a clear opportunity for another rout of the Democrats and could even take Republicans to 60 US Senate seats, the “magic number” that would give Trump virtually unlimited power.

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