2017 – Let’s Cut Heroin Supply, End Legal Marijuana

Let us pray that 2017 is the year that we start to fight back against two scourges in our midst – illegal heroin and legal marijuana.

One of the main reasons that president Trump should seal the Mexican border is to stop the flow of heroin into the US which is entering in big quantities over our porous southern border.

Heroin is addicting, sickening and killing tens of thousands of people in the US, primarily younger white people in rural and small-town America. It is being brought there primarily by black dealers after the drug enters the US.

Naturally liberals are doing a lot of fake hand-wringing about the “heroin epidemic” since it gives them something to write about and complain about and act like they have the solution to.

Yet this ‘epidemic’ can be significantly curtailed by conservative measures like strict law enforcement, stronger penalties for dealers like the death penalty, and a solid border. But since the 1960s the same liberals have been promoting every type of illegal drug use; advocating a war against our police and our legal system; and keeping our borders open to any and all immigrants.

If we can cut off the supply of heroin we can curtail the heroin epidemic, i.e., if you can’t get heroin, or its scarcity makes it more expensive, its use will drop naturally.

But leftists want drugs to flow for several reasons – the drugs make huge profits for lawless international drug cartels that target and weaken Europe and the US; the victims of heroin are largely white people, whom leftists despise; black drug dealers are making big profits on heroin; and heroin is causing young Americans to degenerate, which liberals favor so that they can attempt to control a more and more apathetic and listless society.

This brings to mind the opium epidemic in China in the 19th century. Do you know who profited from that?

Well, we know that the family fortune of Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was US president from 1933 to 1945, came from his maternal grandfather Warren Delano who made his wealth shipping opium into China. That is typical of a liberal, like Joseph P. Kennedy amassing a fortune through bootlegging in the 1920s from his close ties with organized crime.

Always remember the Golden Rule: Conservatism and freedom thrive in a sober, educated, law-abiding and moral society while liberalism thrives in an uneducated culture of corruption, pleasure-seeking and decadence, like Hollywood or the wild homosexual cultures in our cities.

Now we have the issue of marijuana which has been legalized in an increasing number of US states. The perils of marijuana are well known. The American Medical Association calls marijuana “dangerous”, which is very significant. Here is an excerpt from Columbia University:

Smoking (marijuana) causes changes in your brain’s chemistry… This accounts for what happens when a person is ‘high’ — s/he loses her/his short-term memory and often experiences impaired coordination. Smoking (marijuana) interferes with intellectual performance and impairs thinking, reading comprehension, and verbal and arithmetic problem solving, too. For chronic users, these effects may continue long after the ‘high’ is gone. … Increased rates of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and schizophrenia have all been linked to long term marijuana use.

This is just one paragraph from one study, and there are dozens like it. As you get into cocaine and heroin and the others, the story gets worse and worse. And rest assured that liberals would like to see all of these drugs legalized in the name of money and political power, as our nation suffers from the fallout.

Marijuana use leads to addiction, lethargy, lower living standards, more powerful drugs, lower academic achievement, increases in ‘drugged driving’ accidents and other accidents, use and addiction among younger and younger kids, while it also eliminates pot smokers from increasing numbers of jobs that test for drugs.
So why should we legalize yet another vice?

We should not. Let us all hope that incoming attorney general Jeff Sessions puts an end to legal marijuana, which Nikitas3.com believes that he will. He can do it very easily. Sessions is vehemently anti-marijuana while marijuana is only legal under various state laws. It remains illegal under federal law and only remains legal in the states because Obama is not enforcing the federal law.

Sessions simply can enforce the federal law by sending federal agents to shut down stores and growers, arrest their owners and confiscate the product. This will end legal marijuana overnight. Easy.

Now here is a previous Nikitas.3com editorial about drugs:

Leftists have always been associated with illegal drugs. Look at this from CNN.com:

U.S. federal agents have detained two members of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s family in Haiti, according to a Drug Enforcement Administration source who participated in the arrest. The two men, identified as Efrain Antonio Campo Flores and Francisco Flores Freites, were arrested Tuesday night in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince as they were preparing to finalize a deal that would have allowed them to transport 800 kilograms of drugs to the United States, the source said. One of the men was raised by Venezuelan first lady Cilia Flores; the other is her nephew.

This Cilia Flores is the former attorney general of Venezuela and is now married to the president. And what has been happening in Venezuela since 1998?

It has been taken over by a hard-left socialist/communist cabal that has ruined the once-prosperous oil-rich Venezuelan economy. Poverty and crime have been spreading for years, corruption is rampant, food shortages are now routine, while the oil industry has been nationalized and destroyed quickly under government control, cutting off Venezuela’s main source of prosperity.

Meanwhile Venezuela’s leaders have gotten filthy rich as everyone else has suffered. This is classic socialism. The former dictator Hugo Chavez died in 2013 and was estimated to have had a fortune of $2 billion at that time while starting with virtually nothing in 1998. In comparison former US president George W. Bush is today worth $25 million in a nation 40 times as wealthy as Venezuela.

Now we see the Venezuelan government being linked with international drug dealing. This is no surprise; it is common for these socialist/communist regimes. Here is an excerpt from Foxnews.com:

…the recent arrest of two nephews of Venezuela’s first lady for conspiring to import cocaine into the United States – and news earlier this year of a major U.S. investigation into the involvement of high ranking Venezuelan officials in cocaine trafficking and money laundering – has shed light on the major role the country plays in the international drug trade. “Venezuela is a big hub for transshipment of drugs,” Eric Olson, the associated director of the Latin American program at the Woodrow Wilson Center told Fox News Latino. “Venezuela is strategically positioned to traffic drugs to the Caribbean, the U.S. and even Europe.”

And you can rest assured that top Venezuelan government communists like Cilia Flores are allowing this all to happen, are cooperating with it, and are taking a chunk of the profits. Meanwhile Stratfor.com reports about Mexico:

Such rumors (of president Enrique Pena Nieto’s government cooperating with the drug cartels) were certainly understandable given the arrangement that had existed for many years between some senior members of Pena Nieto’s (left-wing) Institutional Revolutionary Party and some powerful cartel figures during the Institutional Revolutionary Party’s long reign in Mexico prior to (the year 2000).

This is common all over South America and in other drug regions. Castro and his cabal certainly earned billions expediting the drug trade between South America through Cuba to the US. This does two things – enriches the communists while harming the US. This is a win-win for the devil.

It is important to remember that socialism/communism are about one thing only – enriching the people at the top, while the rest suffer. Just look at the misery among most of the people in communist nations like the Soviet Union, China and North Korea while the leaders lived/live like kings.

Meanwhile the rhetoric of socialism is false, that somehow it is “for the people”. And stupid people believe it as they get poorer and lose their freedoms. So what is it about illegal drugs and socialism/communism that fit together so well?

Answer: Easy money. Period. End of story. And here are some examples of how it has worked:

*Democrats in America want marijuana legalized in order to undermine the nation with yet another vice. But more significantly legal marijuana is intended to enrich the Democrats’ friends who grow and deal marijuana. This will increase Democrat campaign contributions from growers, dealers and smokers. The same would apply to cocaine and every other drug that Democrats secretly want legalized. The financial return to the Democrat party is potentially huge.
*The American mafia has been involved for many decades in big-time, highly profitable drug dealing, particularly the really bad drugs like cocaine and heroin. The mafia is closely associated with the Democrat party in our corrupt cities, and through labor unions. In the hometown of Nikitas3.com one of the most prominent Democrat families is mafia, and they have been involved for decades in drug trafficking and other crimes including arson and tax evasion, and everyone in town knows it. But the Democrats who control the city never say a word. Neither does the local liberal newspaper.
*In the South American nation of Colombia the vicious and violent communist rebels called FARC have been allied for decades with the Colombian cocaine cartels. Because drug kingpins and communist political kingpins both benefit from the profits of illegal drugs, while civilized people, including millions of good people in Colombia and thousands in the Colombian government anti-drug effort, suffer.
*Corrupt governments in Afghanistan, including the Soviet-backed communist regime of 1978-89, have looked the other way for decades as that nation grew poppies and produced opium for export to the West.
*Meanwhile who told us all to take drugs, including the most destructive types like LSD, starting in the 1960s? The socialist/communist left did, through the ‘hippies’ and the universities and pop-culture figures like Timothy Leary at Harvard. Then the Soviet Union helped to finance and to support intellectually the illegal drug messages of the 1960s aimed at America’s young people.

At the same time drug abuse, including very bad and powerful drugs, is rampant even today on our college campuses and nothing is done about it because the colleges are left-wing. These colleges could stamp out this drug use easily by immediately expelling dealers and users, but they intentionally don’t. Meanwhile these colleges treat cigarettes like tobacco is pure evil.

These drug pushers have ruined many millions of American lives; Nikitas3.com personally knows/knew some of them. That was the whole point of the 1960s drug culture – to destroy as many of the huge white baby-boomer generation of American kids as possible before they could become good citizens and keep America proud and strong. The result is the weak, dissolute nation that we have in many places today.

And who has warned against drugs since the 1960s?

Conservatives have, and have always been right.

Who in the United States has glamorized drugs for decades now?

It has been the radical leftists in the media (Hollywood films, novels, magazines, etc.) and particularly in the rock music world. Many of these rock musicians are/were serious drugs addicts, like Kurt Cobain of the band Nirvana who committed suicide in 1994. For decades, these rock concerts have been full of crazy drug abusers and the music lyrics often reference and encourage drug use.

The Woodstock music concert of 1969 was nothing but a drug free-for-all but then the ‘hippies’ told us how wonderful it all was. Meanwhile the lefties and Democrats tell us that marijuana is harmless. Nonsense.

Let us pray that we begin to stamp out heroin and marijuana in 2017 on the way to making America great again.

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