Amazing… Trump Won by Being 100% Politically INcorrect

As you can imagine is still smiling about the November presidential election.

We should all notice that Donald Trump won the election by being 100% politically INcorrect. This sets the tone for future candidates since Trump has blown political correctness out of the water, forever altering our political calculus. does not believe that any of the other Republican candidates would have won because they would not have had the panache that Trump showed and would have declined to be politically incorrect.

Let’s look at the many politically incorrect ways that Trump did it:

*Trump ignored all of the political niceties that we are told are necessary to win the presidency. Never in modern history has such a blunt-spoken person as Trump run for the presidency. He spoke naturally and from the heart.

He butchered his sentences. He called things “beautiful” and used the phrase “big league”. This is not what we expect from a political candidate. We expect them to offer packaged bromides like Obama does in his groaningly premeditated commentary.

Over and over we saw the Loser Media tell us that “Trump is finished” because of something that he said or how he said it. Every word was scrutinized and picked apart. Yet millions of Americans actually warmed to Trump because he spoke like they do, not like a politician.

*Trump said that “rapists” were coming over the Mexican border and that he wanted to build a wall to keep illegal aliens out. He said bluntly that he was going to expel many illegal aliens, particularly violent ones like criminals and gang members.

Yet we have been told for decades told that nobody can win the presidency without hispanic voters, and that that meant that candidates must pander to hispanics and support amnesty for illegal immigrants.

*Virtually every political pundit and pollster in America said that Trump had no political experience and thus would lose. They were wrong. Trump won precisely by being an outsider.

*All the experts told us that Hillary Clinton was the most experienced person ever to run for the presidency. Trump turned that around by saying bluntly that Hillary had lots of experience but that it was “bad experience”.

*We have been told for years that Republicans must tone down the social rhetoric like abortion, gun rights and the Constitution.

Yet Trump went in the opposite direction. In the second debate he described the horror of third-trimester abortion and said that he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade and follow the Constitution.

This was considered a blatant affront to feminist liberalism, and commentators said that Trump had finally blown it.

*Trump strongly defended the 2nd Amendment in the debate. Political commentators certainly thought that he was finished for doing so, with all of the violence in America using guns. But not only did Trump sew up the gun vote but he got Hillary Clinton to express her support for guns too. This surely hurt Hillary among the anti-gun fanatics on the far political left who ended up voting for Jill Stein. This alone may have cost Hillary the electoral votes of Michigan.

*Pundits said that Trump was losing among “women voters”, whom they tout endlessly in the name of political correctness. But they never mentioned that he was way ahead with “men voters” who are the other half of America.

*Trump ran as a successful billionaire Republican businessman which we were told for years would never fly, that ‘rich Republicans’ are hated by the voters of America. We have been told that we can never allow the government to be run ‘like a business’.

Trump debunked this. He presented his financial success as an asset. And after the federal government has plunged into bureaucratic chaos and $20 trillion in debt, Americans want somebody who will control the national debt and federal spending ‘like a business’.

*Trump said that he would reduce taxes for corporations. This goes against the liberal/media mantra that business is evil and that taxes must incessantly rise, particularly on Big Business, in order to fund more and more government.

*Trump used the existing tax code to personally avoid paying a lot in taxes and was hammered for it by Hillary Clinton. But in the debate he boasted that he didn’t pay taxes “because I’m smart” and explained that he simply used the tax code like anyone would to avoid taxes. He then turned the tables on Clinton by asking why she hadn’t changed the laws as a US senator, and explaining that Hillary’s rich friends use the same deductions that he does to lower their tax bills whenever possible.

Americans certainly saw that he was being perfectly honest and they admired him for that. They apparently decided that they would like him to use his financial acumen to save the whole country money.

*Trump savaged Hillary Clinton personally and politically during the campaign. This was way outside of normal polite Republican behavior like Romney and McCain who never really strongly criticized Obama. It was particularly noteworthy in that Hillary was supposed to be treated deferentially as The Presumptive First Woman President.

He called her “crooked” and went after her in the strongest ways. He called her a “liar” and said “you would be in jail” over the e-mail scandal if he were president. This was total hardball politics. This is precisely how Trump won, by talking directly to voters and going over the heads of the media and political correctness.

*Trump made strong and overt appeals to white working-class voters. His rallies were populated overwhelmingly with white people and the media called him “racist” for that. And he still won proudly with the votes of whites who want to Make America Great Again and who will work hard to do that.

*Trump proudly and publicly sided with the police during the campaign. After all of the anti-police rhetoric of the last few years from the media and the blacks, that would seem to be unwise. It was not, since the Silent Majority favors the police.

*Trump dared to take on Hillary’s health status, claiming that she did not have the stamina to be president, particularly after she collapsed on 9/11. This was considered a great insult to Hillary’s feminist womanhood, and politically incorrect. But it worked.

*Trump savaged Obama and his failed policies. For some reason, Republicans have been afraid to do this for fear of insulting our First (Half)-Black President and being called “racist”. Trump had no fear. Good. Trump will save America by being fearless.

*Trump spoke repeatedly and vocally about developing American oil and natural gas resources so that we can become energy independent. But for decades now Democrats, environmentalists and their media cronies have been telling us that this is not possible, that we are running out of oil, that oil is killing the planet, etc.

*Trump never even mentioned the bogeyman of “climate change” except to say that he doesn’t believe in it. Good. This hoax has gone on long enough. Fewer and fewer voters are even interested in the topic despite relentless media coverage.

*Trump called out communist China over and over for its unfair trade practices after decades in which politicians in America have treated China deferentially.

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