2017 – World Must Begin to Vanquish Terror

After worldwide fear over terror attacks on New Year’s Eve only one nation suffered one. That country is Turkey, a Muslim nation that is now drifting toward a radical Islamic culture that has been building over the last decade.

In a vicious massacre 39 people died at the Reina nightclub located on the waterfront of an upper-income tourist section of the largest Turkish city of Istanbul.

This nightclub was patronized by Istanbul’s secular celebrity elite, like its sports stars. Many upscale foreigners were customers as well. Hundreds of people were reported inside the club when the single gunman opened fire and lobbed explosives. That gunman is still on the loose.

This attack was no surprise. It was an attack on modern Turkey from barbarian Islamist terrorists with their 6th century mentality. They obviously considered Reina to be decadent and anti-Muslim and a sign of encroachment that includes Western lifestyles, a modernized economy and the international tourist trade.

Yet there were no terror attacks in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. on New Year’s. This happened because Western nations now are on guard and are devoting tens of billions of dollars annually specifically to defending against terrorism. This is the ‘hidden cost’ of our security and of our freedom that allows us to go about our daily business that Muslims do not want us to go about even as they migrate to the West in huge numbers and then go on welfare and refuse to leave.

They are coming to the West to escape the poor, oppressed, sexist and backward societies that Islam has created. It is thus no surprise that they desperately want to stay, proving once again that Christianity is the infinitely superior faith. There are no migrants going the other way.

Ironically we know that radical Islam has actually killed hundreds of thousands more Muslims than it has killed non-Muslims. Militant Muslim terrorists have done incalculable damage to two whole Muslim nations – Iraq and Syria – which had about 7% and 10% Christian populations respectively before the wars, or a total of roughly 3.5 million Christians. Many of those Christians have been targeted and have died and their churches destroyed, while most have been displaced in one way or another.

Turkey seems to be next on the list unless drastic changes are made, which is not likely. Today’s Christian population in Turkey is only about 160,000.

For decades international tourists have flocked to Turkey to see the sights built by the Christians, like the magnificent Hagia Sophia cathedral in Istanbul, or by the Ancient Greeks in places like Ephesus and Sardis which in antiquity were part of Greece. The Muslims arrived 2,000 years after the Greeks and 1,100 years after the Christians and have created almost nothing for tourists to see.

Turkey itself has been a thuggish genocide state since 1453 when Muslims took control of the capital, which at the time was Constantinople (Istanbul today).

Muslim Turks then brutalized, oppressed and murdered the neighboring Greeks for centuries, and massacred 1.5 million Christian Armenians in the genocide of 1915 to 1923. But Turkish partisans never admit any of this. Like all bad people Muslim Turks have their own way of dealing with their history.

After World War II Turkey started moving away from its barbaric past and becoming a somewhat forward-looking and modern Islamic nation allied with Europe and the US through economic ties and NATO membership.

The radical Islamists do not want this, and Turkey for the last 14 years has been increasingly regressing into backward-looking fundamentalist Islam under a leader named Tayyip Erdogan. Thus Turkey is now paying the price with regular terror attacks. Because once the militants reach a certain level of infiltration and radicalization they are free to strike. Turkey has reached this tipping point.

Meanwhile the rest of the world is finally waking up to terrorism but it is taking far too long. Even after the 9/11 attacks people on the Democrat left in America said over and over that terrorism is not the real problem but that it is all America’s fault. Obama even refused to say the words “radical Islam”. The European Union bureaucrats even told the European nations that they must accept Islamic refugees or face fines.

This is all leading to a huge backlash, including the election of Donald Trump, while European political power is shifting strongly to anti-Muslim and controlled-borders conservatives.

The dreadful French president Francois Hollande is a left-winger with a 10% approval rating in one poll. The French people are furious about the infiltration of their nation by Muslims under decades of socialist “tolerance”, particularly in the past two years under Hollande. Here is an excerpt from Reuters about Hollande:

Hollande, who said this month he would not seek a second term in 2017, defended his legacy as president and addressed the policies of the anti-immigration and anti-euro National Front, whose leader Marine Le Pen is set to make it to the second round of the election, if recent polls are correct.

“There are periods in history when everything may change dramatically. We’re in one of them,” Hollande said an address that was broadcast on French television. “How can we imagine our country being curled up behind walls, reduced to its internal market, going back to its national currency and, on top of that, discriminating between its own children according to their origins?” he said.

… He also warned against the calling into question of the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change. “France will not let anybody or any state, be it the biggest one, call into question this major achievement of the international community,” Hollande said.

OK, so there you go, another maniac telling his people to forget about the terrorist attacks that they are experiencing regularly and that they really need to fear the bogeyman of “climate change” instead. This is the lunacy of the left, like we have with Obama and Kerry.

It gets worse. After a year of terrorist attacks within Germany perpetrated by militants hidden among the 1 million Muslim Syrian refugees invited in by chancellor Angela Merkel, she said that Germany can “counter the terrorists’ hate with our humanity and our solidarity.”

This is more lunacy from former communist Merkel who is being publicly dismissed as “off her rocker” and a threat to German national security. At the same time her quote is precisely what the Muslims want to hear, another Western leader waving the white flag of ‘compassion’ for more Muslim infiltration and more rights for Muslims to do whatever they wish.

Nikitas3.com fully expects that Merkel will be voted out in elections in 2017. Public opinion is building rapidly against her, particularly after the December Christmas market attack and her crazy response.

Fortunately the world seems to be turning the corner on terrorism, particularly with the election of Trump. In Syria, for instance, government forces recently re-took the major city of Aleppo in the civil war there that has been raging for almost 6 years. The fall of Aleppo is a major turning point that signals that the war may indeed be winding down.

This is happening because the anti-government ISIS terrorists who were fueling the conflict are withdrawing, and for one good reason – because they are afraid of only one thing and that thing is Donald J. Trump. Period. End of story.

They are heading for the hills because they know that Trump has vowed to smash them and they are taking him seriously, as they should. These terrorists no longer will have a friend in the White House like they did with Obama and like they hoped to have with Hillary Clinton as president.

Let us thank our good Christian God for president Trump and his determination, courage and vision. Syria’s Christians have suffered enormously in that war.

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