The Real Story of the 2016 Election

We are hearing more and more diversionary stories about the 2016 election – that Trump lost the popular vote, that Hillary only lost crucial electoral states by small margins, that Russia interfered, etc. All of this is intended to keep us from the truth which is this:

Trump won fair and square and, even better, Trump won against all odds. He had everything arrayed against him – the Dinosaur Media (CBS, CNN, New York Times etc.), the universities, the entertainers, the young people, the rock musicians, the gays, the blacks, the lunatics, the Republican Establishment, etc. – and he still won.

Let’s look at the issues one by one:

Popular vote: Hillary Clinton indeed won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes or about 2.2%. But we do not elect presidents by popular vote. We elect them through the Electoral College and for good historical reason.

Trump campaigned specifically to win the Electoral College and he won it by a big margin. If Trump had campaigned to win the popular vote, he would have won it.

Compare it to the baseball World Series. In the 1960 Series the Pittsburgh Pirates won even though the loser New York Yankees won three blowout games (16–3, 10–0, and 12–0) while the Pirates won four close games (6–4, 3–2, 5–2, and 10–9).

In other words the Yankees scored 55 runs total in the seven games and the Pirates scored only 27. But the Pirates won four games and thus the series. So the Yankees won the equivalent of the “popular vote” (the most runs) but lost the series.

Now look at how Trump hustled like crazy to hold three or four or five rallies a day in the important states of Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. This is what you call earning every vote by applying his energy directly to the Electoral College, not the popular vote.

Meanwhile Hillary hardly campaigned because A) she knew that her media friends would do her dirty work for her by praising her endlessly while attacking Trump relentlessly; B) very few people were showing up at her rallies anyway, and so it was more harmful for her to campaign than to stay home. Her poorly-attended rallies were being exposed all over the internet. C) Hillary is in bad health and could not afford to get sick in public, like what happened at the 9/11 memorial. So she kept out of the public eye as much as possible.

Fake polls: The media actually destroyed Hillary Clinton by reporting their fake polls saying that she was way ahead, by as many as 7 to 12 points. has said for many years now that these types of rigged polls can indeed have the effect of dispiriting Trump voters, but also can backfire and make Clinton voters and her staff complacent, which they did.

This is one of the main reasons that Hillary lost. If her campaign had felt a sense of urgency, she would have campaigned harder and probably won. She did not. Good. dismissed these polls because they were conducted by biased media companies like CBS and CNN that wanted Hillary to win and so were skewed. Thus I offered the old adage to “add 5 to 10 points to every media poll for the Republican candidate” to know what the facts are. This was fairly accurate. And I have never earned a penny conducting polls. Maybe I should go into the polling business since so many of the hotshot pollsters were horribly wrong.

Electoral College: Most observers of the election are stunned that Trump won the Electoral College vote by a whopping 77 votes (with 304 votes in the final tally), or by a 56-44 margin. This is a huge win for someone who was widely expected to lose by a big margin (except by who predicted throughout all of 2016 that Trump would win). The famous election guru Larry Sabato predicted Hillary would get 332 votes, yet she ended up with 227.

Trump’s electoral win was not all that surprising. Here is why:

He needed to win crucial states like Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, which he won. He even locked up critical Ohio long before election day.

OK, so Florida and North Carolina were not that hard. They have pretty conservative populations. At the time of the election both states had Republican governors and lopsided Republican control of their state legislatures. So a Trump win was not all that out of reach. Only one US senator out of four in those two states is a Democrat.

Wisconsin has a very popular conservative, reform-minded Republican governor Scott Walker who has won three elections while saving the Wisconsin economy with his policies.

Walker was elected in 2010, easily won a recall election in 2012 and he handily won re-election in 2014. So while Wisconsin had not voted Republican in a presidential election since 1984 the Republican party has been gaining power there for decades, particularly with Walker. This paid off for Trump.

Michigan has a popular and very effective tough-guy Republican governor named Rick Snyder who was elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2014 to deal with that state’s severe economic woes. Michigan is also full of working-class white voters who have been decimated by the economy of the last 30 years while being ignored by Democrats. Trump appealed directly to them. said over and over that Snyder and Walker marked big changes for these states. was right. Again.

Trump did not even need Pennsylvania yet he won it by appealing to white working-class voters across the state who have been thrown out of work by Democrat policies like restrictions on coal mining.

Electoral College drama: The fake drama over the final Electoral College count on December 19 backfired big time on Democrats, like everything else they tried. While some ‘experts’ were predicting that Trump was going to lose up to 20 votes or more from “faithless electors” Trump lost only 2 votes or .6% of his original total of 306. Meanwhile Hillary lost 5 votes or 2% of her original vote total of 232. In short the “faithless elector” scam that was supposed to possibly take down Trump actually cost Hillary much more than it cost Trump. Wow. How embarrassing.

Money advantage: Hillary is reported to have spent $1.2 billion on her campaign while Trump spent half as much, yet Trump still won. And if you think that this is the whole story you are wrong by a factor of dozens. The Dinosaur Media on every level, from newspapers, to TV news, to the internet, to magazines, to comedians and actors, to TV talk shows, to cable news trashed Trump relentlessly and gave Hillary tens of billions of dollars in free advertising and praise.

This has been going on for 25 years. Hillary probably has gotten hundreds of billions of dollars in free favorable press over her career. Yet she still lost. This is stunning compared to Trump’s piddling $600 million campaign expenditure.

Ground game: Campaigns are supposed to have “ground games” for election day. These are local and state phone banks and turnout programs and activists holding out signs at polling places to get voters out to the polls and voting for their candidate. Clinton had a massive staff and an extensive “ground game” while Trump had little or none. Yet Trump still won.

Voter fraud: Democrats have been committing serial voter fraud for the last 70 years at least. Thus we can assume that without millions of fraudulent votes for Hillary that Trump certainly would have won the popular vote too, and an even larger electoral victory.

For instance, one investigator found 1,046 illegal aliens registered to vote in just eight Virginia counties, and that was discovered without much effort at all.

Obama even said a few days before the election in a roundabout way that illegal aliens who vote are not going to be found out. This obviously was a wink and a nod to millions of illegal voters.

In heavily-Democrat and heavily-black Detroit 37% of the precincts showed more votes counted by the machines than the number of people who showed up to vote. Multiply this by tens of thousands of urban precincts nationwide and you get the picture of major fraud.

Now look this shocking news from The Gateway Pundit ( about the three-state presidential recount demanded by Green party candidate Jill Stein:

Massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania has been identified. The final certified results in Pennsylvania show Donald Trump winning the state with 2,961,658 votes, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won 2,913,903 votes. The difference is 47,755 votes. This is what is now reported after absentee ballots were counted as reported on Friday, December 2nd.

Before the recounts on November 29th, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump was winning the state with 2,959,839 votes, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won 2,895,436 votes. The difference was 64,403 votes.

This means that of the 20,736 absentee ballots cast, 18,467 went to Clinton— This is highly suspect.

In addition, there were 41,120 more votes cast for President than for the Senate race in Pennsylvania when looking at the final tallies. This too is suspect.

So take all this fraud, and much more that we can just imagine, and extrapolate it across the country and you have millions of votes, easily, probably up to 5 million fraudulent votes for Hillary. Yet Trump still won.

Same-day voter registration is allowed in 11 states. In New Hampshire, for instance, you can register to vote on election day and your vote is counted even if your registration is later found to be fraudulent. This favors Democrats since Democrats are always scamming for votes in any way possible.

Example: A Democrat US House candidate in Maryland in 2012 named Wendy Rosen withdrew from the race when it was discovered that she was registered to vote in both Maryland and Florida. So if a famous candidate is doing it just imagine how many un-famous Democrats are doing it.

Violence: Every single act of violence, or threat of violence, that has read about during and after the election has been perpetrated by Clinton supporters or anti-Trumpers. This violence was somehow supposed to hurt Trump, but it certainly produced some sympathetic backlash for Trump. Americans are really disgusted with this stuff, particularly since some of it was coordinated by top people in the Democrat party. This is going to hurt Democrats for years to come. called the Mississippi black church burning of November 2 – when ‘Vote Trump’ was spray-painted on the building – an obvious fraud when it happened. And indeed it has turned out to have been a fraud that was perpetrated by a black member of the church.

By the way, Bill Clinton recently claimed that Trump got the votes of “angry white men”. But all of this violence, during and after the election, shows that the angriest and most violent people are leftists and socialists, as we already knew.

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