SuperWoman Kellyanne Conway/ Attacks on Trump are Just Starting

Let’s give belated credit where credit is due. Kellyanne Conway was the first woman to ever direct a winning US presidential campaign for Donald Trump. Expectedly the media are totally ignoring this historical achievement since Conway is the wrong kind of ‘woman’ – a Republican conservative who started off supporting Ted Cruz.

To Mrs. Conway offers the heartiest congratulations on a job well done. She came from very humble roots in New Jersey to rise to the top.

She took over the Trump presidential campaign last Summer when the big media polls said that Trump could not win. She reined in Mr. Trump and masterfully directed him to strong debates and a string of dozens of hectic campaign appearances in crucial states that made the difference between winning and losing.

Mrs. Conway is no shrinking violet policy geek either. She is sassy as can be. She is not taking any bunk from the left. She recently said that the feminists who are attacking her character are the types who have “cats as their Twitter picture”.

Awesome! This is the kind of biting satire that cuts deep. She is just like Trump, i.e., no holds barred, hit ‘em hard, and give them a killer dose of their own medicine.
Indeed the days of submission are over for Republicans and conservatives as has been suggesting for years now.

We look forward to seeing much more of SuperWoman Conway in the future of American politics. has said for years that the first woman president will be a conservative Republican. President Conway? That sounds interesting. She is only 49 years old. There are many great years ahead for this fantastic lady. Now onto today’s second editorial:

Attacks on Trump are Just Beginning

If you think that Donald Trump’s winning of the presidency on November 8 and again in the Electoral College on December 19 has settled anything, think again.
The most savage political attacks in the history of our republic await Trump and his administration after he is sworn in on January 20. predicts that they all will fail, just as the challenges to Trump’s victory so far all failed and even backfired on the weaker and weaker Democrats and their leftist friends.

Republican Trump is about to become president with a Republican House and Senate, while trust in the Mainstream Media and Democrats is sinking into the abyss. Thus these attacks and obstruction tactics will fall more and more on deaf ears. Americans already are tired of them.

The Democrat party is in dire straits. On January 21 it will have less power than it has had since the 1920s. Democrats know this and so they are going after Trump with a vengeance with every possible weapon.

But the more desperate that they become the more that they are going to flail and thrash around and look even weaker. It is a genuine “death spiral” that is significantly augmented by the lunatic nature of the Democrat party today.

They are simply crazy people, like the female who was escorted out of the Wisconsin Electoral College meeting screaming and shouting like a mental patient about the threat that Trump poses to America. This is only going to get worse… if that even is possible.

Now that Trump has won and all of the post-election rants have failed – from the riots to the Jill Stein recounts to the Electoral College travesty – the Democrats are now ramping up for 2017.

First, they are going to seek to disrupt the inauguration. But this will simply lead to more anger at the anti-Trumpers. As Trump supporters flood the inauguration route they are going to be armed with their camera phones and are going to use YouTube and the internet to expose the disrupters and their patently un-American behavior.

Meanwhile the screwballs are already switching to a new tactic. They are talking about impeachment! Yes! Even though Trump is not even president they already are talking hypothetically about something which has no basis whatsoever in fact. This shows pure hopelessness. They cannot even say what Trump would be impeached for or how they would impeach him with so little Democrat power in the House and Senate.

Incidentally, the last president to be impeached (but not removed from office) was Democrat Bill Clinton.

You just watch. The loons, led by people like Michael ‘The Blob’ Moore, are gearing up for January 20 and beyond. Because these people need to be constantly agitated since that is their character. They feed insistently on high emotion whether that emotion is extreme happiness (Obama) or radical sadness and anger (Trump).

Obama and the Clintons will need to play a central role in all of this since they are all that is left of Democrat party leadership. Obama plans to stay in Washington instead of fading into the background like ex-presidents are supposed to do. Obama is going to be in our faces every day that it is possible, as will the Clintons. Their compliant media cronies will be asking them at every turn what they think about what Trump is doing. It will be the best that the media can do to create the mirage of “Obama’s third term” in the Age of Trump.

This will not work. Most Americans, including many liberals, are taking the election for what it was – Trump won. Hillary lost. Fair and square. Let’s move on. And we Trumpers are increasingly excited that Trump is going to reform the nation and lead us to better things. His success with the Carrier deal was just the first step.

But many Democrats and their media cronies will not accept the truth. They will constantly dredge up the Russian hacking hoax or Hillary’s popular vote victory while we know that Hillary Clinton’s loss came as a result of a terrible candidate running an awful campaign.

One of the Democrats’ biggest targets right off the bat will be the nomination of Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. Opponents will claim that he is just a business executive with no political experience.

This is the opposite of the truth. It has been reported that Tillerson has worked in 50 different nations in his decades at Exxon Mobil since 1975. This gave him personal experience with people of many different nationalities, political persuasions, races and religions at all levels from the president of Russia – Tillerson is a personal friend of Vladimir Putin – to oilfield workers in Indonesia.

On the other hand our current secretary of state John Kerry was recently spotted wandering around frigid Antarctica complaining about “global warming” rather than visiting Syria to try and end the war there. Kerry was not even invited to recent international talks on Syria. This is very telling. Kerry has become irrelevant to the job that he was appointed to do.

Hillary Clinton had zero international experience when she took the secretary of state job, and it shows. The Middle East fell into chaos on her watch while American prestige shrank dramatically on the world stage, precisely as planned by Clinton and Obama.

Then just wait for Trump to start to implement his agenda. The left will go officially koo-koo. Tax cuts? Koo-koo. Oil and gas exploration? Koo-koo. Border wall? Koo-koo. Charter schools? Koo-koo. And on and on.

In other words what we normally would have done for the first 200 years of America’s history now will be met with a tirade of unprecedented proportions.

Rest assured that Trump will not be fazed because Trump has faced every possible adversity in his long career. He knows what he knows. He can deal with the nuts since he has spent a lifetime debunking his adversaries and is not afraid to do so now, even using his 140-character Twitter account to go over the heads of the media who hate him.

This is fantastic news, and is just another sign that the whole world is changing for the better before our eyes.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! And a fantastic New Year!

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