High Hopes for 2017

Wow! 2016 will go down as a most memorable year. Just look:

Britain voted to leave the European Union; Brazil’s two biggest cities elected conservative mayors while two beloved Brazilian socialist/communist leaders have been convicted of corruption or will soon stand trial for corruption; the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years; American Pharoah won a Triple Crown in horse racing for the first time in 37 years; a rookie driver won the Indianapolis 500 as he coasted over the finish line with no fuel; and Donald Trump won the US presidency in the biggest upset of all time in the most unusual race in American history.

This means that 2017 is going to be a fantastic year for the whole world to continue building toward a better future for all mankind.

One of the most important international events of 2017 will be the race for the election of a German president (known as the chancellor). The open-borders globalist incumbent Angela Merkel is expected to run for a fourth 4-year term, but Nikitas3.com predicts that she will either drop out, or that a conservative border-protection figure will easily win the race. This will happen after chaos and terror have broken out among the one million Muslim refugees that Merkel allowed into Germany over the last two years.

Nikitas3.com hopes that president Trump intervenes in the German election and makes campaign videos and even personal appearances for the border-protection candidate.

Meanwhile events here in the United States are going to mark the most significant turn of all. Donald Trump’s presidency is going to represent the most important shift in American policy both domestically and internationally since Ronald Reagan took office in 1981.

Here are some of the ways that Trump is going to turn our nation around very quickly starting immediately after his inauguration since he has a Republican majority US Senate and House of Representatives to help him:

The economy: This is going to be Trump’s trump card. He will implement policies that Nikitas3.com has been calling for for many years – lower taxes, less regulation and the elimination of “green” economic sabotage.

Already since his election the Trump Effect is spreading rapidly, inspiring economic confidence across the board as reflected in the Carrier deal. It just goes to show that our great nation can have all of the jobs and prosperity that we want if we can just get rid of the Democrat party and its agenda of economic obstruction and scarcity.

Nikitas3.com predicts that Trump will create 25 million jobs over the next 8 years, including good jobs that pay well. This compares to Obama’s 11 million jobs which have been largely part-time and low pay.

Federal spending: Trump is planning to scrutinize all federal spending in every department and to pare back wasteful spending and the federal bureaucracy in a big way. Good. It’s about time. We could write a book about this. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being wasted every year.

Immigration: The flood of poor, unskilled, uneducated immigrants into the United States will come to an end under Trump. We no longer have jobs for these people and the improving Trump economy will only start to address the tens of millions of American citizens who are unemployed or underemployed.

Trump plans to expel more than 1 million illegals right off the bat – those who are in US prisons or who have been convicted of crimes. This is a great start. And he plans to deport tens of thousands of illegal immigrant gang members who are wreaking havoc in their communities. Good.

Trump will stop immigration at the border until The Wall is built, which will then serve to halt illegal crossings.

Then he can start to consider who else is going to be forced to leave, including millions of illegals and even those who have come here on legal visas and who simply have failed to return to their native countries since our immigration laws are not being enforced.

Energy: This is a crucial economic issue. Let us hope that Trump eliminates all “green” energy subsidies. This “green” energy is ineffective and grossly inefficient and is draining precious investment capital away from productive sources. We must focus on America’s vast petroleum resources (natural gas, oil and coal) and built at least 100 new nuclear reactors of 1,000 megawatts each over the next 8 years.

Trump also will support the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. These safe oil transport systems will help to assure our energy independence.

“Fracking” for American oil and natural gas have brought energy prices to historic lows. Rest assured the Trump will support this trend to lower energy prices through abundance.

Law and order: Trump and his attorney general Jeff Sessions will begin to enforce our laws. The lack of law enforcement, like on the border, is one of the greatest threats to our Constitutional republic. Without laws we have no cohesive social structure.

Nikitas3.com believes that the murder of a police officer should be made a federal crime, with special military tribunals to handle the legal proceedings. And that those found guilty of murdering a police officer should get a swift death penalty. This would help to end this scourge immediately.

Combating street crime, drugs, Muslim terrorism and hate groups like Black Lives Matter Trump will Make America Safe Again. This cannot come soon enough.
Nikitas3.com also hopes that AG Sessions puts legal marijuana stores out of business, which he can do overnight by enforcing the federal law against this dangerous drug. Obama has allowed state-by-state legal marijuana by simply not enforcing the federal law.

Personal dignity: Individuals who feel threatened by the movement of sex-changers into American bathrooms will have a champion in Sessions and Trump. We need a federal law on bathrooms. Nikitas3.com believes that this incursion by the sex changers will be stopped by a Justice Department bent on preserving the rights of the 99.999% of Americans who are “normal”. We must keep our children safe from sexual predators.

Welfare state: President Trump must begin to overhaul the massively wasteful Welfare State. He should first investigate the Social Security disability system which is rife with fraud and has doubled to 11 million recipients in the last 10 years. He should also implement a new policy, that the mother of a first child can get welfare and food stamps, but that there can be no increase for any child beyond the first.

Trump should demand that every person receiving federal benefits from housing subsidies to food stamps to college loans must appear before an investigatory board, and that those stealing from the system should be cut off, forced to repay and forced into public service in proportion to their theft.

Islam: Trump should stop all immigration from Muslim nations and deport every Muslim in America who is not a US citizen. All Muslim immigrants who have been become US citizens but who have been convicted of crimes should be stripped of American citizenship and returned to their nation of origin.

Christianity: President Trump should open US immigration to 1 million Christians who have been displaced in the Middle East by radical Islam. President-elect Trump already is bringing back the “Merry Christmas” in Christmas. This is great news.

United Nations: President Trump should cut all federal funding to the United Nations. It has become an anti-American organization which does not need any further American involvement. Nikitas3.com recommends that the UN should be moved to a foreign country more to its liking like communist China or radical Muslim Iran.

The media: President-elect Trump has already indicated that he intends to expose the corrupt Dinosaur Media (CBS, CNN, New York Times, etc.) at every turn, and it already is working. Over and over just since Trump’s election we have seen these media skunks exposed on the internet for their outright lies, their half-truths, their deceptions, etc. This is wonderful. The reputation of the Dinosaur Media is at historic lows. Let us pray that Trump drives the nails into their coffins for good.

The Clintons: Let us hope that the Trump Justice Department prosecutes the Clintons for all of their illegalities over the years. After all Obama sent his federal IRS agents after law-abiding Tea Party groups. So this would be a good payback.

Voter fraud: Let us pray that the Trump administration does a full, years-long probe to expose voter fraud in America. This, friends, will put the Democrat party out of business forever!

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